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Dry nose help!

Hi guys, I am new to this group! I have a question for the people of this group. My nose is super dry and always flaking but it also has a ton of black heads. Do any of you have any recommendations on what I should use to clear my blackheads as well as a very rich moisturizing cream for my nose (and my forehead) since those are the 2 driest parts of my face)

Thank you in advance! 

Re: Dry nose help!


BHA, aka salicylic acid, is the gold standard ingredient for blackheads. It's the only oil-soluble facial acid, meaning it's the only one that can penetrate below the surface and dissolve blackheads from the inside out. It takes time and consistency, but it works. I love Paula's Choice, they have many formulations, but it's a common ingredient in many skincare items these days. Look for leave on formulations, not rinse needs time to work, so a cleanser or other such wash-off item won't help much.


Glamglow is full of irritating ingredients; many like the brand, but a disproportionate number of folks have bad reactions to their products. I'd avoid them, but look for clay masks that aren't loaded with fragrance and irritating plant oils. A couple times a week on your oily/blackhead-prone areas will help absorb excess oil before it clogs pores. Exuviance, PTR, and Body Shop are my faves, but there are loads of options.


Chemical surface exfoliation can help with the flaky areas. If you've never used an exfoliating product before, I'd recommend FAB Radiance Peel Pads. They are super gentle, and an excellent intro product.


I can't help with moisturizers as my skin isn't dry, but I hope the rest helps 😊

Re: Dry nose help!

Thank you so much for all of this information! I will look into Paula’s Choice skin care as well as those FAB Radience Pads. I’ve always been so hesitant of chemical exfoliation because on top of my nose being dry and full of blackheads.. it’s also super sensitive and can burn if I am not too careful! (So annoying lol!) I find what you said about Glamglow products very interesting as I have tried the one in the white jar and didn’t see hardly any results. However, I just tried the Fresh Umbre Clay mask and it was very good for my nose and pores on my cheeks! Thank you again! 

Re: Dry nose help!

@glittermania13 Have you tried Biore strips for the blackheads or Glam Glow Supermud?  Also for the flaking of the skin by your nose make sure that you are exfoliating your face at least once a week to remove the dead skin.  I like Origins Ginzing Face Scrub and mixing it with my cleanser.  A very good moisturizer for dry skin that I love is the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Cream.

Re: Dry nose help!

Hi! Thank you for helping me! So yes, I do exfoliate my skin 3-4 times a week because it has a very hard time turning over dead skin. I adore the PTR Firmx Peeling Gel because it is not harsh on my skin but helps me with dead skin but now that I’m thinking about it, maybe I need something a tad bit stronger for my nose. I’m just nervous because my nose is super sensitive as well as being dry and full of blackheads. I did ty the Glamglow Supermud and unfortunately I had very litttle results with this mask. I will try it again but I don’t think my skin reacts to it the way it should. I am almost done with my current moisturizer which is the Ole  Hendrickson Nuture Me (pink Jar) moisturizer which I love but I’m bored with it and I have been looking for a new one. I had actually added the Fresh Rose Deep Moisturizer to my wishlist but then removed it because I wasn’t sure if it was truly deeply moisturizing. But now I think I’m going  to add it back! Thank you again for your help. 

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