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Lied to

This is the second time tiktok steered me so wrong, 


First was the apple balm kvd foundation. And now I tried the Dior matte… 


so foundations I love right now, one size BBB Charlotte tilbury flawless filter and Morphe soft focus. 

tell me foundations you all genuinely love and why! 

thank you! 

Re: Lied to

🤗 For me it’s the HAUS LABS BY LADY GAGA Triclone Skin Tech Medium Coverage Foundation with Fermented Arnica  it blends in beautifully. Such a my skin but way better moment. Paired with the Danessa Myricks Beauty Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder 5  in the universal shade its my absolute favorite! 

Re: Lied to

I love both the Nars light reflecting and radiant long wear. Those are my go to. For my errand running days when I wanna do something but not too much, I love the Eaze Drop. When I’m going out or want a super full coverage look, I usually will grab my Esteé Lauder double wear. 


I have a little hyperpigmentation and non-glass skin so I do prefer a medium to full coverage. For the light reflecting Nars, I love the glowy full coverage. That was my summer foundation if I wasn’t wearing a skin tint. The long wear is radiant and matte at the same time. I love the Eaze drop bc it’s billable but looks so natural. 

Re: Lied to

I have been out of the foundation game for a long time, but if you're down for skin-like finishes, I have to agree with TikTok just this once, and sing the praises of HAUS LABS BY LADY GAGA Triclone Skin Tech Medium Coverage Foundation with Fermented Arnica. It' gorgeous, and even my mom says it sits on my face like skin. The only place that oil ever really manifests on my face is my nose, but it didn't separate or rub off all day. And I have 14 hour days, so I was impressed. I set with Laura Mercier Invisible Pressed Setting Powder. I don't know how it performs without, but I used extremely little powder.

Re: Lied to

But, now I can look for a dupe! So thank you! 🥰

Re: Lied to

I don’t support lady Gaga, because she went to that American slavery themed party, with all those people in black face. And, she never even pretended to apologize for it 

Re: Lied to

@PicktheSiren I wouldn't say that TikTok "lied" but it's amazing how varied our opinions can be!  What one person loves might not work at all for someone else but it's always fun to try new things out for yourself and figure out what works best for YOU.

Re: Lied to


the KVD one there was actually people calling them out for lying about the foundation. 


the door one, it feels like they did lie about it’s abilities just because it is Dior. 

Re: Lied to

@PicktheSiren  My all time fav is Armani Beauty Mini Luminous Silk Perfect Glow Flawless Oil-Free Foundation 8.25 I love that it leaves my skin looking like skin and not to dry or matte. I feel like my real skin shines through so I don’t look too fake. It works well with other products like powers or liquid. It’s my all around fav. I also have been loving SEPHORA COLLECTION Best Skin Ever Liquid Foundation  it sets on skin nicely and doesn’t crease in my lines. I used both powder and liquids on my face and it worked really well. I had a super busy day and it lasted all day until I was ready to go to bed! What do you look for in a foundation? 

Re: Lied to




so I tend to look for something Matte, or something skin like. But I love the Charlotte tilbury cause it does have a beautiful glow but still has the staying power of a matte. 

I do like luminous foundations as well, but while my skin is fine when I have a fresh face day, as soon as I put on makeup I just produce so much oils that my face will slide right off. 


But, right now because of thyroid issues I have dry skin. And it is weird how my skin can be so thirsty but so oily at the same time. 

the makeup by Mario foundation was a no for me. It looked fine under make up lights and outside in brighter light. But I felt like every other light I looked dead. 

Re: Lied to

Love the beaded eye look @PicktheSiren 

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