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I need some recommendations

My husband has dark spots appearing whenever he has a skin issue. His skin tone is quite dark, he is Fijian with Indian descent, 37 years old with a red undertone and combination to dry skin.

He's quite self conscious about the dark spots developing and darker skin tone around his eyes. 
I have a very light complexion and what works for me has totally different results on him.

Could I get some advice on what products work?

Brands that specifically work for deeper skin tones? Looking for dark spot remover or serums. Eye brighteners, moisturizers? NO Lightening of bleaching products please. Thank you so much. Want him to be happy and confident as he ages. 
his skin is so beautiful and I am scared if i get the wrong product I could add scarring or increase dryness.

Re: I need some recommendations

Here are some products I recommend. I have a darker skin complexion and suffer from hyperpigmentation and dark spots. When using these products it's important to use sunscreen as well. I mainly use azelaic acid, niacinamide, kojic acid soap and sun screen. The rest are products that I've heard good reviews about. With kojic acid soap only use on face for 30 seconds then wash off. If you notice drying skin the pause for a bit before reusing. Same thing goes with niacinamide, if you notice drying then stop for a bit before reusing or consider going down to 5% instead of 10. Sunscreen should be applied at least twice a day but I use it once a day in the morning since I don't go outside much. I also recommend talking to a dermatologist and getting a prescription for retin A.  For sunscreen use Black Girl Sunscreen. Its one of the best ones I used and doesn't leave a white cast. They have it on here but unfortunately it wont let me add it to the list. Kojic acid soap can be found on amazon. Some youtubers I reccomend are Dr Dray, Hyram, Sherelle Saint Rose. It's important to note that Hyram and Sherelle Saint Rose do not specialize in skin care but they offer good advice. Just make sure to ask a derm if you have questions or look up derms on youtube. Once he understands what works well for his skin through research, it will get easier.

Re: I need some recommendations

As a colored person, I appreciate not just using what works for you and trying your best to understand your husband's skin tone. He should stick to washing his face 1-2 a day, using a serum that contains small amounts of retinol, AHA's, or brightening acids (don't be scared by the word acid, they are very gentle) like azelaic acid, konjac root, niacinamide, Vitamin C, and alpha arbutin. Then follow up with a good moisturizer since he has dry skin. With all these active ingredients, he needs a sunscreen to protect his skin due to increased sensitivity. I'll add some products that won't leave him ashy and such. PLEASE patch test anything you buy tho just to be safe. I hope this helps








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