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Not VIB status...yet


I was just wondering if anyone could look at my account for me. I've recieved several emails saying that I need to spend $9 to qualify for VIB but I've spent more than $9 since then and it still says I am nine dollars away. Would anyone be able to explain why I have not been upgraded yet? Thanks!

Re: Not VIB status...yet

Hi ccscorpio


I'd be happy to help!  I will send you a message for more info now.


xo, Mia


Re: Not VIB status...yet

could you also help me and check mine? because it says i still need $28 more then after that i purchased over a $150  more so i cant understand why am i not a vib yet Smiley Sad i would really appreciate it! thank you and happy new year! Smiley Happy

Re: Not VIB status...yet

@Heyitschacha I see your account has been upgraded Smiley Happy Congratulations!

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