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What is my undertone?

Hey everyone!

I am having a really hard time determining my undertone, which causes problems when I’m finding foundation and concealer shades.

whenever I go to the store and get shade matched, I normally am identified as Warm 1. Although I have factors that are normally associated with Cool undertones. 
-Silver Jewelry looks better on me

-my veins appear blueish

-Warm-toned and often neutral-toned products often appear orange or yellow on my skin

-When I got my color analyzed, I was identified as a “Deep Winter” (whatever that means)

Thank you!

but I do have some features associated with warm undertones:

-I tan, not burn

-My skin looks darker than it actually is (I’m not sure if this is a warm toned trait, but it is true for me)

P.S. my color IQ currently is

Fair 3 • Warm 1 • Intensity 2

Re: What is my undertone?

From your description @Sam013 , it sounds like you're more cool toned, with possibly olive tones as well.  Sometimes the base of certain products, even neutral, can run heavy in orange or yellow so it you get a blue color collector (elf has one), it might help.



I'm tan, olive, and neutral.  SA that work with a range of people can match me.  Those that rely on the tool alone will usually match me with warm 😑.

Re: What is my undertone?

@Sam013 You could be neutral or possibly olive. Have you asked an associate to actually colour match and not just the colourIQ tool?


There aren’t really any rules to makeup thought. If you like what you see, that’s all that matters!

Re: What is my undertone?

@JoSometimesthanks for asking! I have tried that, and Normally they give me olive or golden shades. For example, my two favorite concealers based on matching are HUDA BEAUTY #FauxFilter Matte Buildable Coverage Waterproof Concealer Marshmallow 1.3 Golden and Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Liquid Touch Brightening Concealer 170W

Re: What is my undertone?

@Sam013 Don’t give up. It might take some experimentation. Most Sephora’s are back into making samples of products on the shelves. Don’t be afraid to ask the SA to make up some samples for you to take home. You can try them under your lighting to get a better sense of what works for you.


@danielledanielle’s suggestion of a blue colour corrector can also help fix up the orange tones you’re getting from your current concealers.  

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