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New to this makeup thing.... in other words, HELP!

Ok, here it goes.... I am an almost 40 mom and full time worker who has discovered an interest in makeup. I have rarely ever worn make up for many reasons, but the main ones are my dry/oily skin and uneven skin tones (not to mention budgets lol). I am naturally a strawberry blonde and have the typical porcelain to fair skin, but I also have Lupus which causes a lot of redness and dryness in the butterfly pattern. I have become addicted to some of the youtube beauty gurus and have played a little bit with what I have, but honestly need MAJOR help with what products and items to buy to help me. (I truly never imagined all the products you had to have for just a daily routine!! I grew up with foundation, blush, and mascara as the only things taught to me LOL) If anyone could help or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!! And if you made it this far through my ramblings you are a rockstar 🙂

Re: New to this makeup thing.... in other words, HELP!

HI Jenathena!


How exciting that you've decided to explore makeup further!  Yes, it can be overwhelming as there are definitely way too many options but that is also good because this way you can find the products that will work for you based on your skin and what you like.  For me, skincare is a priority as I find that if my skin looks great, then I don't need as much makeup in the sense of foundation, etc.  But I do love to play with eyeshadow looks when I have the time.


So here are some thoughts on things you can explore:

Primers - can be very helpful if you have large pores or very oily skin.  if you have dry skin, you probably don't need it but I would recommend you ensure you moisturize your skin well.


Foundations - liquid or powder.  I use both depending on my mood or my skin.  For powder, I really like BareMinerals Original Foundation as it leaves my skin looking luminous.  For liquid I use Estee Lauder Double Wear Light.  It's not an exact match but I use a very small amount so that it looks like I don't have any makeup, it just evens out my skin tone.


Setting powder - If you use a liquid foundation, you will probably want to set it with a powder.  Laura Mercier is very popular (I personally don't like it as it doesn't help with my oily skin).


Finishing Powder - Hourglass is known for these.  These are especially helpful if you use a matte foundation and you want to add some luminosity to your skin.


Bronzer - This will give your skin a little bit of color and some dimension.  Benefit Hoola Bronzer is very popular and they have a light version as well.


Blush - There are cremes or powders with different finishes matte vs. luminous.  I've been dying to try Hourglass blushes as they look really pretty.


Highlighters - So many options.  Wet N Wild has some good ones for being drug store but of course Becca highlighters and Anastasia Beverly Hills are most famous for them.


Brows - Anastasia Beverly Hills and Benefit are well known for their brow products.  This will help frame your face.  For me, as long as I fill in my brows when I'm too lazy to do an eyeshadow look, is enough.


Eyeshadow - So many options.  My absolute favorite eyeshadow palette is Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance. If you're looking for a more neutral/softer palette, Urban Decay has somne good palettes and so does Tarte.


Eyeliner - So many colors and mediums.  I'm a big fan of MAC eyeliners. I also like Urban Decay's Gel Liners and I've been known to buy Avon pencil eyeliners and gel eyeliners as well as Maybelline.  You can also use eyeshadow as eyeliner, so long as you have an angled brush.


Mascara - Not all mascaras are created equal.  Grande Lash MD is one I really like for everyday as it gives length and some volume and doesn't smear/flake on me.


Sorry for such a long post but I hope you find this helpful.  Have fun in your makeup exploration journey!





RE: New to this makeup thing.... in other words, HELP!

I'm just like you. I'm recently 40 and have all of a sudden gotten into makeup. I have fair skin, combo skin and redness. Needless to say it's been a challenge finding products that work but I'm getting some good products and tips for application. The most important thing is to have fun!

RE: New to this makeup thing.... in other words, HELP!

I suggest purchasing the Sephora Favourites Box because it comes with almost everything you need for a beginners full face. I love using the beauty blender slightly damp that it comes with to blend foundation. The colours in the box should match your skin fairly well, k have light tone skin and I loved all of the products. I went and got colour matched at Sephora and fell in love Fenty foundation. If you tell them what type of coverage you want (light medium or heavy) and what your skin concerns are they can help chose a foundation that will work for you. Make up is a great way to incorporate self care into your routine, moms totally need that!

Re: New to this makeup thing.... in other words, HELP!

In your pic, you look like you have awesome skin @Jenathena! I definitely recommend signing up for Sephora Play or any other beauty subscription box. It’s an excellent gateway into the makeup, skincare and perfume worlds. Sephora Play is excellent for beginners because it gives a comprehensive guide that describes all of the products, plus Sephora artists do YouTube videos on the products, as well.

Re: New to this makeup thing.... in other words, HELP!

Thank you for the compliment! That was the first time I tried a color correcting primer and I think the photographer did touch ups lol! But I also thank you for your suggestion and will def look into the beauty box! I didn't even know that was a thing!! 🙂


RE: New to this makeup thing.... in other words, HELP!

Welcome to the dark side! 🙂 Makeup can be hard to figure out, especially when you're offered as many choices as Sephora does. The right primer goes a long way for keeping your skin happy and your foundation on your face. It might sound a bit extra but it makes a big difference! I have combination skin (dry on the perimeter, oily down the T-zone), and I quite like Dr. Brandt Pores No More because it is pretty fool-proof and helps control my oil, and there's skincare infused within it as well. The beauty of makeup is that it is so personal. There can be as many or as few steps as you want there to be. Choose what makes you happy! These days, its primer, foundation, setting powder, contour, blush, highlight, bronzer, eyebrows, eye primer, eyeshadow, eye liner, mascara, false lashes, and then everything lip. Probably more than that. Go and make an appointment for a makeover at a Sephora counter, and then pick out the products applied that made you feel the prettiest, and then spend your money there (knowing that if it's a total bust you can get your money back!) Hope that helps! Have fun!

Re: RE: New to this makeup thing.... in other words, HELP!

Thank you for your help!! That list alone is very intimidating, seeing as how I only own foundation, blush, primer, and mascara right now lol!

Re: RE: New to this makeup thing.... in other words, HELP!


I'm 41 and just started dabbling in makeup myself right about a year ago. Before then, I wore it maybe once a year for special occasions, but had zero interest in ever getting sucked into the hype. 

Boy has that changed!  😅


The beauty of makeup is that it is highly personal. If you don't want to do a full face, you don't have to. Keep it simple, or go full on glam or anywhere in between. There are no rules!


Subscription boxes are a good place to start so you can sample some items before investing bigger money. If you have a sephora nearby, you can stop by and request up to three samples for free (for most products, not all).


Since you say redness and dryness are concerns, you might want to look into skincare and/or concealers and color correctors first, if that's something you are looking to work on.


Most importantly though, just keep in mind that makeup should be fun. If it becomes overwhelming or a chore, take a step back and decide just how far you want to go with it. Enjoy!



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