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Is this foundation good for me?

So first off I don’t know a lot about makeup but I would love to be able to look better and make my skin less red and spots/scars less visible. 


Right now, I’m using Mary Kay Luminous 3D foundation with their concealer (which works pretty damn well) but after applying foundation, my skin (and it applies very nicely) like the top layer, starts to peel, especially around my chin and a little bit on my forehead!! It’s weird! 

I do use a light moisturizer before applying the foundation since it helps blends it 

smoothly on my skin but it still makes my skin peel.


So I’ve been looking for a much better foundation with better coverage (to cover the stuff I want to cover up) and doesn’t make my skin peel! 

For my skin type, I have dry skin but sometimes it is very dry depending on weather and whatnot. 


i heard that Too Faced Born This Way Natural Finish Longwear Liquid Foundation is a really good foundation and gotten plenty of good reviews. But I also heard negative. 

I was wondering if this is a good foundation to combat peeling. I also was wondering if this was water or silicone based and what’s the best primer to go with it as well as my skin. 

Thank you for reading this long post (sorry) and answering 💕


Re: Is this foundation good for me?

@taylormarie2131  hmm, which moisturizer are you currently using?  usually when my skin starts peeling it’s a sign I either need to do a skin peel or that my skin is very dry or both.  I ‘ll fona peel to remove any flaking skin that is clinging on and then I’ll hydrate the heck out of my skin. 


For super dry skin,  sheet masking before you apply makeup can make a huge world of difference in how your makeup wears.  your makeup is 90% better when your skincare is catering to your specific needs.  serums are a great option to deliver mega moisture in a lightweight way .  innisfree Green Tea Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum is a good one.  LANEIGE Perfect Renew Youth Serum 1.3 oz/ 40 mL  is as well.  
a face oil can help tremendously as well to kith seal in skins moisture and to conceal any current flakiness.   You can either apply one before your makeup or add a drop or two into your pre existing  foundation to make it more hydrating and glowy.   GXVE BY GWEN STEFANI All Time Prime Clean Hydrating Prep & Smooth Face Oil 0.95 fl oz. / 28 mL 


If you’re set on a new foundation even after trying to alter your skincare, thé Too Facef Born this Way is a good one.  For a hydrating foundation Tower 28 Beauty SunnyDays Lightweight Foundation is excellent though it isn’t full coverage.  
Dior Dior Forever Skin Glow Hydrating Foundation  is excellent and delivers medium coverage.  

Re: Is this foundation good for me?

The moisturizer I actually use before applying foundation is the Mary Kay Timewise Age-Fighting Moisturizer. Lol. I was a Mary Kay lady for like a year after high school but failed, tried again after graduating college, failed. Lol 


But I do need to get a good skincare regimen. I just don’t like the thick creamy moisturizers out there that you can rub in but don’t completely get absorbed so if your fingernail accidentally hits your cheek or something, some of it comes off. I’m mostly talking about the Cerave Moisturizing Cream. It works great but not as a light moisturizer like the Mary Kay one I have. 

Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll definitely keep those in mind! 

Re: Is this foundation good for me?

@taylormarie2131  Aw that’s not your failure.  MK is a pyramid scheme designed to make you fail.  You,the seller, are the customer in their scheme.  Once you’ve bought your kit they’ve made their money off you.  
If you’re looking for lightweight moisturizers look for gel creams like belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb  It will not sit in your skin even if you apply ‘too much’.  Even with cereve, if you’re able to scratch it off you’ve applied too much.  Most of your skincare should absorb fully in five to ten minutes and after that your skin can be blotted or wiped off if there’s a thick lingering layer.   

Re: Is this foundation good for me?

What’s so funny is that I was actually doing really well (or so I thought) after graduating college then transferring to a 4yr university. I got to do so many parties with so many people…. But no one bought anything and I even gave each host a 10% discount for each guest they had up to 5 so 50%. Still, didn’t buy anything. It was weird! They all loved it and loved the stuff but not one cent. Lol


and oh ok gotcha! Yeah I sometimes apply maybe a little extra on the dry patches if I get one. Lol

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