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Anonymous Insider

Cosmetics & Skincare for Combination Skin - I'm a straight mess right now!

I'm struggling to find make-up that works for my skin. I feel like I have tried a lot of brands/formulas but nothing seems to really work for me. I'm very oily in my T zone and my eyes/under-eye/cheek bone area, but I also get red on my eyes, brow bone, and nose, and dry on my eyelids/chin, especially around my lips. My mascara/eyeliners/shadows run, concealers don't stay put and hide my dark under eye circles, and i'm starting to break out from a lot of make-up that used to work just fine for me. I wash my face morning and night, and I honestly don't leave my make-up on for very long during the day because it feels so oily. Last but not least I feel like I can see a weird texture on my skin when I apply foundation, or especially a highlighter. I'm basically a combination skin mess. Can anybody point me in the direction of a routine, skincare lines, and make-up that I should use? I used to love wearing make-up and feel so confident, not so much anymore since I started having all these problems arise 😕 Thank You beauty's for any help in advance!

Re: Cosmetics & Skincare for Combination Skin - I'm a straight mess right now!

I'm not an expert by any means, but I can tell you what worked for myself. I also consider myself to have combination skin, as well as acne-prone and sensitive. I've seen a dermatologist before and was on some topical medications specifically Acana and Differin Lotion, but I felt over time they weren't effective. What really made a difference for my skin was adding in chemical exfoliation (Sunday Riley good genes, Dr. Dennis gross peels, herbivore blue tansy mask) and facial oils (Sunday Riley luna oil, UFO, odacite). Make sure your cleanser has an acidic pH to preserve it's barrier function and that it doesn't strip your face (Tata harper cleansers). Always keep track of what you put on your face, never trying more than one new thing at a time. Also something to keep in mind with combination skin....sometimes what will work for one part of your face may not work for another part. For example, I used to use Drunk Elephant's C-firma serum. Worked great for my cheeks, chin, nose. But made my forehead break out. 

Re: Cosmetics & Skincare for Combination Skin - I'm a straight mess right now!

I agree with earlier post about finding a good esthetician for consultation.  I had problems like yours for years before finding one and with monthly facials and microdermabrasion, I finally got things under control.  I started using a brand of skin products, Derma MD, but there are more affordable ones that may  work for you. I have finally found a primer that doesn't slide off my face and works to help with make-up problems. Dr. Jart Premium BB Balm works great. I then add a light coverage of Bare Mineral original foundation and this last all day for me with no creasing and discoloration.  I use the bb balm under my eyes before using concealer, and this works great(I have very dark circles). The balm also has a spf so you can skip this step in your skin care routine.  Hope some of this will help.

Re: Cosmetics & Skincare for Combination Skin - I'm a straight mess right now!

Even when oily, one must moisturize... I find a lot of oily folks skip this step- then wonder why their sebum glands go hyper-oil production on them. However, if you are doing this then i recommend going to see an esthetician for a good facial first. This will after a week or so bring anything hiding under up- and the following week you should see some kind of improvement with a great skincare routine and at least 1 facial every 4-6 weeks. Yes, you will go through a few products, but this has been my holy grail for the past 4-6 months and my skin is behaving amazingly... I'm 36 BTW. In regard to redness use a green based corrector prior t makeup and when using makeup use a primer that absorbs into the skin versus sitting on top of it. 🙂 Hope that helps...


This is mines below and I am combination with oily T-zone on occasion... 🙂

Anonymous Insider

Re: Cosmetics & Skincare for Combination Skin - I'm a straight mess right now!

Thank You so much for your reply and advice! I love the video 🙂 A facial is a great idea, maybe a series of facials lol. How do I know a primer that will soak into my skin vs. a primer that will sit on top?! 

Re: Cosmetics & Skincare for Combination Skin - I'm a straight mess right now!

No problem doll & you are welcome... Been licensed for 10 years, so I am always in search of products whether hair, makeup, or skin that actually work for not only myself, but clients too... & Yes, you will need a series of facials when it's all said and done to maintain your results once your skin begins to behave... You may not need them as frequently but they are worth doing, at least once every other month at minimum... I go monthly (& keep resting bit*h face- as only true MAC Girls do #jokes) LOL


As far as the primer goes; usually the ones that absorb will apply like a moisturizer... the others generally have that dimethicone/silicone feel... very slippery. Just ick. LOL I don't know know how anyone likes those, I feel like my makeup moves around & I look greasy after a few hours with those type... -or- you can try going without an "actual primer" but ensure you are moisturized/sunscreen (a little- or you may get flashback) and allow 3-5minutes after application before applying makeup. 


Some of my favorite primers:

MAC Prep + Prime radiant Yellow/pink *of course* lol

Fenty Beauty's applies nice and makes her foundation last long. 

YSL Touche E´clat- it has the slip upon application that dissipates- so I can deal with it.


Oh and thank you for watching.. I hope you enjoyed.


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