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Facial oil for oily skin

I was recently told that one of the best things to do for oily skin is to use an oil at night that is considered a "dry" oil. People said it will not make my face greasy but it will provide the right amount of oil my face needs (so it doesn't get dehydrated and produce excess oil). I thought the idea was genius so I went online and ordered organic rose hip oil from amazon. I have noticed that while my skin is much softer, it's not less oily. This confuses me because I saw so many posts explaining how that product was their "holy grail" for their oily skin. I'm thinking since I've only been using it for a week maybe I should give it more time? Should I try another "dry" oil such as witch hazel or primrose? Or should I steer away from using oil altogether? And does anyone have any idea why it isn't working? The only factor I think could be contributing to my oiliness is that I live in Central Florida, which is very humid and I guess my genetics? Lol any advice is greatly appreciated Smiley Happy

I second marula oil if you're wanting a singular ingredie...

I second marula oil if you're wanting a singular ingredient facial oil to try. Like other commenters have said, try two drops and press it into the skin. I found I would have to blot away the excess with papers before bed though. I recently switched to Paula's Choice Omega+ serum and it's amazing. It has a ton of different oils but it's in a light gel-cream texture. It absorbs so well! I can even use it under my makeup and it doesn't make it break up at all. And when used at night I'm not sticking to my pillow, lol.

Re: Facial oil for oily skin

I switched to facial oils a few years ago and I am OBSESSED.  It seems like they'd be bad, bc you think oil you think acne, but our skin is actually supposed to have some natural oil on it so every time we wash it, it strips it of its natural oils and our pores over produce oil to compensate.  Also, oil is naturally occurring on our faces but lotion is just a bunch of manmade chemicals that clog your pores most of the time. I use my face oil at night after washing my face with a salicylic acid based cleanser to treat breakouts and deep clean, then in the morning I skip washing it (since washing dries it out more) and just use a dry washcloth to gently exfoliate and redistribute any oils that accumulated while I was sleeping, since I have combination skin. This might be good for you to try if you're feeling like you still have too much oil; also try using blotting papers midday, I use Dinoplatz "Too Cool for School" papers which come with a little sponge that holds the paper so you don't have to use your oily fingertips.


Sunday Riley makes a "UFO" oil that has salicylic acid in it; if you can get a sample I would start with that one, but it feels a little thick. Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil is a great intro oil for all skin types, and there are a bunch of others if you want to address more specific concerns, like aging, brightening, overnight repair, etc.!  If there's a Sephora near you I'd go get a bunch of samples, but remember it takes your skin a while to adjust when you try something new so I'd use one for a week or two before making a judgment about it.

RE: Facial oil for oily skin

First make sure the oil you got from Amazon isn't in a carrier oil. Sometimes companies will take a pure oil (like rosehip) and dilute it in another oil for cost/whatever reasons. My mom gets me Josie Marans argan oil all the time but it is very heavy for my skin, it doesn't absorb completely into my skin and leaves me looking oily (which I don't mind sometimes before bed) however I get a vegan beauty box every month and they sent me the most amazing oil to try. It's called "brightening facial serium" by Saiva. I'm sure you can find it online. It's all natural ingredients and I swear my face is moisturized when I put it on, but also matte! I've seriously never used an oil like this it is amazing. Try it out if you like it def helped with my skins oil output.

Re: Facial oil for oily skin

I really like argan oil for my face. But I use a blend of babassu, burriti and argan. Another thought might be how you applying it, i make  sure to just start out with two drops, rub it between my hands well and then "pat " it onto my face, as aposed to rubbing, then I repeat if I feel I need more.

Re: Facial oil for oily skin

@Anonymous have you seen any improvements since your post?


Even if oil can be beneficial for all skin types, you still need to find the right oil for you. My skin likes the Herbivore Lapis oil mentioned below, and also squalane (which isn't an oil but  has the texture of one). In general, if I see safflower oil, blue tansy, jojoba oil--these are all oils that my skin is OK with. I stay away from camellia oil because I've had breakouts after using products with this oil - not sure if it's to blame but I'm not willing to take the risk as I have other oils that work well for me


Some oils are better for certain skin types. I'd associate rosehip as being more suitable for normal to dry skin, rather than oily skin. This could be why your skin isn't absorbing it as well, but in addition you DO need to give it more time. Use for at least 8 weeks. It took my skin at least a year to improve after using a facial oil. It will probably seem daunting to wait that long, but just remember there is NO miracle product out there and everything takes patience.


P.S. Dry oil has nothing to do with it coming in a spray bottle - just indicates how the product absorbs. All of my facial oils come in a bottle with a dropper. You would only put dry oil on your face, wet oil will just sit on top and turn your face into a greasy mess. I'd hope that companies wouldn't advertise a wet oil as a facial oil!

RE: Facial oil for oily skin

The Lapis oil from herbivore is supposed to be great for oily skin

RE: Facial oil for oily skin

Rosehip oil has a comedogenic rating of 1. Which means it will clog your pores slightly. Any person with an oily skin should choose oils with comedogenic rating 0 such as argan oil or shea butter. You can find the complete list of oils by rating here

Re: Facial oil for oily skin

@Anonymous a "dry" oil is one that usually comes in a spray bottle, so when you spray the oil, it is more of a light/dry mist.  Is the oil you are using like this?  If not, then maybe you need to apply less???  Good luck!

Re: Facial oil for oily skin

Dry oils for face, or any oils for your face, will not and should not come in a spray bottle. I have oily skin and live in a very humid climate (Arkansas) and I love Kora Organics Noni Glow Face Oil, or Josie Maran Argan Oil Light.  Give your skin some more time to adjust.  Also, you need much less oil to moisturize than the typical amount of moisturizer that you use.  Most people only need a few drops.  

Re: Facial oil for oily skin

I would try other oils first, before ruling out oils for your skin type entirely. Rose hip seed oil is good, but it might not be the best for you. I have found personally that my skin loves marula, but doesn't always do as well with other oils/oil treatments. Also, definitely agreed with other commenters that a week isn't enough to see if skincare is working for you! I would give it up to a month to see if you have any other positive effects.

RE: Facial oil for oily skin

Iowa has some pretty humid summers and as someone with oily skin it's just a pain. I have tried so many oils and my fave is the Lapis oil from Herbivore Botanicals. You can find a small rollerball size on the brand website that's cheaper than buying the full size from Sephora.

RE: Facial oil for oily skin

I also have oily skin and second the Herbivore face oil! My friend also swears by Vintner's Daughter... but I don't have the $$$ for that.

RE: Facial oil for oily skin

You definitely have to give it some time. I live in a hot humid climate as well and I also have oily skin. I prefer to use Beauty oils rather than typical moisturizers.
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