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Allergies - Ingredient Listings

Hello all!


I am newer to the whole community post thing and still learning to navigate it. So please bare with me as I write my first post.


Unfortunately, I am severely allergic to AVOCADO!!! Who would of thought that people can be allergic to avocado anything? If I eat it, my throat swells up, and if I touch oils or the plant itself, I get awful rashes and my skin starts to burn.


One thing I have to do now is read the entire ingredient list for each product I either test at the store or seem interesting to me while browsing the site. Online, I do a control+f and type in 'avocado' to see if the product has any avocado in it. It's a bit annoying to have to do this, but it's not time consuming to do.


I just thought it would be interesting if in the future members could list any ingredients they are allergic to in their profiles. This would help people with allergies feel safer if the system could warn you when looking at products that it contains an ingredient you listed as an allergy. I think this would be very appreciated by people who have this conserns. Just a thought.


Anyways! Any other people out there who read the ingredient list because of an allergy? Let me know! I want to know who else out there goes through the same thing I go through. 

Re: Allergies - Ingredient Listings

I am allergic to fish (including shellfish) - there are quite a few skincare products with fish derivatives in them.  I'm also have a sensitivity to bismuth oxychloride, which is in a lot of foundations, shadows and blushes. Just today I was looking at the Color Pop eyeshadows and I won't be able to wear them. 


I hate it when ingredients aren't posted on Sephora's website; this makes it even harder.  I might just look for that app someone mentioned. 

RE: Allergies - Ingredient Listings

I have to read ingredient lists for everything that touches mine or my two daughters skin. We’re allergic to Aloe Vera, and let me tell you, it is a pain to try and find stuff without Aloe.

Re: Allergies - Ingredient Listings

Hi @Pinkie42! I have an almond allergy, so I read the ingredients on everything. Almond oil in cosmetics isn't supposed to contain the actual protein that I'm allergic to, but I still won't put it on my body. There's nothing more frustrating than getting home with a new purchase to discover that I missed almond oil in the ingredients list! My allergist said there are apps that you can use to scan the barcode on a product to screen the ingredients, but I haven't gotten around to looking for one yet. 


My mother is also allergic to avocados, bananas, and latex, which are all cross-allergens. I feel for you!

RE: Re: Allergies - Ingredient Listings

I know that feeling of going home and seeing the ingredient on the product!!! It's pretty much the worst. The level of excitement gets crushed and flushed down the toilet. It's so sad.
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