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Allergic Reations to Fresh

I have had some sensitivity to Fresh products in the past but I was not sure what it could be. I thought maybe I was allergic to wild rose. I really didn’t know.


A little while ago I tried a sample of Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask and it was horrible! I knew I didn’t like the fragrance, but I put it on anyway ... 10 minutes later (I was trying to ignore it!) I had to wash it off fast because I felt like I was going into anaphylactic shock!! My throat was closing up! (My throat and eyes still hurt badly and my skin feels slightly burnt.  I do NOT want to go through this again! -What could have caused this??

Re: Allergic Reations to Fresh

I'm sorry you went through that! It sounds so scary! 


I've recently started using to look up product ingredients in different cosmetics and it's really helped me figure out why I've been breaking out from products that claim to help fight acne. The website has a huge database of products you can look up using the product search bar and it will list all the ingredients in the product and rate it based on whether the ingredient is an irritant, good/bad for acne and on it's safety. This might help you pinpoint the exact ingredient that gave you the bad reaction. Hope this helps!

Re: Allergic Reations to Fresh

@Rachel83706 Sorry to hear this happened to you! There's a whole thread about this happening to other users that dates back to 2016 so you're not alone on this! I will leave the link down below for you to visit and read more about others experiences and solutions. I think for the time being, it's best for you to toss the product that gave you a bad reaction- it's not worth the risk! Good luck with everything 🙂

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