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Milk Makeup Thread!

Since Milk Makeup is becoming more popular why not make a thread for upcoming launches and our favourites and hate its

Re: Milk Makeup Thread!

Thanks for the thread! I will add this to the list of brand threads in Beauty News.

RE: Milk Makeup Thread!

I also love the tattoo sticks 😉

RE: Milk Makeup Thread!

I love Milk Makeup. The Blur Stick is great so I got theTinted Sunshine, Blush stick and highlighter. These products cut my makeup time down considerably, look natural and don't feel heavy on my face. I have definitely become a loyal brand user. Can't wait to try more of the line.

Re: Milk Makeup Thread!

I really like some of the milk makeup skincare sticks! I know some people think they are kind of gimmiky but the cooling stick makes my skin feel really great! In the summer when it's hot I tend to take off my makeup as soon as I get home but I am not ready for nighttime skincare yet and I love just swishing the cooling stick over my face it is really nice and moisturizing. 


I also love their newer matcha toner stick and oil stick (although the oil stick has a slightly funny smell). Honestly, I am not on top of skin care every night, sometimes i'm just tired or lazy or drunk and its great to still be able to just quickly swipe these on and give my skin something!

Re: Milk Makeup Thread!

Did Milk ever release their Glitter Stick at all or is it still in the works?

Re: Milk Makeup Thread!

@sarahshter  it was exclusive to their site. Not sure if it's still around though.

RE: Milk Makeup Thread!

One of the best holographic highlighters I have found!

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