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Trade Thread 2021


It's been a while since we've had a trade thread. @naturalooks15 has this helpful info for trading.

When trades go well, it's a lot of fun for everyone and cosmetic items find themselves a new home. Not all trades go perfectly, though, so to ensure the best possible experience, please read these guidelines carefully.

Listing Your Items
Please list what you have available and the condition (new or used). Adding a photo helps! (if you have a lot, consider posting them under "spoiler" - the little face icon with a hand over its eyes - so tons of images don't flood the page for people scrolling).If there are items you are looking for, list those as well. As time passes, please be sure to modify your post to remove items no longer available. People rely on up to date information in this thread. You may wish to list your location, such as the U.S.

To keep your listing more visible, you can copy the text of an older post and re-post, as listings can often push a post back several pages over time. Please be sure to remove your old post if you do this.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To comply with Sephora's terms of use, please note this thread is for trading of products only. Please do not list items "for sale" or even for trade for Sephora or other gift cards. Please do not list "prices" either (which implies selling), but you can list approximate trade value.

Because a number of fake items have been sent in trades, it is strongly advised you provide photos of your higher-end items, including the labeling (you may be asked for it anyway) and list WHERE you purchased the item from. Fakes are readily available from less reputable sellers and can contain toxins! It is important to everyone to know where their cosmetics come from.

Please also be aware that some makeup products cannot be sanitized - please use caution in your trades. When in doubt, ask the community, it's a great resource! Used items you may wish to avoid are mascara, liquid eyeliner, lip glosses, and cream products.

Acquiring Items
Please use discretion with whom you enter into trades with. There is a summarized list of trusted traders here: Protect yourself in your trades, ask questions (such as where an item was purchased), ask for additional photos (to show level of usage and/or labeling to prove authenticity).
If you don’t feel 100% comfortable doing a trade because someone is new, you can request they send their items first.

Please use the private message system on Beauty Talk and/or tag the user you are trying to get in touch with. Communication is key! You can tell a lot about a trade by how the communication goes. If you will be unavailable for any periods of time, please be up front, and if there are any issues with shipping please be up front about that as well.

Having tracking and insurance on shipments goes a long way to figuring out where an item might be. The USPS puts anticipated delivery dates and tracking numbers right on the receipt. If there is any issue with an item you have sent out, please follow up with the carrier.

Consider providing your feedback on successful trades on this thread here:

Happy trading!

Re: Trade Thread 2021

I'm looking for a particular version of philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash.  The ingredients start with "aqua/water/eau, sodium cocoyl apple amino acids, solum diatomaceous earth/terre de diatomees, acrylates/steareth-20 methacrylate crosspolymer, glycerin, decyl glucoside..." and end with "...triolein, trilinolein, methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, magnesium chloride."


This scrub is a HG for me, and it improves my skin so very much.  I would make a fair trade, and ever offer something worth more than this.



Re: Trade Thread 2021

Hi! Does anybody out there have a Nars Madrague eyeshadow sitting aimlessly in their stash? Will trade you for anything you want in the whole wide world 😅

Re: Trade Thread 2021

Anyone intresetd in any of the SEPHORA COLLECTION Clean Glowing Skin Foundation #27 ? I have quite a few of the different shades. 

Re: Trade Thread 2021

I have the Kopari Coconut Rose Toner, Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Twinkle Highlighter nude-pink , and

HUDA BEAUTY Glow Coco Hydrating Mist, all full-size and brand new in boxes.  I don't have anything specific in mind for a trade, just open to ideas.  

Re: Trade Thread 2021

@CookieGirl1 have you tried either of the mists before? I've been looking for some...I have a mini of the kopari, just havent gotten around to it yet...was just wondering since I know youre in OR, so shipping would probably be cheaper...


I have tons of stuff, its just hard to remember/find/keep track of it but includes perfumes & colognes (and minis).


thank u next, 3.4 oz (unopened) is one...

Re: Trade Thread 2021

@treestar86 I haven't actually tried either and I'm sorry but I don't have either of them anymore!  I passed them on to people who I thought would enjoy them more; I just have others that I really like and those didn't really pique my interest enough.

Re: Trade Thread 2021

@CookieGirl1  aw, thats ok...thanks anyway. 🤗

Re: Trade Thread 2021




Re: Trade Thread 2021

@naturalooks15 @Samtian Please tag anyone else you can think of 😊

Re: Trade Thread 2021

Re: Trade Thread 2021

@faeriegirl Hopefully this one will be active! 

Re: Trade Thread 2021



I have the following for trade (all BRAND NEW)

Bobbi Brown blushes in Coral Sugar and Peony
Mac Oh, Darling! highlighter (holiday edition)

Mac 234 brushes (2)

Holifrog Sunapee Sacred-C Powder wash (Beautylish lucky bag)
Benefit Watts Up stick highlighter (Beautylish lucky bag)
Too Faced Palm Springs Dreams palette
Too Faced Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice palette
Smashbox Crystalized highlighter

I'm looking for candles, CT quads, Fresh lip balms, or ND mini palettes in Tropic, Gold, or Zendo. Open to other items as well but I can't think of anything else at the moment. I'll try and post pictures later today if it lets me

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