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The Holiday Decorations Thread

The holidays are going to be strange this year. Many people, including myself, are unable to celebrate with family or simply the way they want to. On the news this morning they were discussing that many people are decorating early because they feel they need cheer. I put my tree up a couple days ago. I was thinking it would be nice to see other people's decorations and spread the cheer. I am NOT just talking about Christmas. I consider myself mostly Jewish but grew up celebrating many holidays and have a Christmas tree of my own. So no pressure in terms of holiday or religion. Whatever you want to share. I finished putting the details on my tree today.


Re: The Holiday Decorations Thread

@sprocketta thank you. This Christmas will be 2 years since Simba crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Our new kitty like to chew on the fake tree and bat at the ornaments as well. I'm worried he'll try and climb it 😅. He's almost done being in the terrible twos so maybe he won't terrorize the tree so much this year. We can only hope lol as I have a lot of ornaments I'd like to be able to put on the tree.

Re: The Holiday Decorations Thread

@niki172 I love your ornaments and your fur baby. Such a beautiful photo. 

Re: The Holiday Decorations Thread

Thank you @SportyGirly125 . My picture I have of him around the tree are some of my favorites.

Re: The Holiday Decorations Thread

@SportyGirly125 Gorgeous tree.  Im sure the kiddos love it. 

Re: The Holiday Decorations Thread

@tjffc thank you!

Re: The Holiday Decorations Thread

Love this idea for a thread, @sprocketta! I will definitely check back to share some photos and see everyone else's fun and beautiful decor. 

Re: The Holiday Decorations Thread

@sprocketta What a great idea for a thread!  I hope to be able to decorate our tree this year.  I was so stressed and overwhelmed the last two years at work that we got our tree but only had the energy to put a lit topper on.  I hope to put on lights and ornaments this year.  I must say that just seeing the majesty of the "naked" tree was very pretty, though.


My dad stopped putting up trees some time ago, so last year I got him a tiny tree with a little skirt, short lights, a topper and mini-ornaments.  I really hope he puts it up this year.


One year he refused to put up a tree when my sister and I came to do an early Christmas.  That was also the same year he made me wrap my own gifts!  I complain, but it was kinda funny.


Sorry for the long response!

Re: The Holiday Decorations Thread

@greeneyedgirl107 this is my first year putting up a tree. I always celebrated at my parent's or sister's house but I'm alone this year so I decided to do it. I didn't get my tree skirt until today and didn't have the right fit right away. My dog Joy absolutely froze when I did this  poor dog.


Re: The Holiday Decorations Thread

@sprocketta I hope the tree adds to your enjoyment of the season.  I still have fond memories of the first tree my husband (then-boyfriend) and I had in out apartment many years ago.  We lived there for years, and decorated more and more each year.  By the end, it looked like one of those Christmastime Villages.  Those were the days - when we had plenty of outlets, and didn't have a care in the world for putting lots of holes in the walls b/c we rented! 

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