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~♥Galentine's Day Exchange♥~

*Sign ups are now closed and names have been drawn*  


day celebrating GIF


We promised you something magical and fun to start off the new year...and now the time to play is finally here! 


Our previous rounds have been wonderful platforms for bringing us all together though our appreciation for beauty, treats and camaraderie. We're glad that you've  decided to join in on the fun!


Positive Energy and Unicorn Love Always, 
Mcakes & ZombieMetroAnt


Tips and Tricks



♥Ask questions! Anyone can ask anyone an anonymous question, that will help you get a better idea of likes and dislikes, haves and wants, etc. 

♥When you purchase something, click "Mark As Purchased." They won't see it, but they might be using the same wishlist for other gift exchanges, so this can prevent them potentially getting the same gift from two different people.


♥If you got something for yourself, remove it from your wishlist! 


Shipping Suggestions



How to ship abroad/add a customs label while still using online shipping:
1. Creating an account: First, you must create a free account on the USPS website. The site will not let you create customs forms.
2. Shipping Label: To create the shipping label, you want to use the "Click n Ship" function from the dropdown menu under Mail & Ship. Many of the directions from above are basically the same but the key difference is under, "Where are you sending to?" you will need to use the dropdown menu to select the country of choice.
3. Finishing the Shipping Label:Fill in all the corresponding information until the end of the form including the value of the package. The Canadians on the board may have more to speak to with this but I always kept this amount on the lower side so the recipient doesn't get hit with high customs fee. (average amount I would put would be $10-$20) A great feature is at the end of the page it will give you all your options for shipping. I can tell you on a personal note that when I ship to England I always choose first class international mail and I have never had a problem. Once again, delivery confirmation is thrown in for FREE.
3. Beginning the Customs Form: You will then get to a page that will you through step by step filling in the customs form. The first question will ask you to "Enter Package Information." This is where you can just write this is a gift box for a friend. You do not need to write anything more!
4. Customs Inventory: Next up is, "Enter Item Information." Okay, this one is a little tricky. If you want to itemize, and fill in every single thing in the box, you can. If you only want to do a couple, you can. I've done both over the years and both have been okay. I'm not going to tell you though that it will work every time so ultimately, the decision is up to you. Make sure though that you mark each item a GIFT so that the recipient does not get charged increased fees. Also, and this is IMPORTANT, the total that adds up for the all the items has to be the same total you gave on the previous page for the value of the box. So if you make something worth $1, that's fine! (Again, Canadians speak up hear if I'm wrong but my abroad friends always told me it was better to do this to reduce customs fees for the recipient.) Lastly, each weight of each individual item will need to add up to the to the total weight item, so I've honestly literally made up ratio numbers in the past. (I have never had a problem in years of sending packages)
5. Tarrif Number: Lastly, you do not have a tariff number so leave that blank. Okay, one last thing, choose your AES exemption. I would choose the second one having to do with gifts.
6. Obtaining the Label/Customs Form: The steps following this are similar to the ones from above except that I believe the payment options for USPS may also include credit card options as well as PayPal. Go ahead and print your label which will also contain your completed customs form. (Please note: you may need to sign your customs form before affixing it to your package) On a positive note, YOU STILL SAVE MONEY BY USING THE ONLINE POSTAGE SYSTEM!
7. How to actually ship it:For international packages, my personal advice is yes, bring it to the post office, and yes, actually check it in and get a receipt saying it was checked in by a postal worker. Since many international packages take quite longer than domestic and tend to get delayed at different intervals, you want to make sure that everything is okay when it first enters the system.

Duty Info:
US can receive a gift up to 100 USD. If you send from Canada and mark your gift as 100 you are actually saying it cost you 100 CAD. Today Google converts that to 75.87USD so your recipient should be ok and not pay additional fees.

Canada can receive a gift up to 60 CAD. If you send from the US and mark your gift as 60, you are actually saying it cost you 60 USD. Today Google converts that to 79.08 CAD. So your Canadian friend in this case might pay duties/taxes/fees.

I believe customs will check the rate on the day the item is processed. Seems Canada is at somewhat the same range recently but it does go down a bit. Just
things to keep in mind.



































Shipping Deadline: On or before Galentine's Day (2/13)


leslie knope park and rec GIF by NBC


Re: ~♥Galentine's Day Exchange♥~

Those bunnies are so cute!!💖

Re: ~♥Galentine's Day Exchange♥~

Omg what?!! When was this even posted?? I sign on to see sign ups are closed yet I never saw this when there WAS sign ups!!! How sad Smiley Sad


You gals have fun!! 

Re: ~♥Galentine's Day Exchange♥~

Me too, I would have loved to participate. Cant wait to see everyones unboxings though too Smiley Happy

Re: ~♥Galentine's Day Exchange♥~

Have fun ladies!!! I would love to participate next time as well! 

Re: ~♥Galentine's Day Exchange♥~

Aww sorry you missed it @sabrinas ☹️  To my knowledge general interest in doing an exchange at some point this year was gauged across a number of threads/weaved into random conversations.


Can't wait to see how this unfolds and I am excited because I KNOW someone will think of additional exchange opportunities for us longtime BT/BICers 😊

Agreed! ☺️

Agreed! ☺️

Re: ~♥Galentine's Day Exchange♥~

So excited to be a part of this!!!  Never a dull moment...



Re: ~♥Galentine's Day Exchange♥~

i am so excited for this!! @Mcakes and @ZombieMetroAnt are such awesome hosts, and i know this is going to be so much fun! i'm really excited to shop for my super sweet elfie!

Re: ~♥Galentine's Day Exchange♥~

Thank you so much @Mcakes and @ZombieMetroAnt for hosting this exchange. You two ladies are so wonder at hosting. These exchanges get us to know each other on a more personal level. The diversity in all aspects of beauty is different for all of us. I love it and all you ladies too. Time to start shopping! 







Re: ~♥Galentine's Day Exchange♥~

@darkiceis  That first gif cracks me up; I swear I shop like that some days.  Sometimes in that same aisle!

Re: ~♥Galentine's Day Exchange♥~

@Ispend2much6 That’s the only aisle where it’s justified. Snow day? Screw the bread and milk, chips and snacks all the way. 

Re: ~♥Galentine's Day Exchange♥~

Bread, eggs and milk are so over rated for snow days. I mean, what are you going to do, eat French Toast until the roads are plowed? I'd say stock up on adult beverages and snacks, you need to replenish your energy after shoveling.

Re: ~♥Galentine's Day Exchange♥~

@prettyinpa  I always wonder about buying things you have to cook for snow days; maybe it's just our area, but we would have a lot of power outages if the snow was that bad.

Re: ~♥Galentine's Day Exchange♥~

Living in the country one of the first things we got is a big generator to run the well pump and deep freezers. Rural power is notoriously undependable even in moderate weather, it goes out for hours without any notice.

Re: ~♥Galentine's Day Exchange♥~

Us too @prettyinpa And we are always the very last in the area to have our electricity turned back on so we got a giant standby generator hooked up to a giant propane tank. 

Re: ~♥Galentine's Day Exchange♥~

@darkiceis  Exactly!  And, we're supposed to have another this week, so, to Trader Joe's it is!

Re: ~♥Galentine's Day Exchange♥~

I love being a part of this community, everyone is so sweet! These exchanges are so much fun, it's a chance to become closer with people while sharing love of makeup! Let the shopping begin! 

Re: ~♥Galentine's Day Exchange♥~

I'm SO excited!!!! Thanks @Mcakes and @ZombieMetroAnt for hosting!!! 









Re: ~♥Galentine's Day Exchange♥~

Thank you again for your work @Mcakes  @ZombieMetroAnt!  This is such a fun holiday for which to have an exchange.


Re: ~♥Galentine's Day Exchange♥~

👯👯👯 🎉WOOOOO HOOOOO 🎉 👯👯👯



WELL TOMORROW... Smiley Wink



THANK YOU @Mcakes & @ZombieMetroAnt ❣️

Re: ~♥Galentine's Day Exchange♥~

Yay! I'm so excited; thanks for hosting another exchange, @Mcakes and @ZombieMetroAnt! Also, whenever I see your names on a piece of snail mail, I know it's always going to be fabulous. 😄

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