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definite "rookie" to this makeup thing... please help

  Hey everyone! Hope all are safe and sound cooped up in your homes! 🙂 

     Anyways though I'm a 29 year old mommy of 3 all under age 8... i have always worn makeup and thought I knew what I was doing but boy was I wrong! Turns out I absolutely stuck at it and am in need of great help immediately! Lol  but seriously! 

      I just purchased for the first time ever actual quality makeup... i purchased "Lancome , Teint Idole Ultra Wear" a full coverage foundation along with Lancome's "La Base Pro" primer + Lancome "Dual Finish" multi tasking pressed powder & foundation in one. All day wear. 

   Now I used to believe all you do is put on your moisturizer, then your primer, smother on your foundation and wrap it all up with your powder finish... But again "boy was I wrong!" . The foundation i know is full coverage yet I can't figure out how to make it full coverage... Do I apply a ton all at once and hope for the best or do I apply a single thin coat multiple times till desired coverage is achieved? Do I use a sponge to apply, a brush or my fingers? If I apply multiple layers, how long do I wait between applying? Should I be using a toner as well? What about contouring? How the hell do i attempt that? Lol see im a mess and need some serious help!!! I want to feel good when I look at myself in the mirror! I want to feel confident when wearing makeup! So please someone, anyone HELP! Please!


    A mom in need of massive help lol but seriously!  


Re: definite "rookie" to this makeup thing... please help

For foundation I think it is more of a preference. I like my beauty blender for some foundations and I use a brush for others. To get the coverage to be more full I like to do thin layers and build it up. Not all my face needs to be super full so I only concentrate on the areas I need more. I usually moisturize then add a primer then foundation. I don’t use a toner in the morning. I use one in the evening after I’ve taken all my makeup off for the day. There’s lots of different primers. If you need more of a smoothing one or more of a hydrating one depends on your skins needs. I don’t usually do a full out contour but I like to sweep some bronzer over the high parts of my face where the sun would naturally tan my skin. I actually will apply a highlight every day. I find it really brightens up my skin and gives me a more youthful look. I like to put it on my nose and my cheeks and my brows and the Cupid bow on my lips. It totally depends on the look your going for as well. With being stuck home I’ve been just wearing a highlight and mascara most days. But you totally need to do what makes you feel confident. I had my eyes done the other day for the first time in over a month and my husband was like you look like a raccoon. Lol I guess he is just not use to it. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I think the more you play and test the more confident you will get. @sFossati 

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