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The Travel Beauty Thread

(January 2023) Thought I’d resurrect this thread, now that there’s a bit more possibility of travel these days! I would love to live vicariously and learn from fellow BICers, so please post any tips, pics, and/or your fave travel minis or routine!  I’m still not doing a lot of travel these days, but may post some pics and notes from past trips.  💗💗💗


Since the old travel thread sadly got lost in the switchover (😢😢😢) it was suggested a while back, and I’ve been meaning to get a new one started. If there is one already for this, let me know. I travel a bit for work and for fun, and I love checking out beauty stores and seeking out exclusive or hard-to-find items in different places around the world. Some of my favorite makeup destinations have been the Face Powder and Perfume Museum in Torino, Italy (a surprise find) and the Les Merveilleuses Laduree in Tokyo. I have relied on great tips from other BT/BICers on many of my trips, especially Toronto and Tokyo, so I would love to keep this updated as a resource for BIC.


Please share your discoveries, store reviews, pictures, purchases, and travel tips, and I’ll try to keep and update summaries here in the main post for future reference. If you don’t have a chance for much travel, feel free to share your favorite beauty destinations in your home city. I plan to update with photos below from various trips as I have the chance to organize my archives and update. What do you guys think? Feel free to make suggestions on how to organize this thread, too, it might be a bit of a work in progress. Thanks and happy travels BT/BIC!

Re: The Travel Beauty Thread

This thread is a good idea!  I can’t wait til someone goes on a trip and posts some fun beauty info!  @sister13

Re: The Travel Beauty Thread

Thanks @heartsmyface, you are one of our travel beauty extraordinaires! And your advice for Tokyo was priceless!  I’ll be posting some past trips but looking forward to a few new destinations for me this year to add, also!

Re: The Travel Beauty Thread

Why thank you!  Haha, you say that while i’m visiting family in dreary Regina.  It’s 9:30am and I don’t want to get out of bed cause it’s freezing cold.  I’m such a pansy.  I may find something here yet, we’ll see.  @sister13

What’s on your travel agenda for 2018?  

Re: The Travel Beauty Thread

Aww, I know the feeling! Not motivated to leave the bed or house today, currently snuggled under a blanket of kitties and never want to leave! @heartsmyface


Definite trips, mostly already planned:

Santa Monica (they have a great Sephora downtown I always visit)

Las Vegas (also a great Sephora over by the Venetian with lots of luxury brands I don’t have here)

Toronto in the fall (again, yay! Hopefully with an extra day or two for fun this time)



N. Africa


1 or 2 Europe

China (fingers crossed!)


Couple other possibles, mostly domestic. How about you?

Re: The Travel Beauty Thread

Those destinations sound amazing @sister13!

Re: The Travel Beauty Thread

Thx for starting this. I believe the old thread was created by a dear BT member whose account got deleted so I don’t think the thread would survive. Looking forward to read about everyone beautiful journeys

Re: The Travel Beauty Thread

I know! It was a great thread! Thanks @blackkitty2014 ❤️❤️❤️

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  • Beautiful sunset!
  • Iconic scene along Mariahilfstraße on the River Inn.
  • Mermaid Tails and Fins! Whole racks of them!
  • D3C937C6-07DE-4133-A427-6BF4A1AE802C.jpeg
  • More mermaid-y stuff!
  • Lovely shop Grüne Erde, with Natural Beauty and housewares.
  • Lovely skincare and cosmetics section.
  • The whole place was lovely, I especially loved the bulk herbs at the cashwrap! Sehr schön!
  • Bought a makeup remover and gentle balm cleanser, got samples and a free lavender sachet.
  • 6E5695B7-DF6D-44FC-9742-DF648E454E09.jpeg
  • This Weigano Perfumerie and Kosmetik surprised me. Tiny store front but a long narrow store inside packed floor to ceiling with prestige fragrance, cosmetics and skincare. I could have spent hours here. They had a wonderful German perfumer featured Lengling, and I’m hoarding some samples until I get back to Germany/Austria next time.
  • Weigano.
  • Weigano, the store went back like 3x this length. Heaven!
  • Nägele & Strubell (Nails & Brushes) is another high end Austrian shop/chain. They carried Annick Goutal, and some Middle Eastern fragrances that were new to me. Lots of variety.
  • Oh Canada!