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Sample Packet Challenge

I don't know about you ladies but I have at least 562 sample packets in my possession.  In the "Project 10 Pan" spirit I thought we could challenge ourselves to see how many samples we could use up in a month.


I'm already at 2 with the Naked Body Butter and Hourglass foundation samples I used this morning.  Anyone want to "compete" with me?

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I finished up a lotion sample today and learned a valuable lesson in the process.  If a product says that it's a moisturizing cream for both body and hair; do not put it in your hair.  This is very ill advised.

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Ok.....that sounds really gross!  I will keep that in mind for future product sampling.  Smiley Wink  I just hope you weren't planning on going anywhere special today!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Nowhere dry shampoo couldn't at least make my hair look acceptable!  The lotion did get rid of frizz.  Greasy and wet-looking hair doesn't look frizzy after all.  Smiley Wink

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

The only thing I use on hair that is made for skin too is Argan Oil, then again, I've been using hair oils for years. 

Cream though.... eh, I sometimes will run my fingers through my hair after I put on hand cream to add a tough of hydration to my ends. 

I had a friend in High School with spiral curls. To keep her curls soft and defined, she would apply 2 pumps of body cream to her wet hair, finger comb & let it air dry. I was always amazed how frizz free her hair was. 

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Three more today!  A coola sunscreen sample, a kiehl's body lotion, and a face serum sample!  yay!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I used up 3 samples yesterday - UD moondust sample, YSL concealer - I want this, and Benefit's the Porefessional.

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I feel like I'm backpedaling! I got a TSB in the mail yesterday and have chosen no less than 8 samples out of it.  Gah!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I've used about a dozen samples since we started!!!  I also set side an entire Sephora Bag FULL for TSBox #5! 


So that takes care of 85% of my samples Smiley Wink.  Now to test the ones I just got.


Oh - and I'm giving ten away in my friends birthday gift, as a bonus gift to what i got her Smiley Wink.

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

P.S. my bathroom garbage is full of tiny sample corpses Smiley Wink lol.  


Have used since my last update:


More Algenist Serum Packettes (my FAV)

Murad Collagen Infusion

Murad Retinol Deep Wrinkle

Kiehls Lip Balm [deluxe sample not gone yet] (orig no color) - LOVE, love way more than their pink stuff and colored balms. no comparison.

Arcona Gentle Solution (nice gentle overnight 'facial')

Arcona White Ice

Dr. Brandt GLOW Ruby Crystal Retinol Creme (like it) [deluxe sample not gone yet]

Too Faced Better Thank Sex Mascara [deluxe sample not gone yet] - like it but kinda clumpy, needed a post-application brushing

Benefit Sunbeam (ouch irritated me)



On deck this week (next to open or use up):


SheaTerra RoseHips Black Soap 

REN Glycol Lactic Radience Renewal Mask

Murad Active Radience Serum

Algenist Pore Corrector Primer (I usually can't use silicone product but am trying this anyway bc I love Alg.)



Also - I HATED the Korres Sleeping Facial and I was so sad, I wanted to love it.  SOOO highly fragranced, big headache.  Actual product performance was ok not great or anything (was on my face before I realized the smell so I went with it overnight).



Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Was it the Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Facial?  I love the smell and how it leaves my face!  Maybe because of my sinus issues, I don't get the full effect, but it does remind me of a little old lady, but slightly different.  Can't wait to see what I'm going to be getting!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

You're beating me!  I'm currently at 10.

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I'm so excited, this has prompted me to organize my whole 'vanity' and med cabinet area.  I am going to take a pic of my newly culled sample collection, my make up area, and my samples for TSB #5 and share it with you guys Smiley Very Happy.  Thanks so much for getting me motivated to do this!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

What is TSB? I need to do a clean out and organize of my beauty products and makeup too but I'm lazy, I'll have to set myself a good reward...

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

TSB = Traveling Sephora Box.  Share samples - just search "TSB" in the search field on the main BeautyTalk page.  


I think we are on TSB #5, which I think is full, but you can read the thread and watch for a #6, or another share/give-away box!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Thank you, I found it!  I was wondering...

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I cannot seem to get my pics to go on here and I want to scream at technology sometimes...uggghhh..but I have to say I have been using my sample packs this last week and completed the following-

DDG glow pad (2)

Hourglass foundations samples (3)

Marc Jacobs Foundation

MJ concealer pen-- really like that one

Boscia BB cream -not so much

Tarte BB cream

Ole H. CC - kina like

Ole H cc eye cream - nice

Philosophy cinnamon buns bodywash- smells YUM-O

Boscia Moisutuizer- okay

Boscia purifying cleanser- like

Kat von D foundation- No like

Kat von D eyeliner Pen- liked it

UD eye primer (4) - well duh I love them

so I wish I could show you my bathroom corner because I have an entire wall  of products- Some I use daily and some are my daughters, but most are mine and that is just sad. it says to drag but it won't let me keeps asking if I want to leave my page


Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I've been slacking & keep forgetting to save the packets. 

We're still doing this until the end of October right? 

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I am going to keep going in October!  I will keep watching this thread for your updates!


Because I am doing the TSB #5 later in October, I will run out of samples sometime in the next three weeksish, but that's a good thing Smiley Happy.


I love to hear a quick like/hate or "LOVE and why" note when people have time, if there's a sample they felt strongly about.  Fun!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I used up 30 in September, hoping to do at least 30 in October as well.

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

That's awesome.  I thought about this as "one a day"... I will strive to keep up with you! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I am joining the game a little late, but I am totally on board for using up samples. My goal is going to be 10 samples in the month of October.  I would try to do more but my skin is so sensitive I can only try one new product at a time.

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Welcome aboard!

I totally understand!  I have a ton of skincare samples but because I get breakouts I have to be careful with them.  I either have to accumulate enough packets of one sample to use for a week straight, or I have to use my normal skincare for a few days in between new samples.  It really slows things down!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Ok guys this totally helped me get organized - here's


1. All the samples I have left for myself! A reasonable amount, I think.

I'm also going to upload another pic or two, but it won't let me put them in this message after I upload one! weird.

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Here's whats going on TSB #5 --


and here's my "vanity" all organized! (sorry blurry)


Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I've used up 3 samples, but my Sephora gals gave me a bunch more when I went for the foundation class. I have a love-hate thing going on with the little foil/flat samples though, there is a

always too much for one use but then the next day they are gunky around the opening, so disgusting. >.<

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