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I have combo skin, getting oily on my forehead, sides of my nose, parts of my cheek right under my eyes, and my chin. And dry on the bridge of my nose, cheeks, and around my smile lines mouth. So If was wondering if anyone that had good makeup suggestions I am looking for a foundation, concealer, powder, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, lip stain(or a nude lipstick with a peachy tone), eyebrow product. BTW I'm the second to lightest shade in the Fenty Foundation, to give you an Idea of how pale I am.


I have combo skin as well. I use the Tarte clean slate timeless smoothing primer. (I may not have got the name quite right cuz I’m not looking at it). I also use the YSL all hours foundation. They both work great. I don’t end up looking Creasy in my dry areas or oily in my greasy areas. For concealer I go back and forth between Nars and Tarte Shape Tape. I like the Shape Tape better but I’m trying to make myself like the Nars better so I don’t have to go to Ulta lol. The Nars does work nice though.


I have the same exact problem and i have found that the too faced hangover primer does a great job with combo skin like what you described. i like the too faced born this way foundation but it may leave you a bit oily, so you may want to get a sample before buying it but it does have a natural and flawless finish. also the cars concealer is really amazing and has such a beautiful finish when baked with the laura mercier powder.  if you were looking for eye makeup suggestions the anastasia modern renaissance palette is my favorite its sooo soo good and the better than sex mascara is great but has a lot of smudging problems so i would go for the roller lash which is amazing!

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