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Hi, I've been having a real hard time with the bags under my eyes. I work late into the night, 'till about 3 a.m., and when I wake up, my eyes look extremely tired. As of right now, I have the Origins mushroom role on, and the Origins caffeine cream. They seem to work okay, but my baggy eyes are still noticable. I'm also using the Ole Henriksen Vitamin C collegen booster, and it works pretty good, but I need something that will tighten the bags under my eyes. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks in advance!!

Re: Help!!

Try putting cold spoons on your eyes in the morning! I tried it this morning and it helped wake me up and helped to make my eyes feel less puffy and irritated. You can also try using used green tea bags Smiley Happy

Re: Help!!

You can try a de-puffing cream, like Ole Henriksen's PM eye gel.  However, all the eye creams in the world won't "fix" the cause of the puffy eyes- unfortunately, it sounds like yours are probably caused by not getting enough sleep.  So, the creams and gels will help reduce the appearance of the symptoms, but the puffiness probably won't go away until you are able to catch up on sleep/stick to a regular sleep schedule.  Make sure you drink lots of water and are eating well so that your body isn't retaining water and making your eyes more puffy!!


Re: Help!!

I agree with Urbie! Ole Henriksen's PM Eye Gel is what I use but I know for a fact that my dark circles and bags are hereditary.  Drinking water cures almost anything and at least 7 hours of sleep on a regular basis should show some sign of improvement.  If you can fit in 20 minutes of exercise an hour before bed that will help you get more sound sleep when you do sleep.  Hope this helps you.

Re: Help!!

Thanks. I've got some things to work with, now, so thanks again for getting me there!

Re: Help!!

Hi 8TeenQueen,

I recommend the Clarisonic Opal® Sonic Skin Infusion System. This is the only thing I've found to completely eliminate my under eye puffiness. The soft applicator tip gently micro-massages the eye area 

The Anti-Aging Sea Serum that comes with it also provides amazing hydration, firming, smoothing, tightening, and antioxidant protection.

Smiley Happy -Laura


Re: Help!!

Thank you so much. I'm going to the Sephora store on Friday, the 11th, so I'll keep my eyes open for Clarisonic. Thanks again!!

Re: Help!!

Sleep in... or take naps..


Trolling aside, stick some once used tea bags in the fridge or freezer and plop them on your eyes when you wake up and feel puffy, and baggy. Cold cucumbers work too. Or roll ice cubes gently on your bags.

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