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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Sunday Riley Good Genes purge


So Iโ€™ve been using SRGG for a little over a week every night pm. I have dry/combo skin that tends to be acne prone only in hormonal areas like chin and upper lip and I typically have tough skin and have been using acids for years.
I got this product to help maintain clear skin, have even texture, and brighten but since using it itโ€™s caused light texture on my forehead, jaw, chin, and neck and has even caused a couple of break outs on my chin as well. I feel like maybe using every night is whatโ€™s causing this? Should I step down to a couple nights a week instead or just let my skin endure the purge? #sundayrileygoodgenes #acneproneskin

Re: Sunday Riley Good Genes purge

@kayfletch There are a lot of thoughts about whether or not โ€œpurgesโ€ are legitimate. Some believe itโ€™s natural and expected because youโ€™re pulling your โ€œproblemโ€ skin to the surface faster, other say itโ€™s not normal and itโ€™s a sign your skin is reacting poorly to the change in product. Personally, Iโ€™ve never experienced a โ€œpurge,โ€ or had overly reactive skin to a change so I canโ€™t really give much of an opinion either way based on that.

With that said - I DO believe you need to take a walk before you can run approach with strong skincare ingredients (and that could be why I havenโ€™t had skin reactions). Good Genes is a fantastic product, but it can be a little strong. Is this the first skincare product youโ€™ve used with stronger actives in it? If so, your skin will need a bit of time to adjust (just like everything in life - donโ€™t start with a marathon if youโ€™re brand new to running). As per the Good Gene instructions, it is suggested you use it as a treatment 3 minute mask if you have sensitive skin. Alternatively, decease your usage from nightly to every other night or twice a week. On the nights you arenโ€™t using it, choose a hydrating serum to introduce additional moisture - cell turnover can dry out skin. 

Re: Sunday Riley Good Genes purge

Thank you for the quick response! 
i typically donโ€™t have sensitive skin and Iโ€™ve used acid cleansers, serums, and moisturizers in the past. Although, I donโ€™t use lactic acid often.

I do feel like sense this is a newer product and that I donโ€™t use lactic acid like Iโ€™ve used other acids. Iโ€™m sure my skin reacted by over usage. I will take your advice and just use it a couple times a week and if I still react the same, I guess it unfortunately not for me!

Sunday Riley Good Genes All-In-One AHA Lactic Acid Treatment 

Re: Sunday Riley Good Genes purge

@kayfletch Of course, happy to help out a bit. Certain acids can definitely impact the skin differently, for example mine doesn't really like salicylic acid very much! I hope you can find a way to fit Good Genes in to your routine, the results are fantastic when it works for you! 

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