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Clear Skin me please!!!

I have been dealing with acne since I was about 12 years old. I've spent 1000's and 1000's in products over the years,  but nothing seems to work. Just 9 months ago, I decided to really get serious about my skin and I started a regimen. My skin looks better than it did months ago but I'm still having some issues. I have A LOT of discoloration and scarring. plus my pores are huge. I haven't had a pimple in a while but no matter how much I exfoliate, cleanse mask or serum... I have these tiny little bumps everywhere and it gives my skin a crazy texture... I've googled and youtubed some things and learned that its possible I have fungal acne. I've tried the dandruff shampoo and The Ordinary works pretty decent but I want to try something else. I would love to try Drunk Elephant but it's a little pricey...can someone help me achieve smooth, glowing skin?!?!

RE: Clear Skin me please!!!

If you can afford it Silverskin acne kit will clear you right up. I know the scientist behind it. Silver is antibacterial + so much more. Itโ€™s the only thing that works for me. Good luck. P.s if you try it wait 10 days to judge because it will get really bad before it gets good. Might experience extremely dry skin for a few days but once it gets the job done everything will come together beautifully. Only use mask once a week. Donโ€™t go over board with toner and moisturizer. Silverskinproducts website has all the information. Check it out. Youโ€™re welcome lolll

RE: Clear Skin me please!!!

Sulfur spot treatments work great for fungal acne such as the, Kate Somerville eradikate spot treatment which is sulfur & salicylic acid based. It has helped clear both my inflamed nodules & clogged comedones! I hope this helps :))

Re: RE: Clear Skin me please!!!

Thank you sooo much Ashley! I'm DEFINITELY going to do s

@AshleyVictoriaS wrote:
Sulfur spot treatments work great for fungal acne such as the, Kate Somerville eradikate spot treatment which is sulfur & salicylic acid based. It has helped clear both my inflamed nodules & clogged comedones! I hope this helps :))

ome research on this!!!

Re: Clear Skin me please!!!

It sounds like you may need to consult a professional - I've struggled with acne since I was a teenager. I went on Accutane and it was the best decision I could have made to prevent horrific, permanent scarring. Now that I've been off of that for several years, my acne started to come back in a slightly different way. I'm actually able to manage it really well now without Accutane (not the right choice for me these days, though I absolutely don't regret doing it when I really needed it!), but it took a combination of trial and error with prescription topicals and oral medication through the help of a derm, as well as cosmetic at-home management. I found that once I optimized the medication, it was a lot easier for me to dial in on what other skincare products worked best. I spent some time focusing on building my skin barrier back up, and I discovered my skin loves lactic acid (no scientific evidence to back this up right now, but I suspect it could have something to do with managing my skin's microbiome, which recent studies have shown may be how Accutane works). I get regular professional lactic acid peels which work wonders, and maintain weekly with DE Sukari Baby Facial. The rest is just supportive skincare with gentle cleansing and plenty of hydration. 


All this to say - everyone's needs are different, but you may not be able to 100% solve this one through beautiful skincare products alone. I tend to think you need one or two powerful acne "treatment" steps (which could be prescription medication) and the rest you simplify as much as you can - gentle formulas with lots of hydration. If you build that skin barrier back up (ceramides are great for this!), you'd be surprised how much more resilient and manageable your skin will be. And always SPF to prevent further damage ๐Ÿ™‚

Re: Clear Skin me please!!!

I took Accutane as a teen and my mom and myself were a bit concerned with some of the side effects. It did however clear my skin but I ultimately decided to stop taking it due to health scares. I'm really not financially available to go to a dermatologist right now, so I was looking for an alternative. Something not cheap but not trying to break the bank as well!  Thank you so much for your response!

Re: Clear Skin me please!!!

@ChrissyPooh90  It sounds like you've done a lot of work on the products side, but you might want to consider making lifestyle changes as well. Maybe you can see if there are certain foods that are aggravating you, increase exercise for improved circulation, maybe your environment is dehydrating, that sort of thing. The best changes I did for my skin were to exercise more and improve my diet. Facial massage can also improve congested skin. Good luck! โค๏ธ

Re: Clear Skin me please!!!

I drink a gallon of cucumber and lemon water almost every day. I've seen small improvements but my discoloration and hyperpigmentation is a trigger for me :(. I have been working on clearing my skin and trying new products for years but not until back in November is when I really built a regimen and started getting serious about my skin. Thank you so much for your response! I'll definitely look into a bit more exercise! I sit on a computer all day (just as I am right now) so I don't get much exercise! 

Re: Clear Skin me please!!!

What's your current routine/what products are you using currently, @ChrissyPooh90? Also, what's your skin type?


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