Which flat iron/straightener is best?

Hey ladies,


I'm looking to buy a new flat iron/straightener. My hair is thick, wavy, and frizzy. I straighten my hair every day (I use a heat protector, no worries!) and I've previously only used a Chi, but all the ones I've had have broken or don't help me get the silky straightness I get when I go to the salon. Suggestions?



Re: Which flat iron/straightener is best?

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I love my Croc. My hair is thick and wavy, plus it's down to my hips. The Croc heats up evenly, never tugs at my hair, and allows for adjustable temperature control.


I know the site Folica has a bunch of indepth reviews on plenty of hair tool brands just like how Sephora offers so many on beauty products!



Re: Which flat iron/straightener is best?

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I also have thick, wavy, and very frizzy hair and the Sultra flat iron has done miracles! You can find it below.


It's a bit  pricy, but it's worth every penny!



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