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I love having long hair, but I hate how it weighs me down and just looks flat. I have fine fair but lots of it! What should I do?

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Well it sounds like you don't like your hair, so maybe you should try getting it cut. Just a suggestion. But I would try putting it braids, or ponytails or some sort of up-do. 


I have really heavy, thick hair so my hairdresser suggested that I cut some long layers into it, which helped a lot.  Also, my stylist texturizes my hair (thins it with a special set of thinning shears) at least every other time I go in for a cut, if not every time.  This, too, helps to take some of the heaviness and limpness out of my hair so that I can get some natural fluff and bounce without having to overload on styling products.

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I have the same type of hair.  I wear mine curly which makes it look like it is fuller.  I also use a root lifter to help lift it and take weight off of it.  Thin, fine hair can also become frizzy, so I like to use No Frizz Conditioning Spray.  Use fewer hair products on this type of hair because thin and fine hair gets weighed down easily. I will sometimes use a small amount of gel ,but typically that is it.

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