Dry, Damaged, Frizzy hair....HELP
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I have REAL thick, medium long hair. I dye it and straighten it A LOT. Lately, I've been dying it less and straightening my hair every other week. I have naturally wavy hair too. Lately, I've been avoiding the heat and going natural. After washing my hair, I towel dry it for like 15 minutes or less, then I brush through it, put some Moroccan Oil in it, and leave it as is. My problem is that even after using the serum, my hair STILL gets frizzy and poofy. I recently got it cut so my ends are nice and healthy right now but it still frizzed up pretty bad after washing it. What are some products by Sephora or from elsewhere that I can put in my hair while its wet and have it naturally dry without heat, frizz, and damage? HELPPPPP please!

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Hey there! You sound like me a couple of years back! My hair was terrible! I would straighten it all the time and what not, till I decided to go natural. I decided to accept my curly hair but before I did it, I had to restore it. What worked for me was IDEN Bee Propolis Intensive Treatment  I'm not kidding you, after I used it, I noticed the difference. You will feel it after the first time plus after i would use my morrocan oil (:

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