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Bumble and Bumble with brazilian blowout?

Hi, i have an hair with brazilian blowout  but i don't like the straight hair anymore. I'm looking for a hair with texture, beachy hair, not so straight anymore. Straight with texture. Which would be better: Surf Hair Bumble and Bumble or BB Texture Bumble and Bumble? Does this really work, even with a brazilian blowout hair?


* sorry for the english mistakes, i'm still studying english.

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I have a straightening product in my hair,too. I use both these products(on different days) to get beachy hair. To use Bb Texture you hair has to be totally wet and you have to get it into your hair and then leave it alone for a few minutes before you start touching it . I usually towel dry my hair after the shower and spray Prep into it and the work the Texture through and leave it be while I apply my makeup,etc. Then after it dries a bit I can twirl it and scrunch it or do whatever to make it look beachy.  Surf Spray I can use on dry hair (or wet) but it is great to use on next day hair and you can just spray in into your hair and it gives it body and makes it look seriously like you have been at the beach. I spray a bunch in and then twirl it into some clips for approx. 10 minutes and when I take it down I have beachy sexy waves. I love both products! They are both great for when it is too hot to blow dry your hair or if you just want to spend a few minutes on your hair and go. I would not use them together or your hair would get sticky.

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