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I always accidentally come across it, never intentionally! I would also love to also know if Sephora takes those suggestions seriously because I have seen alot of good ideas on that page and nothing has changed. Well not recently
I recently ordered from Sephora, got a confirmation email, waited to receive the email with the shipping info, HOWEVER, received no such email. Checked on my account on Sephora's website and found out that my order status was "pending" but then the details show "Unsuccessful authorization"! If I hadn't checked there, I would've just waited forever for my shipping info email. I then checked my bank account amd saw that Sephora has charged my card and money was taken out from my account. I always check my address, name, shipping and payment info carefully when purchasing online and I have never got any problems until I ordered from Sephora online. Can someone help me please. Some of the items I ordered were things I've waited for MONTHS and my money is also GONE. Help! If my order can't be process for some reason, I need someone to DROP the claim on the money from my account so that the money gets put back into my account!
If the item I want is not avaliable in store, can I buy the item online through the sephora store at the register? Or do I just have to order it myself?
Hi!   I have two Sephora gift cards saved from my birthday to use during the VIB ROUGE sale in November and I was just wondering if it was possible to use both gift cards on one online order? And if not, is there a way to combine the balances of both gift cards onto one card?   Thanks!
I recently received my online order and it's super disappointing to see that one of the items I ordered is missing. I'm missing the Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer potion. The product is listed on my receipt but I never received it. I'm not sure what the procedure is when it comes down to a missing item. Please help!
My birthday is November 14, but my account says January 10. Can anyone help me change that?
I've have a beauty insider account for a while and I just wanted to find out how to link it to my online account. 
I accidentally have 2 accounts. I have one from when I was purchasing online, and then I made another one in-store. Is there any way I could have help merging the two accounts together?
I am missing a few items from my order that came in the mail today. I am not sure if the rest will be arriving in another box. How do I find out?
Hello,    I was wondering when the codes for the friends and family sale are being sent out. I was expecting to receive one this year but i have not yet. Can you please insight to when they are being sent out ! my cart is waiting haha
Hi, I need assistance w/adding my points and to my spending total. I recently made 2 separate purchased recently from my local Sephora (store 0870 JCP HTH) and the 1st of the 2 didn't show my BI number at the top of the receipt, while the second one did, but still didn't add to my spending amount & points. One amount was for $42 pre-tax and the other for $39 pre-tax. I called customer service w/the first purchase and was told to email pictures of my receipt for my points (she credited me 25 courtesy points "for my time") she wouldn't add my purchase points and I know CS can't fix the spending total easily. If someone could help I'd appreciate it, I did take several pictures of both. Thanks in advance! <3
My points, purchases, and VIB status will not update. How can I fix this?
i have had my beauty insider card for years and just finally got to makeing an account online. can i get help linking the two? 
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Hello!   Does anyone know the dates of the VIB Rouge Sale for 2016?    Thank you, Eliza
I just signed up for a sephora account online and it gave me a new beauty insider but I already have a VIB rouge.  How can I connect my VIB rouge card to my account?
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I've had stuff stashed in my cart for awhile and I am patiently waiting ob the sale info. Has anyone heard anything?
 I was so excited to finally reach rouge status, but unfortunately my account is not reflecting it. A few purchases over the last few months have not appeared on my account, so customer service has had to add them manually. I think that's why it is not including those in my total spent. Could someone please assist me in updating my account to reflect  my new status? The same had to be done when I reached VIB status.  Thank you! 
My one account is a bit old and a current one that I am using has the most points. My old one has points and I would really like for that to be linked to my current account. Can anyone help me do that? Thank you.
Good afternoon. I made three purchases and on the three  figure STATUS: Unsuccessful Authorization. On Two of them received an email informing me that the purchase was canceled, but  The money has already been charged on my card, I need someone to answer me urgently.
I placed two orders online yesterday and I forgot to add samples to both of them... Is there a way I can go back and add the samples?
I placed an order on the 23rd and paid for 1day flash shipping. I got a shipping confirmation the same day, but it's taking just as long as normal shipping and not being delivered until tomorrow the 26th. Do we get shipping charge refunds for this? I'm so confused as to why flash shipping continues to be an issue only for Sephora. EVERY other company that I pay overnight shipping gets to me on time, so it's not a UPS issue. 
Hi, I just received my order but I am missing my 3 samples.  Thank you.
Today I went into Sephora and spent the amount of money required to go over the threshold to become a VIB, but I was not given a new card or anything? The lady at the counter didn't even acknowledge it so I thought I had maybe not spent enough, but I went home and checked my profile and it says VIB on it, so I was wondering why I wasn't given any card? Is there a way for me to get one? 
How can i link my vib rouge card to my online account?
Since Sephora sends out 2 versions of the PLAY! box, it would be nice if there were two versions of the unboxing video.  I've gotten the alternative box twice in a row, so half of my products were different.  It would be nice to get a video on how to use those products.  
I called into customer to add points to my card which weren't added when I made a purchase in store.  I've been told to write a message here and you can help me.  He also asked me if I wanted to take a customer service satisfaction survey and then hung up on me.  Thanks Jennifer  
Hello! I'm going to order something online with a US address because I'm soon visiting some family members there. In case I'm not there when the order arrives, should I put the name of the person that will receive the package at checkout? does the delivery need any signature or can I just order with my name? Please answer, I need this product ASAP
placed an order on Oct 19, havent received any updates on my order so i login online to to check on it. turns out my order status says "Unsuccessful Authorization" what does it mean?   ps i hope you guys had notified me thru email so i could place a new order sooner to get my stuff in time for my frd's bday...