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s there a way to merge BI accounts? I found 2 cards in my old wallet that don't match my acct number online and am curious if there are points and if I can combine. Thanks!
Hello,   I have a question. Lets say i have 100 points and then i redeem them but then i find myself not loving my product, without using it, when i return it i will be negative points because i redeemed them correct? Example: my product was $39, I will become -39 correct?
So I ordered the Bumble and Bumble 500 point perk, and instead got a Clinique point perk. Not even close, Sephora. However, it's labeled on the order form as Bumble and Bumble, so I don't think a store will accept it as a return, but I don't want to be out 500 points.
Hello! I made a purchase today. The Sephora assistant at the registrar forgot to add the points to my VIB rouge insider card. Please let me know how to add those points to my account. I still have the receipt with me.
I had returned an online sale before and was given a gift card. This time she told me I could only get store credit- I said "sure" because I thought it would be useable online. I would not have said yes, because I live 90 miles from the nearest Sephora.  I am so so so IRRITATED. I cannot make it down there soon and need to get my makeup items ASAP.
I can't figure out how to link my beauty insider account with my online account.
I was given a beauty insider card with my last purchase at sephora in the store, she took my name and birthday but did not take an email. I need to link my card to my account please!
I made a purchase this past weekend and just looked at my account and the points and purchase were not added despite stating on the receipt it was a beauty insider sale, how do I get these points?
Hello, I recently placed two orders and got the packages today. However, I am missing three samples that I requested along with the order, but there were on the invoice. Would I still be able to get them?
I have had a beauty insider card for over two years now and just decided to make an online account. However I didn't realize that now my online account isn't synced up with my physical beauty insider card. How can I combine them? Without calling customer service please.
I just got my package today but none of the samples were with it
 I signed up for an account online a few months ago, and made my first Sephora purchase over the weekend. The cashier helped me sign up for it, but when I check my online account it says I have 0 points? I may just be missing something, because this is new to me, but I just thought I'd ask! Is there a way to link my card to my online account?
Hello, I have a question. Last Friday, I ordered an item in the morning and another one a couple of hours later. It's been 4 days, but they haven't been shipped yet. I checked my account and found "Status" for both orders say "Unsuccessful Authorization." What does it mean? Thank you.
Hi,   I purchased a Living Proof set around the Christmas season last year and never got around to using the Instant Texture Mist until now (sooo many hair products to try out first!).   The "mist" basically comes out as a stream. I have tried running the nozzle under hot water to see if that might work but it did not. I actually really like the product (still workable if I try distributing it evenly with my fingers), but I think I would enjoy it much more if it the product was working as intended.   I was curious if there were any options for me? Thanks!
I bought the BITE Beauty Watercolor Lip Gloss Library but the points were not added to my account. Can anyone help with this? Thanks in advance!!!  
I made a purchase in a Sephora inside JCPenney around 2 weeks ago; however, it shows online that I still have 0 points. Is there a way to link the card to the online account? Thanks
I used a gift card on a recent order and had a balance remaining on it. Unfortunately my gift was thrown out accidentally, is there any way the card info could be retrieved using my order info? Thanks!
So I've been having trouble with my skin and there's an SA at one of the Sephora's near by that always uses good products whenever it's skincare prep for a makeover or product recommendations. Is there anyway I can call and ask if she's there that day so I can get her help with a new skincare routine. I know you can book makeovers with favourite SA's but she's skincare so I don't think I could book one with her. Sorry if the subject is awkwardly worded, the character limit messes it up a bit.
I receive the 10% off VIB coupon on April 25.  I ordered something online today on May 25 and I cannot use the coupon.  Am I too late for using the coupon?  Can someone help please?
I bought my Algenist Retinol Firming and Lifting Serum (30ml) on Apr 15 and didn't start using it until May 1 (since I still have the trial size samples left).  At first, the pump doesn't work very well and I brought it back to the store and Sephora's staff suggest to shake it very well before I use.  Everyday was a hassle to try get it pumping out.  I only use it once a day at night, and the sample (5ml) will last for at least 10 days.Therefore I expect the 30ml will last for 60 days.  But now on May 25, after using it for 25 days, I cannot pump it out at all even trying to shake it really hard. What can I do?  It is an expensive serum and I cannot open the bottle and get the serum out.  Can Sephora do anything about it? Hopefully, I can get some help.  Thanks.
I'm devastated! I was looking forward to receiving my  Sephora Favorites Bronze Bares All, but instead, I received someone else's order. I can't place another order for my stuff as it is now out of stock. Is there a chance someone could find one for me, please? I really wanted it and I'm really frustrated to have to handle this mix up.   Thanks.
I just got my VIB card today, but will my points show up on my next purchase when i use my new VIB card? 
Hi!  I bought something today in-store and totally forgot to scan my card! is there a way for me to get the points still?  Thanks! 
I got an email on April 25th with an Exclusive VIB Rouge 10% off Coupon and this is my first time using it online and when I put the coupon code in it doesn't work and i'm not sure why.
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I recently purchased some products from Sephora without using a card. Is there a way to redeem the points from the receipt?
Urban Decay Vault was packaged horribly during shipping and the six palettes were not in their spots.  I pushed the lid up, which was now an arcing lid instead of a flat lid, and was a hot mess of powder.  The box it was shipped in did not even fit the UD Vault, since Sephora placed the UD Vault in the box on a diagonal angle.  The top and the bottom of the UD Vault were touching the sides of the box.  The box itself was torn open during shipping to the point that UPS even had to tape the one side since it had a huge rip in it.  I thought Sephoras return policy was good until I received my Urban Decay Vault, which I paid out of pocket and was not a reward I won.  The items arrived in a box of powder everywhere.  I immediately called Sephora and the lady told me to ship it back and I'll get a replacement.  I told her how it was sold out and the reviews showed that it had not been in the Sephora online for about 6 mths.  I don't want to ship it back, because the  CS lady stated that I would have to repurchase all the items individually, which would cost over $100 more than a vault.  Why would I want to return an item when you get a huge discount for the UD Vault over each item purchased individually.     CS told me to hold onto it then for 6 mths till Sephora might get it back in.  I don't have one item from Urban Decay and the Extraordinary Rewards got me into palettes, so I wanted the UD Vault, which contained all 3 palettes plus 3 that appeared to work well.  So now I have a box of powder which cost me $280 and I can just try out bits and pieces of each palette that wasn't destroyed in the delivery.  Then when they get it back in, then I can just replace it to save the $100.  The palettes which were damaged due to poor packaging and shipping were the Naked 2 and 3 Palettes along with the Flushed Naked and Streak.  I know, I'm being stubborn by wanting to have a cute box and display.   The lid of the box is arcing, yet lays flat when an item is placed on top of it and is not noticeable when I have the lid opened the full way.     Anyone else come by this type of experience?  What should I do in this situation?  The CS lady was NOT HELPFUL AT ALL!!!  I am saving money here buying the vault over the individual items and the lady just wants to give me my money back when I ship it in.  I spent over $6,000 last year and for them to not just ship out and replace the broken items to me is beyond me!!  CS stated that they can only replace the item that I purchased, yet I purchased something that instantly became sold out and Sephora hasn't had it in for over 6 mths.. What do I do?!  Why can't Sephora just send me the items that were broken(Naked 2&3, Flushed Naked and Streak)?!   Help,    Fern   Update : Sephora doesn't care to help other then want me return the bundle to spend $100+ more through them to get the individual items.  Sephora has nothing to lose and I am getting the run around to help their Distribution Center.. likely story to ignore customers huh?!  I thought the customer was always right?!  I have been nothing but nice, kind, and understanding of this whole thing till now!  Take ******* responsibility!  Your Distribution Center ****** up, so help the customer that they messed up for!  I bought a money saving bundle and they're ******* me over when they shipped it poorly and I'm the one that is getting the brunt of their mistake.  I'm brand new to the world of cosmetics and I will be taking my business elsewhere.  Spent $6k last year with just facial care/clarisonic/face masks and a starter brush set/beauty blender/starter set of make-up.  This was the first ******* item that was damaged and I'm asking you to take responsibility for your **** up and you won't... so I will be going to other companies to test/experiment/and enjoy make-up.  This has been so friggin frustrating and been given nothing but the run-around..    Thanks for ****** CS from every angle (CS phone line, Rouge phone line, and through BT Mods)!
Hi, it seems like there is an error with this listing. It won't ship to canada, even though it's on the canadian website. Can you help? Thanks! ce-introductory-collection-P396801?skuId=1688159&c ...