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When I signed up, I must have accidentally said my birthday was october 29 instead of july 19 (my real birthday). I can't change this on the website. Is there any way to fix it? Thanks! (:
I made a purchase on Apr 23, 2015 online, and I would like to return one of my product. But I don't have the original package, and I delete my confirmation email, can I still return it? Also, is it too late to return it back?
I know that I qualify for the birthday present from sephora but this year I was never emailed the code or whatever you need to get the present. I know that online you have to purchase something else and add it on to your basket before you checkout but i don't know how and I wasn't emailed a code or anything this year. How do I get my birthday present. Btw my bday is tomorrow (July 8th). Thanks
Hi to the team, I wanted to buy *Juliette has a gun - not a perfume* with sephora sirens charm - first it matched, than it was not available for Germany. Can you please tell me when it will be in stock again?   kind regards, best from Hamburg, Anabel  
Hi, so I've been a Beauty Insider for years now, and only recently made an online account, and the online account gave a whole new Beauty Insider card number. How can I link my existing VIB Rouge card to this online account and combine the points from this new online card? Thank you!
I have been a beauty insider member for a while, but I always went to Sephora and purchased what I needed only in store. I finally purchased something online and I don't know how to add on my card code to my account, it just made me me a new beauty inside member. How do I fix that?
Hi   I recently became Sephora VIB member. I am trying to link my VIB card to this online account. Can somebody help me do that?   Many thanks...  
Hi there , I was at one of your locations today and purchased some items and even thou I did give my vin card she did not scan it in as none of my purchases are on my account . How do I go about having them added
Hi I used my tdvisa credit card to make purchase, but it said that it is unable to authorize my card. So i tried four times ( same purchasing) and they all failed. However, I called my bank and it said there was nothing wrong with my card and the money was already taken. Now I would like to cancel these orders and I was wondering  what's wrong with the system? Will I get my money back? How can I make a purchase again?  Thank you.
Please help me with a color match for Bare Minerals Matte face powder for Color IQ 1Y05, thanks
I went into a Sephora store in Ottawa today and I was told that I was not able to exchange an unopened, unused gift that I was given for graduation (Fat Girl Scrub, which has irritated my skin in the past). I was told that I needed the original receipt to exchange the product but this was never the case in the past. I've always applauded Sephora for their fantastic return policy and customer service in the past, but it looks as though that aspect of the company has gone awry just like the Rouge status (which is a whole other conversation). The sales associate informed me that this came into effect on July 1st (yesterday, when all stores in Canada are closed for Canada Day). Can someone please shed some light on this? I was never informed of this change in policy - nor do I think it's fair.
why was the thread regarding the points deleted ?? That seems very sketchy.
Seeing as how we weren't notified of all the things that were blocked from shipping here it would be nice to have a formal notice of the upcoming change to the return policy. When does it officially take effect? Is it really just 30 days with receipt? Can there be some formal confirmation of this before it takes effect please?      
I am now banned from making returns from Sephora for an entire year without ever receiving a warning. I am wondering if this has happened to anyone on here?   Today I went into Sephora to return 2 items. One was defective and the other was used once. I've never had issues with returns at Sephora before, and assumed they could look up my orders in the system. I get to the cashier and assume she can look my orders up - she tries for like 5 minutes and can't. Ok, I bring the ID out. But... I GET DENIED???!?! I speak to another SA and she tells me you're supposed to get 3 warnings before you get denied and the only people who ever get denied are people who return things every week. The last return without receipt I made was 3-4 months ago. She then tries to look up my items, and low and behold, she finds one of them (the defective item). She also admits that it's possible my BI card was never swiped etc. for the other item.    At this point I'm embarrassed, fuming, and confused. First of all, had the first SA done her due diligence, she would have found one of them items - what if the return had gone through? Second, I've never received a warning. I downloaded my return history from the third-party provider and saw that all of my transactions (8 in the past 3 years) have been approved without warning, except the one last night. Third, I divided my total returns by the time span, and it averages out to $150-$200 a year. To a normal person, this might be a lot. To someone who spends $1000-$1500 a year, this isn't much... especially when Sephora only keeps track of your purchases in the system for a few months. Why does it matter if I bought a product last August and am returning it now if I've only used it once? I can see this being an issue if I've used up the entire thing, but it was more forgetting I had a 3.4 oz perfume in my borderline insane collection and then realizing I didn't like it. And now, the worst part is I am banned from making returns w/o receipts for an entire year - WTF? The SAs tonight proved that they could be borderline incompetent (e.g. one unable to find my item, another finding it within seconds) and I don't trust that all my purchases will be error free.    Has anyone else experienced this??? Wth is going on and why didn't I receive any warnings? Did Sephora do something funky with the return policy without telling us? Should I forgo the inconvenience and just start shopping at other retailers? AGHHHHHHH  
I recently purchased some products from Sephora without using a card. Is there a way to redeem the points from the receipt?
I just got an online account and dont have my VIB card attached to the account and can't figure out where to add it. I've been a VIB member for years. Can someone help? thanks
 I signed up for an account online a few months ago, and made my first Sephora purchase over the weekend. The cashier helped me sign up for it, but when I check my online account it says I have 0 points? I may just be missing something, because this is new to me, but I just thought I'd ask! Is there a way to link my card to my online account?
When will this be available to Canadians???? -edition-tattoo-liner-P398516?skuId=1710946
So this is the first issue I've ever had with online purchasing. Recently sephora opened a new warehouse in is the first online order for me I'll be receiving from here. I stalked the website all day on Thursday (fiasco) for the new becca release of champagne pop. I was able to finally purchase and complete my order around 4:30est. Normally I would receive an email right away but there was about an hour delay receiving my order confirmation...which doesn't bother me. My concern now is I still have yet to receive an email saying my order has been received or processed. The order status is sitting in "sent to warehouse". Which again,... ok I'm sure all warehouses are rammed with all the champagne pop orders... Also, my credit card only shows a pending charge when usually it is automatically right away....I'm worried my order is on the verge of being cancelled? I'll be so angry. Considering all the trouble I went through with the miscommunication for canadians to purchase this le in the first place. I'm really unhappy with Sephora in general lately. It's not a smooth of experience as it used to be. Anyone else that hasn't received a order has been processed email yet? So much for the 'faster" shipping to go along with the new warehouse.
Products that I love and continue to purchase have now moved on to the not available in Canada list, including my LM tinted moisturizer, Powder Foundation and my Murad skin Care line.. Will the availability in Canadian stores be changing, or is it just a shipping issue?
Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 12.03.42 PM.png
Hi guys,       I'm guessing someone did some work on the .ca site last night.   A bunch of my items on my loves list that were previously able to purchase, are now showing do not ship to Canada.   Could you please advise if this is going to be corrected before the next Bite LLLR goes on sale on Wednesday?  This is one of the items showing will not ship to Canada.  Thanks.
Is there anyway I can transfer points? My boyfriend went to sephora today, bought everything on my wishlist but didn't want to use my account to get the points because he didn't want me to see the purchases on my account. The lady at the store said that the points he got on the beauty insider card he got could be transferred to my account but when I called to do it the guy from customer service said it wasn't possible to transfer points /: I could've sworn I've heard of people doing it. Can you do that?
I dont remember the email i used to sign up for my Beauty Insider account. Is there a way to find out?
I have a card that I got in store (with quite a few points), but it's not linked to my online account/email..
Today I qualified for VIB, in store. I went online and tried signing in with the email address that I had used each time in person for my previous beauty insider purchases, but my account isn't showing any of the points I have accrued.  How can I link my account here with my VIB details? Thank you so much!!
Hi, I recently bought quite a few products while visiting New York but was only signed up to the Beauty Insider program on my most recent purchase. Is there any way I can add the points of the things I bought over the past week? I have retained all my receipts. Thanks.
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