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I am now banned from making returns from Sephora for an entire year without ever receiving a warning. I am wondering if this has happened to anyone on here?   Today I went into Sephora to return 2 items. One was defective and the other was used once. I've never had issues with returns at Sephora before, and assumed they could look up my orders in the system. I get to the cashier and assume she can look my orders up - she tries for like 5 minutes and can't. Ok, I bring the ID out. But... I GET DENIED???!?! I speak to another SA and she tells me you're supposed to get 3 warnings before you get denied and the only people who ever get denied are people who return things every week. The last return without receipt I made was 3-4 months ago. She then tries to look up my items, and low and behold, she finds one of them (the defective item). She also admits that it's possible my BI card was never swiped etc. for the other item.    At this point I'm embarrassed, fuming, and confused. First of all, had the first SA done her due diligence, she would have found one of them items - what if the return had gone through? Second, I've never received a warning. I downloaded my return history from the third-party provider and saw that all of my transactions (8 in the past 3 years) have been approved without warning, except the one last night. Third, I divided my total returns by the time span, and it averages out to $150-$200 a year. To a normal person, this might be a lot. To someone who spends $1000-$1500 a year, this isn't much... especially when Sephora only keeps track of your purchases in the system for a few months. Why does it matter if I bought a product last August and am returning it now if I've only used it once? I can see this being an issue if I've used up the entire thing, but it was more forgetting I had a 3.4 oz perfume in my borderline insane collection and then realizing I didn't like it. And now, the worst part is I am banned from making returns w/o receipts for an entire year - WTF? The SAs tonight proved that they could be borderline incompetent (e.g. one unable to find my item, another finding it within seconds) and I don't trust that all my purchases will be error free.    Has anyone else experienced this??? Wth is going on and why didn't I receive any warnings? Did Sephora do something funky with the return policy without telling us? Should I forgo the inconvenience and just start shopping at other retailers? AGHHHHHHH  
Hi, I was hoping someone could help me answer a quick question.   For this current VIB sale, can you bring a friend to share your 15% off during the entire sale? For example, can I bring a friend to use my coupon tomorrow (Saturday)?   The coupon I got in the mail is kind of confusing and I am not sure if sharing with a friend was limited to one day (Thursday) for the VIBs.   Thanks!
Hi Customer service,   I had unpleasant experience in VIB rouge event last Sunday - the store your website located me for the event was closed, won't open until 12PM although the scheduled event was from 9 to 11AM. So, I sent an email to you via your website, and got a generic response, "we appreciate XXX and will contact you soon..."  Since then no news from you (5 working days passed), it is very disappointing. I decided not to use your store any more.    My question is where "deleting" account is located? I couldn't find it. I'd like to delete all infos about me from your website. I won't use your store any more and I don't want to leave my info there.    Please let me know.    
Hi, my order status says "STATUS: Unsuccessful Authorization", but I had an email confirming my order, what should I do now?
My account says I have 0 points; could I get help merging my account and my beauty insider card?
Hi, can someone help add on the points I am missing from the CAD to US conversion? Thank you! 
I'm trying to checkout online and pay my entire order with an egiftcard. I enter the card number and pin and hit apply and my order total goes to 0.00--no problems. But when I click Continue, it says I have to enter credit card info. I don't have a credit card and I don't want to borrow someone's card and pay them back if I already have a egiftcard that I could already use. Any help and advice would be really appreciated!  --Independent Make up Lover who Don't Need No Credit Card 
Hi, I've been a VIB member for a while now but I noticed my online account still hasn't been updated to VIB status. Can someone please help or explain how I go about doing this? Thank you.
I create beauty insider account online but it didnt show any of my in-store purchases. The cashier in store told me I have lots of points in this account but why i dont see any online
Not sure if I can do this, but is it possible for me to add an item to a previous order that hasn't been shipped yet to avoid additional shipping charges? Thanks!
Hi, I just registered for a beauty insider card online and realized that it never gave me an place to enter my information to get a card sent to me. I am wanting a card so that I will always have it with me. How do I get a beauty insider card?
Today, I speak to the customer service on facebook about a missing item in my recent order. The person said that I will get a gift card including the amount of the missing item. I feel very warm about this compensation. But then, I found that he said "Our records indicate you have a high rate of merchandise returns, missing or damaged items, and complaints for online purchase " and from now on, "Please note that we no longer will honor future purchases or returns online  " I feel very surprised, angry and totally cannot understand the way that Sephora drive its loyal customer away. As a VIBR customer, I spent more that $2000 each year, I returned some items, but not a lot, not every week. And each time I returned something, I bring the receipt with me. I contact the customer service on facebook about 4 times, the first time is about the items returned by mail. They processed about 3 months and I still get my refund. I called the customer service but it seems that they didn't understand what I am saying. So I turned to your page on facebook. The second time is about the missing item that I asked today. The other twice is also about return, but they told me it would need up to 8 weeks and ask me to wait, I understand so I didn't complain everything. My package lost about twice, so I called and you reship it to me, I feel very warm. I made some returns, but it's permitted according to your return policy and there is no limit on the return amount on your website. Also, at least I should get a warning if you think that I exceed the limit, right? I totally can't understand why now I can't shop online and return the items purchased online!!!!!!!
  Hi, I recently went into sephora to make a few purchases and i was told i have two beauty insider accounts. Can you help me merge them?
Hi!  Can you use the VIB Rouge promo code both online and in the store?    So, twice with same code?  I want to buy everything online, but need to buy foundation in the store so I can color match. I think I need a more matte foundation and that's hard to choose online.   Thanks for your help! Leslie
I just received my order today for The Stila smudge stick eye liner and I tried twisting it up but nothing is coming up I think I got a defective liner or is this all the product it comes with??? I literally just opened the Box and tried to see how much product it has and it will not come up. Stila is no longer sold in My Stores so what do I do??
Hi, I accidentally open a second beauty insider account a year ago(the first one was opened in store, and second one was opened online by myself and it is VIB right now), I was just wondering if I can transfer my old Beauty insider points and purchase history to my current VIB account? Thanks in advance
 I signed up for an account online a few months ago, and made my first Sephora purchase over the weekend. The cashier helped me sign up for it, but when I check my online account it says I have 0 points? I may just be missing something, because this is new to me, but I just thought I'd ask! Is there a way to link my card to my online account?
Hi, This was my first time ordering a product online, and I have been tracking my order.  I recently checked it and it said it had been delivered in but in the wrong city.  Will I be able to get it resent the products I paid for without getting charged again?   Please get back to me ASAP!
So I ordered enough products to use the bumble bumble code for the bag and two samples. In the picture it showed delux samples, but I recieved foils. I then saw that they out of stock listed it. So I'm assuming instead of whatever, they just gave me foils. Not excited about this. 
Received my love note coupon, but when I enter it at checkout it says I have to register. Not sure what I am missing. I have already signed in.   Thanks Strings
Hello, I received a VIB Card about a year ago now but it is not linked to my online account ? Is there anyway I can do this ? Thank you.
Hi, I placed an order with Sephora on 12/04/2015. The tracking information stated that the order would be delievered on 17/04/2015, therefore I didn't stay at home today to wait for the package. I just got home from work, and checked the status of my order, and it says the order was delivered today to an "A COLACK"- this is not how you spell my surname, and it is impossible for this package to have been accepted at my address as I was not even at home at 13:33! The signature in the tracking information is also not mine, therefore the package must have been delivered to the wrong address, as my neighbours do not have the parcel either. This is very distressing as it is an International order to the UK, and I paid almost £50 for tax and duties Can someone please advise on how I should go about resolving this? Thank you.
Hi, I have no idea what to do, I always shopped at sephora online and in stores with no problems but I ordered Armani louminous silk foundation in my last order placed on Sunday and I never recived it, instead of that I got Hermes perfume which I didn't ordered or payed for. Please help!!! 
I am a beauty insider but have not gotten an email for my 10% off code for the 17th - 20th and had a few things I need to buy help please
Hi,    I just placed an order online and need my points adjusted to reflect the amount spent in Canadian dollars.   Thank you!
Hi customer service,  I just received my package today to realize that one of the items is missing. Please message me back for my information. Thanks! 
I spent $242.25 after the 15% discount but only receiving $ 204 qualifying spend today. The same issue happened to my second order as well. Can you please adjust it?   Thank you.
Hey how do i link my beauty insider card to my online account?
I bought the Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Kit, a while back (like towards the end of last year) , and only used it once. I've been meaning to return it for a long time but never got around to it. Can I return this without a receipt? Do I need anything else with me to return the product?