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I wanted to exchange a brand new mere $14 item, which was bought in store. I did not have receipt but I know you can always check my purchase history via my Rouge card. But cashier was not able to find it and refused to treat me and ignored me, while I stand there, confused and puzzled. I said, I can exchange it. I have never exchange anything in my life without receipt....never ever...I have been treated well in drug stores, where I rarely spend any money.    Thats why I dislike this specific store but there is only one Sephora in our tiny little city.    p.s. I have only returned 5 products, (3 were brand new sealed) in over 2 years of buying over $2000 worth of items. So I am not a 'bad returner'   
on my account, I still can't see what I'm getting because it's not shipped yet. Why it is coming so late when everyone else got their box already?
Hi, I purchased $198 pre-tax in-store yesterday which meant I would finally get to VIB (woo hoo!), but this morning I noticed they weren't showing up online, like they normally do.  The sales assistant scanned my BI card but obviously something happened.  Through the Chat service I've had the points added, but the purchase dollars haven't appeared so my YTD spend is missing the $198.  How do I get it added on?  Thanks!
I would LOVE to see a spot added for notes. For example, let's say I heard that a certain lip product was especially good for layering under lipsticks, but it wasn't stated anywhere in the summary/how to use/etc. It'd be great to have a little spot where you could add your own note about that. Or if you had read about a certain product via a specific website and wanted to note where you had found the review...   Just a suggestion!
Fresh Soy Cleanser and Rose Mask, or Marc Jacobs Lipstick and Mascara?    A question you have to ask yourself once a year, forever. And once you've had both well.. you do it again.   However, as tedious as it is to keep the same gifts, it's not only inconvenient, sometimes its just plain lazy.    Now we all know many MANY cosmetic brands still unfortunately test on animals. Fresh being one of them, and although Marc Jacobs Beauty itself does not test on animals, it's partner (Marc Jacobs Fragrance and clothes) does. Which sucks for people who opt for cruelty-free products.    So Sephora, hear my plea, and update the birthday gift options. You have many MANY companies to choose from. Too Faced, Tarte, CoverFX, Bite, etc. Be part of the movement. 
I accidentallydeleted my beauty insider coupon any way i can get another one emailed? 
I ordered the Sephora Teint Infusion Ethereal Finish foundation and it came completely shattered, I don't dare touch anything in the package. I've included pictures, please help. I don't want a reshipment. 
I have written a couple of reviews after receiving my VIB status but when I go back to see them, I am not listed as a VIB. I see other users with either "Beauty Insider", "VIB", or "VIB Rouge" under their username, but mine is blank, even though I am a VIB.
The Pure Color Sculpting Matte lipstick. In the shade Shameless Violet ( Item 1731546)
Recently Ive bought a lot from you guys and things have been Perfect! but one of my orders just arrived with nothing but the samples? I'm so confused? I know that sounds bizarre and I really don't know what to do? Ive never had a problem before and my orders have always been packed perfectly. is there anything I can do? Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
I recently purchased a couple items from my local sephora store, but the points were not transferred onto my online account!! Is there any way for me to get my points onto my Beauty Insider Account?  Please help!!
Hello,   I ordered online from Sephora yesterday morning 9/21 using Flash 2-day shipping via OnTrac and was notified yesterday afternoon that my order had shipped. Apart from "DATA ENTRY" there is no other information given from OnTrac except the message, " Package yet to be tendered to OnTrac." What is happening with my package, as I do not think I will receive it by tomorrow (9/23) as Sephora states I shall. Thanks!
Hello! made a purchase today, received a message from my bank telling me that they charged me the 200$ from my order, but on the order status I see STATUS: Unsuccessful Authorization. What happened? I understand that my order is cancelled?
I stopped by Sephora two days ago, and I purchased some things along with the bonus 50 point card from my Play! box. There was a register hiccup, and it had to be restarted. Is there a way I can get my points added to my account if I have my receipt still?
My order says unsuccessful authorization, I would like to know why this happened? Please help!
Hello. OnTrac data claims that a package was delivered to my front porch and I never received it. I have a camera that records whatever happens there and the package was never left. This is the second delivery issue I've had with OnTrac (last time the guy threw the "Fragile" package into my bushes). I'm thinking this will be the last time I order from Sephora if they continue to use such a subpar delivery company.   Will a BT mod send me a PM for order info? I'm unsure what to do at this point except to maybe have my credit card reverse the charges. Thank you.
Hi! I recently became a VIB member but I do not have an online account. I want to place an order online with my VIB 10% off promo, but when I signed up online with an email there was no way to link the VIB card. As such, when I tried to place an order, the promo code was declined, saying I wasn't eligible. Could you help? Thanks!
Hi there. I signed up for beauty insider last week when I made my first in-store purchase and the cashier said the points from that purchase would be added to my account but they never showed up. I have my original receipt still, how can I add points from this purchase? Thanks
I was charged for an order i was attempting to make but the order hasn't gone through. it had said that one item was out of stock but it still charged my card
Is there a way to cancel an order? I just placed it within the last hour.
It has been a week since I lost my package. I made multiple complaint through email, but never got any response back. It is infuriating because it said that a rep will contact me back within 24 hours, but that is a lie. It has been a week now, still nothing. I made two purchased, one on Sep 8, 2016 and Sep 10, 2016, it was really concerning because I received the second purchased, but not the first one. At this point I just want my refund.
What is the meaning of  STATUS: Unsuccessful Authorization when the money has been deducted !
I accidentally posted a review to the wrong product. Can someone please delete it? I thought I was writing a review for the amazing Tarte BB Cream and instead was posting to the not-so-amazing (and eventually returned) Tarte concealer
I was charged for the items, but they are not in the package. I got the rest of the stuff I ordered but I did not receive my Urban decay setting spray and Laura mercier translucent powder. What can I do??? I just want my items...
Hello,   I am a Rouge member and I think I am qualified for Rouge Free Shipping Flash 2 day. Actually, when I am a VIB, I paid $10 for Flash Shipping ( 2 days). I just place order and realise it takes longer than usual. And, I also jus make an order second ago and there is not 2 days shipping option to choose or 2 days for USPS Priority. Only Rouge free 3 day shipping available. It means Sephora just change shipping method ? I went back to My account to see Rouge benefits and there is a 2 days shipping free and there is also a banner to enroll the 2 days shipping for $10.   I am curious is that Sephora changes their shipping options and there is no longer 2 days shipping ?If yes, then, I did enroll the 2 days shipping and I thought the membership should be valid within 12 months and I believe  am still fallen into active period. 
Hi! I purchased a roller ball of the Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black just over a month ago from my local Sephora. I have bought these in the past with no problem.   The first time I used it, the ball got stuck in the cap and I ended up pouring it half of it on myself. From then on I always checked to make sure it was there, but since then it has been giving me way more product than I want, or no product at all, causing me to vigorously roll it on my skin. Usually a roller ball lasts me four months, but this one I am completely out of already.   I know this isn't Sephora's fault, but I can't find anywhere to write to E&J. What should I do in this situation? I feel like my money did not stretch as far as I want or expected it to.
I recently purchased some products from Sephora without using a card. Is there a way to redeem the points from the receipt?
I've heard Sephora is going to be carrying It Cosmetics soon, will we Canadians be seeing this brand as well? I'd love to try some of this brand, I have heard so many great things about them!
Hi ! I need help.... my order shows unsuccessful authorisation but my card has been charged. I dont know what it means and as im in Aus i cant call with time difference. Is it because im using a shipping company?? Please help as its for a birthday presemt and will need to do some fast shopping if its not arriving!!   Thanka Kim