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I've had both an in-store and online account for a while, but whenever I buy anything in-store none of my points show up on the site? I'm pretty sure I've added my insider card to the online account, and I've also just gotten a VIB card, will I need to sync that one with the online account as well or will it be automatic? Than you for your time.
Hi there,   I'm just wondering if i can collect points in the same way when shopping in the US (I hold a Canadian VIB card)?   Thanks in advance!
I placed an order on Sunday. I received the shipping confirmation yesterday showing it was begun shipped to the correct address. When I looked at the tracking through UPS today , it showed that my order had already been delivered to another state. My order number is 3060652401. How do I correct this and get my merchandise?
I already sent an e-mail to customer service earlier but I thought I would ask this here too. On Sunday I placed an order that was processed and shipped late Monday. When I tracked the order through UPS it said 5 business days with a delivery date of next Monday. I've tracked it several times today thinking that it was a mistake and will get rescheduled for "early delivery" but so far nothing has changed. Not only am I supposed to get free 3 day shipping as Rouge but my order was also over $50. Why didn't I get the 3 day shipping?
Is there any way I can still get the beauty insider points at this point? I still have the receipt with me. It'd be great if I could get the points back online . Thanks
I have someone in California's tracking number. How do I get my orders tracking number? 
I had purchased a few things in store on the 12th, and every item except for the occ Black Dahlia lip tar showed up on my online account in my purchases. I was just curious as to why that would happen, because its on my printed receipt, just didn't show up on my online account, and I'm wondering if I'm also missing points for that item.
Hello,   I still haven't received my order. I contacted Sephora a few times, and I was told via private message that if I hadn't received my order by the end of 8/18 that I could either have the items reshipped or a refund. I did want the double points and VIBPARTY promo bag, but at this point I would just like to be refunded. Thank you.
I am having issues connecting my card to my online account, where it says I have zero points and still beauty insider status?
Hi,   I placed a order in this afternoon and it should be sent to my friend's home and bring it to me. However, I checked the order online now and the status is "unsuccessful authorization". Does it mean the order has been declined? Looking forward for a quick response so that I can call my friend to any Sephora store and buy products since I need them urgently. Thanks.   Mia
I recently had my Beauty Insider card linked with my online account. All of my in-store purchases showed up online but the points didn't transfer to my online points balance. How do I get my in-store points to link to my online account as well?   Thank you, Rachelle Ancona
I just signed up for a Sephora online account and it shows that I have 0 points. I have a VIB Beauty Insider card with points, but seems there's no way for me to merge my card with my online account. Is there a way to do this?
there is no purchase in my order history on i got no confirmation email but my bank account was charged TWICE never told me my order was confirmed it just said try a different card, HELP WHAT DO I DO???
I requested to receive gift satchels with two of my recent orders, but did not receive any gift satchel in either of the two orders. I placed a third order today and chose to receive gift satchel. Can someone help me out with this? Can the three satchels be mailed together with my third order? Thank you.
Hi there, I hit VIB on August 8th. I received a 10% off coupon that says "expires 30 days from V.I.B. qualification date". I have no money to use it now, but I was planning on using it for my birthday, which is September 25th. Is there anyway the coupon can be extended, so I can use it then? Or forfeit my coupon now and receive a new one around my birthday? I didn't know that the coupon expired a month after you hit VIB, or else I would have waited. 
Hi, can you help me to link my Sephora card with the online account? Many thanks.
I am a Sephora VIB member and want to check my VIB points online however my account shows that I have 0 points. Can anyone help me with this issue? Thanks!!
I didn't have my card at the time, and they couldn't find me in their system for some reason. Is it possible to collect points from my receipt? 
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I purchased a couple things from Sephora in store a few weeks ago and was presented with a beauty insider card but my points never showed up on my account. Is there anyway I can get these points?
I bought a couple of things today at the store but they forgot to scan my beauty insider card. I still have my receipt. How do I collect the
Hi! A few days ago my girlfriend bought me a palette as a surprise gift, but to avoid it showing up on my purchase history until she gave it to me today, she created another account when she bought it. Is it possible for those points to be transferred to this account?
I have never seen anyone respond to inquiries regarding help with modifying an online order, other than to say "we are sorry you cannot modify an order once it has been placed..."  Sephora, if this is going to be your canned response, why does your website say the following:   The only time that you can cancel or modify your order is during "Placed" status. Once your order enters the shipping process by being "sent to the warehouse", no further changes can be made. You must call a Customer Service Representative to make any changes to your order when it is in "Placed" status. Click here for Customer Service contact information.   I placed an order and called IMMEDIATELY because I forgot something, and the phone associate didn't even look up my order or obtain my account information to see what the status was, just said no modifications could be made once the order was placed.  Time from 'submit' to talking to customer service was less than 3 minutes.  You shouldn't give your customers hope, if there is none.  You could really turn a lot of negative experiences into non-events if your website simply said what the mods on here and the customer service reps ALWAYS say - which is once your order is placed, no changes can be made. I'd rather see a pop-up window come up where I have to acknowledge that my order cannot be changed once placed - rather than think I have a chance to fix a mistake and be frustrated with the customer service rep for not even checking to see if my order falls into the category your website states would allow for a modification. 
Hi,   I'm from the UK but go to Sephora when I get to the US. I got a beauty insider card last time I was there but cannot remember the email address I used. Is there anyway to link my card to this account?   Thanks!  
I buy and return almost every two weeks since i buy online... I was new to makeup so i had no idea there were certain foundations for certain types of skin and such. i feel REALLY bad finding out that sephora throws away returns even unused! I always thought they'll just leave it for next time samples. I have $80 worth of things i made online that i need to return but im starting to feel bad of course i want to exchange but they dont have most thing i want in store. Plus online i get more samples!   but is this bad? i feel like i need to find a new sephora store so the employees wont get tired of me
Can a mod tell me why I've gotten a few of them online and in store for $7, but I just went into another SiJCP and they were regular price... Can anyone explain this?
Hello! I've never been able to link up my Beauty Insider -- which works fine in-store -- to Sephora online. I just made a purchase and tried again and each time it says "Create BI Account failed."
Hi, I created two accounts, one by myself online and the other in store.  When I checked the account, I notices that I used different email addresses. As a result, there are two accounts. Can I transfer the points from one to the other? I think I only need one account and I can deal with it better. Thanks
I can't seem to redeem my points from my rewards card which I got for the first time in store after purchasing 2 products. My account shows no history of my points or purchase.