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Hi I was just wondering if theres anything that can be done for missing samples? I totally understand if nothing can be done as they are a privilege to receive but its my fav reason to shop online!
I submitted a large order on Tuesday for 3 day Rouge shipping. It's Friday and the order says it's still pending and my credit card has not been charged. I was hoping to get the items within a week because of the holiday Monday (even though I should've gotten them earlier) Anyone else having this problem??
 Usually I don't even mind if free shipping takes more than 2 days, but Sephora should just be upfront about it and say that it will take longer. For my most recent order, I got a confirmation that it had shipped on 5/23 and a projected delivery of 5/25—I have a screenshot of that. But now it's 5/26 and the tracker says the order hasn't even arrived at the UPS facility yet! I actually googled "UPS on strike" to see if there was a problem there. Nope. This is not the first time this has happened to me, and I see that it's been mentioned by a lot of other people, too. A short email saying, "We're sorry, your order has been delayed" would be preferable to promising "2-day" shipping that takes over a week. Be honest: Promising something you can't deliver just creates ill will.  
Hi.  I have successfully registered with Rakuten LinkShare.  However, I cannot find SEPHORA for USA.  Please help.  Thank you.
CLEARING COOKIES, CACHE, AND USING A DIFFERENT BROWSER ARE NOT WORKING, NOR ARE THEY THE SOLUTION TO THIS MAJOR PROBLEM.   There are multiple conversations on this issue and there has yet to be any sort of update on how the company's tech/web team is addressing it. Sephora employees continue to give the generic "we recently updated our site, please clear you cookies, etc." That is clearly not fixing the issue for the millions of costumers using Apple mobile devices, tablets, and Safari browsers. Suggesting that we use different devices/browsers is unacceptable. The site and all of its functionally should be working and accessible on all devices. This all seems very suspicious. And as someone who spends thousands of dollars every year at Sephora, I will not be buying any products goink forward unless it's something I've already used and can attest to. Without seeing reviews, I have no way of knowing if Sephora's product claims are true. 
My order says unsuccessful authorization, it has been cancelled but when I checked the account balance of my MasterCard, I found that Sephora took my $118.83. What is going on? Can I get my money back? Plz help me
Hello   Can someone help me with linking a purchase in store to reflect it online (ie not showing up in purchases/beauty bag)?   Thanks! 
What's the deal with your new website? Many links are broken or take me to blank pages. The menus drop down for a micro second.  I have to try several times before I can grab a link (that is then broken or a blank page).  Even my Beauty Talk links are broken!  However, Beauty Talk is the only thing that seems to work moderately well if I can get past the screen not scrolling or scrolling significantly past the next item.   I hope this is just a test run or an anomaly that will be fixed shortly (like within the next few hours).  I don't normally complain, but I don't like change and I don't like change that doesn't work.
This has been my worst experience with SEPHORA ! I placed an order and was missing an item. they sent me the item i was missing. i tracked it and said it was delivered in my mail box,but there was nothing there.. i already asked my neighbors and no one seen the mail man leave a package. Ive called sephora and they just give me the run around and cant seem to want to help me. I also emailed them and they sent me a message saying the tracking shows it was delivered and they hope im enjoying my product, how can i enjoy my product if i havent recieved it..HELP !! HAS ANYONE HAD THIS ISSUE IM NOT SURE WHAT TO DO FROM THIS POINT
Hi, is there a way to change my birth date from June 23 to May 23? I don't see a way to edit that in my profile. 
Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 4.56.26 PM.png
It has been days, constant 400 errors, When will this be fixed???
Where are the reviews? They have disappeared off your website. I have tried on several different devices along with some friends of mine. Please do not advise using a different browser. I could see them before for several years on the same device.  This is a Sephora problem.
Hello. I placed an order Thursday, May 18 with my Rouge account. The order would have shipped out Friday the 19th with the flash 2 day shipping.   With that in mind, my order should have been shipped and delivered by today, May 23, but status is still "in progress". I request assistance with this, as I am very disappointed with Sephora and its Rouge program. I've been understanding in the past with other issues and rarely have a problem, but is unacceptable that order hasn't even being shipped yet as of May 23. Thank you kindly for your assistance.
I have an iphone 7 running ios 10.1.1. I have the sephora to go mobile app on my phone. Older versions of ios supported Passbook, my VIB card was added to passbook and it was easy to add coupons from emails (such as the 20% off sale one). Passbook has been replaced with Apple Wallet and my rewards card is no longer listed. The Sephora mobile app is on the list of apps that work with Apple Wallet and I should be able to add my rewards card as well as my sale coupon, but there is no option to. I have tried scanning the barcode from the coupon email, but it will not scan.
Hi I need to link my VIB account to my online account.   Not sure wht information you need to do so.
I ordered a couple of things on the weekend and it still has not shipped. I always get my items shipped the same day or the next day at the latest. Can I get an update?
I placed an order on May 15 at 9:30 a.m. PT and selected Flash 2-day shipping.  I did not receive any notifications that my order contained hazmat items that required ground shipping.  My order did not ship until Sunday, May 21 and is scheduled to arrive sometime today.  I never received any notifications about delays involving my products or general shipping issues.  The only information I received was through the VIB Rouge line, which involved me calling to ask why my package hadn't been shipped.  The support person was helpful in that he said there were issues at the warehouse, but could not provide me with an estimate of when my products were shipped.   Did anyone else experience similar delays? I feel like the majority of my orders with flash shipping arrive 1-2 days late, but I am bothered that I'm a VIB Rouge, spend thousands of dollars at Sephora, and I waited a week without any contact from the company regarding the delay.  I receive e-mails regarding backordered or delayed items from other companies all the time.  I just feel like this is another example of the declining customer service at Sephora.
I forgot to redeem my birthday gift, it was almost 2 months ago.... Can I still redeem my gift?
I have Flash shipping for a year and the delivery has always been on time but recently they switched to Lasership and its absolutely horrible. First order I had after Sephora switched to them, was delivered at 9pm .... but at least that was delivered. Since then, I have 3 orders delayed now, the "tracking info" just says out for delivery every day until like 10pm when it will say "delay from Ashburn, VA", my product isn't even being shipped from there??! My products are now late by like 4 days, not to mention the one time they actually did deliver (the first time), the box was in terrible conditions, it was ripped in multiple places and was covered in dirt. Sephora needs to switch from Lasership. Is there a way I can go back to having my products shipped by UPS? 
Hi, I'm encountering a "Unsuccessful Authorization" order status.   Please help as I had thought the order would have been processed by now.   Thanks!
So so so upset. I timed my order so I could receive it in time for a gift. I wouldn't have bought it online if I knew this would happen! So frustrated. This usually never happens. I'm a VIB so I was excited to use my free 2-day shipping. I get my box, and it's not even mine! They completely mispackaged it, and now I have a stranger's makeup.   Now I have to go through the hassle of  1. Returning the package 2. Apologizing for a belated gift 3. Waiting until my package comes   What's worse, is that the stranger's makeup was also a bday gift! I can tell because in their notes they have a bday note.   On that note, I'm also super unhappy that a stranger most likely received my full name and full address. :/ 
While I was setting up my account the connection got messed up and the wrong date was set as my birthday. Is it possible to change it to July 10, 1999?
I bought the ABH Nichole Guerriero palette and it seems to be leaking some kind of liquid. Is it possible to get a new one sent to me? I don't have a Sephora near me and I really wish to keep using this product because it's so beautiful but there is something clearly wrong with it. 
Okay, I purchased two orders on May 13th. The first package came, but the second one has yet to ship. Today is May 18th, and I'm still waiting for shipment. I have 2-day flash shipping, so I was expecting it sooner. Please help! I'm scared I won't get it.   Also, when I checked it's status online, it said the samples I chose are sold out. Is that part of the issue? 
hi I have vib rouge card and I just made online account the problem is I have no idea how to link my account and my card help me plz
Hi Mods-  Can someone PM me? I placed two orders recently that haven't even been sent to warehouse yet.   I'm Rouge/Flash/could've walked to one of the warehouses already in distance.  Can someone please see what's going on? They're 2 Viseart palettes, so Sephora has a hold on my bank card for a nice chunk of change without apparently doing anything. I actually needed the one by tomorrow, so I specifically ordered from Sephora due to my usual order time- even during sales.   So is there something going on? I would've ordered from another retailer and received today but chose to go with Sephora.
I placed an order on the 22nd of March and my tracking number said it was delivered yesterday March 27th at 3:07 PM but I can't find it anywhere. The tracking information says it was left on the front door. The mail was brought in the apartments but no one saw the package. I already contacted my rental office and they said they did not receive anything and they would have been there at the time the package was delivered. Please help I contacted UPS and they are running an investigation and I am very upset because I was looking forward to using my Sephora products that I purchased. I do not have the patience to wait any longer. What should I do?