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My package was sent to an address I deleted from my address book 2 years ago. I should have double checked when Sephora tried to make me with a credit card I deleted a couple weeks ago, but I didn't check the shipping address because I haven't lived there for three years and never in a million years would I think my account would pull up that address. Apparently it did, and when I tracked my package I realized this error. Not only do I not live there anymore (it was my College PO Box) but the PO boxes aren't even located there anymore. There is a small chance that it might make it to my sister who goes there and has the same distinct last name that I do, but I doubt this will happen. I'm honestly in shock that this could ever happen. I really don't have anything else to say. I'm just kind of venting, sorry about that.

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Hi Velope! I can help with this. Please check your private messages when you get a chance. 




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