What is the return policy?

What is the return policy? I have a eyeshadow I bought last year like in like march and never used it its sephora brand and it looks brand new....can i still return it? It has the sephora logo in it and the top is a bit faded but it looks brand new! Help! I dont have a recipt either!

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Yes Sephora has very generous return policy and hopefully people don't abuse it. Yes you can pretty much return anything to them in any condition for any reasson and in your case it's an unused but old product. I wouldn't want to be the next customer to buys it. It's so sad to see so many people return products they tried once and returned because they go straight to the trash. This is main reason for the high prics. A lot of this is avoidable since Sephora also has such a generous free sample policy. Some people are just plain inconsiderate to just buy it try it and return it. Get. Sample next time!
For the most part, it's the stores discretion as to what they will take back. Most sephora stores do a store credit without receipt as long as its only gently used, I just have to say that I spend a lot of money in sephora and I would not be spending the amount of money I do if they did not have this generous return policy. If I can, I will try to take a sample of something such as foundation, concealer, lotion. But let's face it , I find it extremely gross to sample any mascara, lip gloss, or eye makeup whether it's with the sticks sephora provides or not. So if I decide to try a mascara and it's clumpy and runny and I just don't like it, I will bring it back. I do not abuse the policy but I feel confident I can try something out without worrying that if I hate it my money will go to waste.( and without worrying about catching pink eye or herpes either) lol.
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I heard that everything you return even if its new and still in the wrapping will be thrown in the trash (given to employees). Which is sad because I had to return a fragrance set I ordered and the person changed their mind, and it wasnt even opened! 

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Sephora's return policy is very good. I have never been in your return situation, but I have used a product (at most 2 weeks) and been able to return it no problem. No hassle. 

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Hi Dancerbabe30310.  If you purchased it in one of our Sephora stores, I would recommend contacting the store directly for more information. For a list of store numbers and locations nearest you, visit the Store Locator.  

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