What is the return policy?

What is the return policy? I have a eyeshadow I bought last year like in like march and never used it its sephora brand and it looks brand new....can i still return it? It has the sephora logo in it and the top is a bit faded but it looks brand new! Help! I dont have a recipt either!

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For the most part, it's the stores discretion as to what they will take back. Most sephora stores do a store credit without receipt as long as its only gently used, I just have to say that I spend a lot of money in sephora and I would not be spending the amount of money I do if they did not have this generous return policy. If I can, I will try to take a sample of something such as foundation, concealer, lotion. But let's face it , I find it extremely gross to sample any mascara, lip gloss, or eye makeup whether it's with the sticks sephora provides or not. So if I decide to try a mascara and it's clumpy and runny and I just don't like it, I will bring it back. I do not abuse the policy but I feel confident I can try something out without worrying that if I hate it my money will go to waste.( and without worrying about catching pink eye or herpes either) lol.
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