april showers bring....new (and old) favorites ! (an aside: i love just about everything i got in the sale this month; some stuff needs more time before i want to talk about it, but some stuff--after having for about 2 weeks now--are solidly favorites !). no skincare for me this month, just stickin' to my tried and true.



not pictured: KVD lip liner and CIRQUE nail polish (see below)


  • NARS dual intensity eyeshadow -- sycorax. i've been using it both as sheer smoke around the eyes, and as diffused liner. it's brilliant as both. i haven't used it wet on the lid, yet, so i can't speak for that, but used dry it is sheer but buildable, and not patchy (something i find quite hard to find in black shadows) i basically think this is a perfect product, and i can't believe it took me this long. ("Sycorax is an unseen character in William Shakespeare's play The Tempest. She is a vicious and powerful witch and the mother of Caliban, one of the few native inhabitants of the island on which Prospero, the hero of the play, is stranded.")
  • REAL TECHNIQUES eye shade + blend brush set. this set is the base shadow brush and the deluxe crease brush. i lovvvvve them. as a lot of y'all know, i'm not too fancy--i typically never use more than 2 colors on my eyes, and a fluffy blending brush does me just fine. the base shadow brush is just perfect--it picks up product with easy, and blends it with such ease. i haven't been using the deluxe crease brush much--but it's a perfect 'diffuser' brush, and i've used it some, too, for face powder on concentrated areas.
  • NARS light reflecting loose powder. i've had this for a long time and use it regularly, if not sometimes rather sparsely. this month i found myself using it everyday and reminding myself just how gorgeous this stuff is. sets makeup, light perfectly diffuses pores and texture and gives a properly luminous--not shimmery or glittery--glow.
  • LIP COMBO: MAC spice lipliner with NYX liquid suede 'soft spoken'. this dominated my look the first half of the month. darkened nude but totally wearable. some people don't like the liquid suede formula, but i adore it. 
  • KAT VON D everlasting lip liner, lovecraft. this dominated the second half of the month for me. lovecraft is only slightly darker than the 'lovesick' everlasting liquid lip in 'lovesick' which is one of my very favorite nudey pinks. the formula is creamy but not slippy (i hate slippery lip pencils !), opaque and lasts ALL DAY. i wore this almost everyday since getting it, only to have it fall out of a pocket last night. i've already repurchased, because i don't want to be without it. my only qualm with this product is that i think it will not last longer than 6 weeks, as the softness of the formula leads to a lot of product being used at once. that $18 price tag will add up quickly if that's the case.
  • NARS sun wash diffusing bronzer, 'laguna'. what can i say, i've worn this every single day since i got it. it's rather sheer but buildable, so foolproof (which i need as a bronzer newb) as well as suitable for fair skin. if you followed my experience of buying it in the NARS thread, i ended up getting laguna over the fair-skin intended 'seaside' which i was afraid would look too orange, and while i'm not sure how 'seaside' would've worked out, i can attest that laguna is not too dark for fair skin--aided, of course, by the lovely, sheer and MODERN formula.
  • CIRQUE nail lacquer - 'fast fashion'. i don't own this, i sell it in my shop and used the tester for an instagram post. and i was instantly in love ! i'll likely be buying some for myself, and this is surprising for a few reasons: i'm not a nail person, i can't be bothered, as well ast....it's a pink ! a nude, warm (rather than the more ubiquitous cool) mauve, and i'm just feelin' it. i've painted my nails 4 times with it ! i never do that ! 
  • BURBERRY eye contour shadow stick -- almond. perfect everyday shade for a bit of definition but otherwise natural look. if you're a fan of maybelline color tattoo in 'creamy beige' or mac paint pot 'groundwork', 'almond' is very similar, but in a stick (which i know some people prefer). it goes on very creamy, but dries down very quickly (blend fast !) and then doesn't budge. this one won't be leaving my makeup bag Smiley Happy



I'm so late but here are my favorites!



- Phyto specific hydrating shampoo: I alternate this into my routine to give me some sweeeeet hydration

- Erborian Cleansing Oil: I made it through my whole period without any breakouts and I think it's thanks to this cleanser. (I just one today but still)

- Tarte Rainforest of the Sea foundation: I can get the exact coverage I want with this and it's a great shade for me - no white mixer needed! It's a nice satin finish.

- OI leave in Milk: This add some nice softness and volume to my hair. I hate the smell of this line, but it works really well for me. I prefer the rosarco milk over this one, but I use them both together.


I don't have a lot to say about the rest of the things, they're just beautiful and I love them

- Nails Inc Rainbow Wishes nail polish

- ILNP rosewater nail polish

- Bite Gelato multistick


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@ShannonAlexis not too late ! if you're gonna have hydration, have sweeeeeet hydration ! 


i feel like that rainbow wishes nail polish was made for you. 'gelato' is next on my list of which multiple to grab up....


April Favorites 



Just one little splurge for me this month. The original Luminous Dewy Skin Mist has been a long time favorite, and I had to go for the beautiful LE One in a Million packaging:


She's so pretty! Smiley Very Happy


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Woah ... that is one beautiful packaging! Enjoy!


here's a truer-to-real-life shot of the cirque 'fast fashion' nail polish i mentioned. just repainted again because nothing else is speaking to me lately !!




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Great nude pink @jemly!


A few of my monthly favorites:

Philosophy Purity wipes

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation

Milk Makeup Cooling Water

House of Lashes & Sephora Tinkerbell lashes

Glamglow Glowsetter Setting Spray (not pictured)




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april faves for me are the smashbox x casey holmes highlighter collab in pearl, and i'm still loving my wet n wild photofocus foundation! 


Also have tried both Tarte's park ave princess & thoughtful bronzers and am completely in love!  Their bronzers go on so smoothly and seamlessly.


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I definitely had a love affair with honey in April!


Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Cream

Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Essence Oil -

These smell divine and feel so luxurious; I look forward to putting them on at night


Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask -

Very saturated with serum and smelled so good I wanted to lick my face. 


Cosrx Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask -

This was a spur of the moment Memebox purchase but I ended up loving it. Not fancy at all but leaves my skin feeling soft and lovely.


Marc Jacobs Highliners -

I'm kind of in love with eye liner and these have become my favorites.




I haven't participated in a few months! And I've been relatively inactive on BT since April was crazy for me and I was on vacation for the last week and a half.


  • The Ordinary "Buffet" Serum - this has become a regular part of my AM and PM routine. Never too early to start introducing anti-aging products and I feel this one adds an additional layer of moisture. I'm already halfway through my first bottle. My only complaint is that the top doesn't close and seal properly, so I have to store the bottle carefully.


  • Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50+ Wetforce for Face - I'm always weary of thick SPF on the face since many of them make me look greasy or clog my pores, but I mixed this with my Hourglass Veil Mineral 50/50 while on vacation and it did a great job of protecting my face from the sun. Did not clog pores, did give me a whitish cast but I really didn't care since I didn't wear makeup while on vacay. My face is considerably lighter than the rest of my body now (which only got SPF 30 and got much tanner even with reapplication) so I'm using DDG self tanner for face to try to get my face to match my body LOL


  • Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray - I've become more aware of what a pressurized airplane cabin can do to my skin, but was weary of using a face mask while at my seat, so I decided to bring a travel bottle of facial spray/mist with me. I have the Jurlique rose spray from a Sephora Favs set but the second ingredient is denatured alcohol (yuck). Also wanted it to be scentless so I do not offend my fellow passengers. Did some research and came upon this Clinique spray with excellent reviews and good looking ingredient list. Kept hydrated on all 4 legs of flights and now I'm going to start carrying the same travel bottle in my purse to moisturize throughout the day.


  • Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion - I started using this on my cyst as it was coming down in size and it help reduced the size further, significantly. I stayed away from this for awhile since the top ingredients is isopropyl alcohol; I didn't want to use this near the beginning for fear of drying out my skin on top of what could've been a regular pustule.


  • IT Cosmetics Luxe Ball Wand brush - this continues to be one of my favourite brushes. It's good for a light dusting of powder, Hourglass lighting powders, bronzer, and even blush. It's become my most-used brush since I stopped wearing foundation and my Sephora large powder brush went kaput.


  • Soft water, humid environment - My hair and skin are always at their best when I travel (contrary to most people's experience) because I live in a super dry environment with really hard water (a water softener is on my home wishlist for next year!). While on vacation in the Carribean, I didn't get a single breakout, saw textural improvements on my face, significant improvement in my chin cyst, and my hair was AMAZING. Now I'm home and dealing with withdrawals in the form of dry crackling skin and drier looking hair. Boo!



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Faves this month include a mix of old loves and new acquisitions.


H is for Love Bara Balm - I've been trying out a few balms since I finished my ML Blue Cocoon and this and the Siam Seas Elements balm from my March faves are my top contenders for being repurchased.  The texture of the SS balm is a little more luscious and enjoyable, but I feel like the BB leaves my skin a little softer the next morning.  


NARSxCharlotte Gainsbourg Jo Multiple Tint - the multiple tints really surprised me.  I wasn't expecting to like them because I hate the first iteration they released years ago.  But, it seems they reformulated and these are not only more comfortable and less sticky, but the way the shades wear is oh so pretty.  I fully expected to be enamoured by the red tint, but it's actually the pink one that stole my heart.


Pixi x Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse - an affordable, easy peasy double cleanse all in one pot.  What more could you want?  Cleanser is one area that I don't feel like spending $$$ because it's just going down the drain and not staying on my skin.  I really hope this becomes a permanent product because the balm side is just as good as my Clinique TTDO and the cream side is a luxurious bonus.


Mahalo Love+Roses Serum Booster - received this when I reordered the Bean mask and it's supposed to boost the Roses serum that was in the Love+ kit.  I already loved the Roses serum and adding a few drops of this is just an extra little bit of soothing and hydration added into the routine.


Jordan Samuel Skin Hydrate - many people had talked this up to me during the last 6 months (as well as the Plie cleanser) so I finally decided to try it after I finished my last HA serum.  It does what it says and has a plush, cushy texture.  It's also been a godsend after doing stronger peels.


RL Linden Co Thousand Petals Beautifying Mist - I've been looking for the mist for a while and I think this one may be it.  It's scented with honeysuckle, rose and neroli but not obnoxiously so. It adds a lovely layer of hydration, doesn't feel sticky or leave a film and has just the right level of spritz. I received a trial size with an order of other RL Linden products (shown) and have since purchased a full size.


Sephora Collection Strawberry Macaroon Contour Eye Pencil - an old, never too far from my hand favourite.  This is my #1 shade for lining my lower waterline when I want to look awake and well rested.  I'm so bummed Sephora discontinued it, although I bought enough backups when it hit the sale section that I should be set for a while Smiley Very Happy


Shiseido Lacquer Rouge - another old torch, one I've carried for several years. With all the interest in liquid lipsticks that has gone around, I can't for the life of me understand why these aren't more popular.  They have the shine of a gloss but wear with the thin cling of a matte liquid lip.  I have a few favourite shades, but this one is RD320 Sunburn.


NARS Suck Velvet Lip Glide - I went back and forth on purchasing this one for about 6 weeks because peachy tones sometimes make me look too ashy when they're pale, but the lip glide formula is so muted and soft that it doesn't look wrong.  They're so comfortable to wear that I hope NARS continues to add to the shade range in the future.


Atelier Cologne Oud Saphir - it's not a very spring scent, but it's another oldie but goodie that I've pulled from my stash and rekindled my love for.  Whenever I wear it, I feel like I'm wearing a hug, but a dark, mysterious one Smiley Happy


Chantecaille Elephant Mermaid Eye Colour Matte - a beautiful matte taupey grey shadow.  I wish they'd sold these separately since I have no use for the lightest shade in the trio, but Elephant is juuuuuuuuuust right.


Givenchy Corail Tentation Ombre Couture - an old shade I picked up on my travels last summer.  You might think coral on the eyes would look raw or sickly, but I find this shade of coral brightens my whole face.  


I'm interested in trying the Pixi @Mochapj! Did you pick this up online, or at SDM?


@k617 I purchased it from Pixi directly as I hadn't seen it at SDM.


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@MochapjOoh, can you tell me more about the Charlotte Gainsborg Multiple? Smiley Surprised Specifically, the ease and methods of application? I assume based on your comment that you've tried Jo as well as one of the other tints (Alice?). Do you think Jo would show up on a medium skintone (maybe NC 30), or would I be better off with Alice/Jeannette?


@concreteroads if you head over to the NARS thread and scroll down a few posts I posted swatches of all 3 of the multiple tints and I'm around NC35.


All 3 of them show up on my skintone, with Jo being the most subtle of them.


As to application, I apply the stick directly to my face and buff it out with either my fingertips or a fluffy brush. Because they're a bit softer, they blend easier than some of the more traditional (more powdery multiples)


I have mixed feelings about it already being May, but I can say that I'm enjoying the warmer weather! Anyways, here are some of my favorite things from April:


- Moroccanoil Sun Lotion 30 SPF: Lightweight moisturizer and sunblock all in one! It has a lighter smell than the regular sunblock you use at the beach/pool, and it absorbs super quick! It was a lifesaver at the first A's game I went to!


- Kate Somerville EradiKate® Daily Cleanser Acne Treatment: I've been using this in conjunction with Exfolikate, and I haven't had any horrible breakouts lately. Although I did binge on sweets and junk food last week, so my skin is a little upset with me lol. Other than that, my skin has been pretty clear while using this.


- CLINIQUE Acne Solutions Acne + Line Correcting Serum: Speaking of clear skin, I've also been using this serum before bed as part of my skincare routine. I love that it fights pimples and fine lines. Although, I'm not too sure how well it is at fighting the signs of aging, I do like that it helps keep my skin zit free! 






All of these are new to me in the last few months, and they've all become staples.

- Pureology Strength Cure hair mask.  Love, love, love. I have dry, easily damaged hair and this gives me the perfect amount of slip to make it silky.

- Dr. Jart Ceramidin cream. Such a nice moisture layer.

- Evan Healy Wild Carrot Nourishing Eye Balm. I find this too scented for use around my eyes, but it's a lovely cuticle balm and portable owie-balm for kid scrapes.

- NIOD Sanskrit Saponins. This is definitely a not-for-everyone product, but I love the nutty/coffee/earthy scent and my skin feels great after using it.

- Commodity Gold. I'm not a perfume person at all, but I love this. It's very soft and subtle.

- Yogi Bedtime tea. I've gotten in the habit of tea before bed, and this is my new favorite. It has a richness to it that's very satisfying, no sweetener needed.


I love the Ceramidin cream too @fairlywell! I have little sample tubes and avoided buying the full size during the spring sale, but I think a purchase is inevitable once I run out of samples.


[ Edited ]



Not new but well loved this month:


- Cire Trudon Cyrnos- the pure luxury of this one astounds me; inspired by a villa in the south of france (citrus with "dry aromas of Provence"). April is still late winter where I am so this perfect. 


-Rouge Bunny Rouge tinted luxe balm- almost worn to the nub says it all


3 new products that became "HG" for me this month:

- Dior Pump-N-Volume mascara

- Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. First Fresh lip product I have really loved

- Suqqu Face Protector 50 (new via 🇬🇧) the daily sunscreen of my dreams. My sun sensitivity is reaching vampire proportions as I get older...



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