Cream for Eyelids and Brow Bones

Please tell me what is good to use on upper eyelids and brow bones. I am 28. Thanks.

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Hi Amyaza, 


I agree, most eye creams are meant for only underneath the eye area as they can sometimes be a bit too heavy for the lids and brow bone. You can try Clinique All About Eyes Rich which can be used on the lids, or the Perricone MD Acyl Glutathione serum which is an amazing lightweight strengthening serum which can be used on the lids and brow brone to lift and firm the delicate skin. Make sure you apply it both AM and PM and only a small amount to avoid anything too heavy or greasy.


All About Eyes™ Rich Acyl-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Hi amyaza,


I suffer from droopy eyelids so I too was in search of a product that was safe for use on the upper eyelids.  I tried Clinique All About Eyes but I found that it just wasn't effective enough.  Olay products were too heavy and greasy and caused my makeup to smear all over the place.  When I went in for a facial last month my esthethician told me about a new product they carry called Elite Serum.  It contains several peptides which help to tighten loose skin and it's not heavy at all.  It absorbs really quickly and I'm able to apply my eyeshadow within minutes.  I hope that helps!  I know how frustrating the search for the right product can be....elite-serum-syringe-withcap-web.jpg

An eye cream typically isn't worn on the eyelid, the skin is son thin and sensitive, if you use something too strong you can damage the skin. Caudalie and Perricone both make eye creams you cam use on the upper eyelid. Any eycream can be used on the brow bone
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