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Who's Excited for ColourPop?





Have you heard the news? ColourPop is coming to Sephora!


We are partnering with them to launch an exclusive line on 10/31. Keep an eye on this thread for updates and sneak peeks!


What do you think it is, any guesses?


10/18 UPDATE: 

First of all, we are ahead of schedule. ColourPop will be available at Sephora starting on 10/31! We are launching 8 different products and these will be sold in 50 select Sephora locations in the US, on and Sephora.CA. One more product will be releasing during the holidays. As far as product, I haven’t seen much yet BUT I can confirm that there will be multiple eyeshadow and highlighter palettes, lip gloss sets and some single eyeshadows as well! 

10/30 UPDATE: Reminder! ColourPop will be available at Sephora tomorrow 10/31

Here's the list of US Sephora locations ColourPop will be available*:

  1. THE GROVE - Los Angeles, CA
  2. SANTA MONICA - Los Angeles, CA
  3. AMERICANA - Los Angeles, CA
  4. CENTURY CITY - Los Angeles, CA
  5. HOLLYWOOD & HIGHLAND - Los Angeles, CA
  6. TOPANGA - Los Angeles, CA
  7. BEVERLY DRIVE- Los Angeles,CA
  8. LOS CERRITOS - Los Angeles, CA
  9. SANTA ANITA -Los Angeles, CA
  10. PASADENA - Los Angeles, CA
  11. POWELL STREET - San Francisco, CA
  12. SOUTH COAST PLAZA - Los Angeles, CA
  13. VALLEY FAIR - San Francisco, CA
  14. FASHION VALLEY - San Diego, CA
  15. BREA - Los Angeles, CA
  16. ARDEN FAIR- Sacramento, CA
  17. STONERIDGE - San Francisco, CA
  19. NORTH PARK - Dallas, TX
  20. MEMORIAL CTY - Houston, TX
  21. BAYBROOK - Houston, TX
  22. TIMES SQUARE - New York, NY
  23. 34TH STREET - New York, NY
  24. 5TH AVENUE - New York, NY
  25. SOHO - New York, NY
  26. UNION SQUARE - New York, NY
  27. 60TH & LEXINGTON - New York, NY
  28. 5 TIMES SQUARE - New York, NY
  29. COLUMBUS CIRCLE - New York, NY
  31. 86TH & LEXINGTON - New York, NY
  32. BROOKLYN - New York, NY
  33. 42ND AND MADISON - New York, NY
  34. 76TH & BROADWAY (ANSONIA)- New York, NY
  35. WALT WHITMAN - New York, NY
  36. AVENTURA - Miami, FL
  37. DADELAND- Miami, FL
  38. DISNEY SPRINGS - Orlando, FL
  39. BOCA RATON - Miami, FL
  40. MICHIGAN AVENUE - Chicago, IL
  41. WATERTOWER PLACE - Chicago, IL
  42. LENOX SQUARE - Atlanta, GA
  43. KING OF PRUSSIA - Philadelphia, PA
  44. SHORT HILLS - New York, NJ
  45. GARDEN STATE - New York, NJ
  46. SCOTTSDALE - Phoenix, AZ
  47. TYSONS CORNER - Washington DC, VA
  48. PENTAGON CITY - Washington DC, VA
  50. MIRACLE MILE - Las Vegas, NV

*Disclaimer: At this time, ColourPop will not be sold in any of the Canada store locations but will be available for purchase on


Re: Who's Excited for ColourPop?

I’m so excited! I’m glad Sephora is bringing some more affordable brands to their store’s 

Re: Who's Excited for ColourPop?

Ok first of all…… I AM SO EXCITED!!! I love Sephora and I am younger than u all (probably) but I love makeup! Can’t wait until it comes here in Sephora!!! 

Re: Who's Excited for ColourPop?


Re: Who's Excited for ColourPop?

Hi! I was wondering if anyone had trouble redeeming their Colourpop birthday gift. I have a super shock shadow in my cart, but it keeps telling me that none of my items are valid. Screenshot_20190407_082401.jpg

Edit: Customer service replied! Just going to leave this here in case anyone else has the same issue 🙂 It worked after adding 2 liquid eyeliners. Screenshot_20190408_173842.jpg


Re: Who's Excited for ColourPop?

Girls i bought a bunch of satin lip at colourpop and even though i prep my lips with exfoliation and lip balm prior to applying the liquid lipstick after not even 2 hours my lip is starting to get dry and crumbly , i have seen you tubers and reviews online regarding this brand and the look perfect to me , what am not doing to get that effect?

Re: Who's Excited for ColourPop?

This is with Ultra Satin formulas or are you referring to the Ultra Mattes?

Re: Who's Excited for ColourPop?

Love colourpop!

Re: Who's Excited for ColourPop?

Hey guys, can anyone recommend some colourpop eyeshadows for me?  I've never used the brand but would like to get some eyeshadows or a palette from them!  I noticed they have a pressed powder shadow and a super shock.  Does anyone know the difference?

Re: Who's Excited for ColourPop?

I'm somewhat late but I agree...Super SHock shadows are the best out there!!! You will love them!!! and there are so many shades to chose from. 

Re: Who's Excited for ColourPop?

Supershock shadows are so unique, they feel like wet powder shadows, almost a cream but not, they are super pigmented.  They pretty much have to be put on with your finger, except I use a synthetic blending brush with the mattes.  They are stunning shadows and don't crease on me with a normal eye primer.  They don't really crease without a primer on me either but I almost always have one on.  I recommend any of the shimmers/glitters/metallics that you are drawn too, I have never disliked any of them that I have gotten.  Apologies if any of these are discontinued now but my favourites are Lovely, Just Fur Fun, Birthday Cake, Nillionaire, Brady (matte), Weenie. 


The pressed shadows are like traditional eyeshadows and are great quality and so affordable.  I don't have a ton, I bought mostly shades that I don't already have in my collection.  I love my iluvsarahii palette, ringer, team captain and say I do.  I don't think you can go wrong with any of them. 

Re: Who's Excited for ColourPop?

Hi @cearraa, I've never tried the super shock shadows but I have the Yes Please palette and I love it!  It's easily one of my favorites!  The shadows are very pigmented, blend easily, there is a mix of shimmer and matte shades and they last all day on my me and I have very oily lids (eyeshadows tend to smudge or disappear as the day goes on but not these).  There is also not a lot of fall out which is important to me since I usually do my face makeup first and most of the time I just don't want to be bothered with cleaning up fall out on my face lol.  The palette is smaller than I had in mind but the colors are so beautiful and its well worth the price ($16).    

Anonymous Insider

Re: Who's Excited for ColourPop?

So excited for CP to be at Sephora *heart eyes*

Re: Who's Excited for ColourPop?

I tried them and i am in love with them.I bought Online.

Price and Quality both are good.

watch swatches and best shades and reviews below:

Re: Who's Excited for ColourPop?

Wow! Isn't Colourpop kind of a lower end brand? I've seen them at drugstores so this is pretty cool for Sephora!

Anonymous Insider

Re: Who's Excited for ColourPop?

Colourpop has been an online only brand. This is the first time in stores.

they've never been in stores before so whatever brand you...

they've never been in stores before so whatever brand you saw in the drugstore wasn't them. for being so cheap theyre pretty good quality. like the matte lips are similar to sephora cream lip stains. I prefer colourpop over most other liquid lips lol

Re: Who's Excited for ColourPop?

Well there's one az location. I'm just irked that the whole line isn't out. I'm anxious to try their liquid matte lipsticks..

Re: Who's Excited for ColourPop?

I was able to order everything I wanted which included the two palettes, the SSS set and all three individual SSS.  I hope this launch does really well and CP offers more individual items in the future.  

RE: Who's Excited for ColourPop?

Store locations via trendmood1!

Re: RE: Who's Excited for ColourPop?

Thank you @Kim888!

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