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Vacay Summer Challenge: BIC World Tour – Talk about your favorite fragrance products that remind you of home! (Week 7)




Summer is finally here, Beauty Insider Community! To celebrate one of the most fun times of the year (aka Hot BIC Summer 😉) we’re bringing in an exciting new summer challenge in the form of the first official virtual BIC World Tour! ✈ We know not everyone is able to travel at this time, so let’s go together virtually 💕


Each week we’ll have a new vacation-themed prompt where you’ll get to share your fantasy favorites as we travel to different climates and places across the world! 🌎


Check in time: Each Friday launches a new travel destination and prompt, so check back to this post weekly for more vacay fun:


  • (Week 1: 7/1 - 7/7) Your ultimate summer vacay: Close your eyes and picture your dream vacay … now answer this question: if you could only bring 5 beauty products along with you on this trip, what would they be?


  • (Week 2: 7/8 - 7/14) Hot BIC Summer: Battling against heat and humidity is no easy task! Talk about your most powerful tools, products, or tips that help you fight against the sun.


  • (Week 3: 7/15 - 7/21) Seamless day to night: Sometimes it’s all about versatility. Share with us your favorite products, looks, or hacks to easily go from day to night.


  • (Week 4: 7/22 - 7/28) Tropical & beachy: Sun, sand, water, and vibes~ what are you taking with you for a day out on the sand? Bonus points if you want to add a fun beach-inspired look. 😉


  • (Week 5: 7/29 - 8/4) G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S night on the town: Show off your glam looks and the products you’ll use to transform yourself for a night out!


  • (Week 6: 8/5 - 8/11) BIC outdoor essentials: Camping, hiking, and all-things outdoors! 🌲 What are your essentials you need with you to take on the terrain?


  • (Week 7: 8/12 - 8/18) Home is where the scent is: Sometimes we can all use a little piece of what we call home. 🏡💕 What fragrance item (perfume, candle, diffuser, etc.) would you bring that always reminds you of home sweet home?


  • (Week 8: 8/19 - 8/26) Cold weather hydration must-haves: Snow, icy winds, and cold temps – it’s not hot everywhere this time of year! Some of those most breathtaking sights take place in the cold! What are you bringing to keep your skin hydrated and feeling healthy?


Reply below to share your looks, products, thoughts, and tips on the vacay prompts for our BIC World Tour! ✈  Remember to tag any products you would be using (if applicable!) with the “#” sign. We look forward to all the fun we’ll have together for the weeks to come!

Re: Vacay Summer Challenge: BIC World Tour!

Wow! Those are beautiful dream destinations @Skunk12puzzola! I love cold weather as well (if I had to choose to live in an always hot place or an always cold one, I would go clearly with the cold; the heat brings my blood pressure to almost fainting and I feel so weak and you can beat cold easier than heat, just by adding more layers of clothes)

Re: Vacay Summer Challenge: BIC World Tour!

@Saradestin 100% agreed on this ❄

Re: Vacay Summer Challenge: BIC World Tour!

@Skunk12puzzola You should come see me in the winter. I'll take you to the Tetons and Yellowstone. You'd love it.

Re: Vacay Summer Challenge: BIC World Tour!

@Samtian Yellowstone has been on my wish list since I was a child. I will visit one day for sure. But let’s wait until they recover from the devastating flood 😓 Heartbreaking 

Re: Vacay Summer Challenge: BIC World Tour!

@Saradestin Come on over next year! Just not during tourist season lol. 

Re: Vacay Summer Challenge: BIC World Tour!

Don’t tell me twice @Samtian ! You will find me at your doorstep! 😂

Re: Vacay Summer Challenge: BIC World Tour!

@Saradestin Good! I love showing people around!

Re: Vacay Summer Challenge: BIC World Tour!

@Samtian I just googled these places, wow!! I definitely love mountains 🏔💕 live in Idaho, right? It must be so nice there, so cold 😍 or maybe, you are over it haha? because I know that when people always have cold/rainy/snowy weather....they will start to crave sun and hot places....

Re: Vacay Summer Challenge: BIC World Tour!

@Skunk12puzzola Haha I was always over it!! I spent my summers in the state or Arizona which is usually 100+ temps and winters in Idaho where it got under 0 often, farenheit temps. 

Re: Vacay Summer Challenge: BIC World Tour!

@Skunk12puzzola I love Ireland. It’s gorgeous there. 

Re: Vacay Summer Challenge: BIC World Tour!

@Skunk12puzzola I want to go back to Belfast and eat the food again. 

Re: Vacay Summer Challenge: BIC World Tour!

@SportyGirly125 must be yummy. I heard that beer is also nice in Ireland. Do you tried it? I'm not a fan of alcoholics in general, but I'm just curious to know if what they say it's true. Their tea must be nice too!!

Re: Vacay Summer Challenge: BIC World Tour!

@Skunk12puzzola I don’t drink alcohol but I think my husband said the beer was good there. 

Re: Vacay Summer Challenge: BIC World Tour!

Such a great idea! What a fun way to interact with the community ❤️ 


(Week 1: 7/1 - 7/7) Your ultimate summer vacay: Close your eyes and picture your dream vacay … now answer this question: if you could only bring 5 beauty products along with you on this trip, what would they be?


I have way too many ultimate summer trip dream vacays, here's some I haven't gotten to kick off my bucket list (yet), just to  name a few: Full European Tour Trip, Bora Bora, Fiji, Anywhere in Hawaii. Regardless of where I'm going I always love to jam pack my day with exploring, sight seeing and excursions but then have a couple of "R&R" days to rejuvenate. This means that for my dream vacays I need to pack something practical, reliable and versatile in order to create that day-time "no makeup, makeup look" but still be able to transition to a late night dinner type of look.




The items I would absolutely pack on any of these vacations are:


1) Viseart Eyeshadow Palette 10 Warm Neutral Mattes 

This palette is so versatile that it certainly is the only palette I would ever bring along with me. Matter of fact, I bring these palettes (especially this one) whenever I go out of town because I know regardless what look I am going for I can usually achieve something with this and a bit of creativity. It's perfect for a toned down look and also doubles up as a palette that can be more intense and bold with the darker shades within it. It's a shame that Viseart seems to be phasing out this style of palette because despite their underwhelming aesthetic packaging-these are probably the best mattes I've ever used and this style of packaging packs incredibly well in a small makeup bag for travel.


2) #Smashbox Smashbox X BECCA Mini Shimmering Skin Perfector™ Pressed Highlighter Champagne Pop 

Another discontinued Brand-BECCA. It's lovely that Smashbox was able to keep this shade around because this is a fabulous colored highlight. I love the others but there's a reason I chose Champagne Pop specifically for my vacation. I'm a bit tanner in the summer so Champagne Pop suits me better during that time of year when used as a highlight. Furthermore, for versatility purposes: I use this as an eyeshadow quite a bit in the winter time. It's fantastic for a little pop of shimmer which would double up nicely with my previously mentioned Viseart mattes! This can bring a look from daytime to nighttime in a on-the-go type of way, which is essential for activity packed vacations! 


3) SEPHORA COLLECTION After-Sun Mask - Watermelon Watermelon 

This one might not be a typical beauty item to bring but it's one I've been carrying with me to all sunny parts of the world. I absolutely love this mask and it's been a godsend for me after hanging out in the hot Jamaican sun all day. Also saved my skin after walking around the 105 degree Las Vegas dry heat (would not recommend, lol). Where hasn't this little mask gone with me?! It would be no different than on a summer vacation! It's not secret this is my favorite, most helpful, most underrated and MVP top tier of Sephora face masks. 


4) tarte Shape Tape™ Concealer 

I took a really long time thinking what makeup product I'd bring when it came to face makeup. It has to be this little shape tape concealer. You don't usually need to do a full face of makeup on my type of dream vacay and the small compact size makes it easy to buy several colors and bring them along vs. bringing along a large foundation. (I've even used the darker shades as a bronzer/contour!) I oftentimes use this concealer as a foundation because of how pigmented this is. It's also quite mattifying which is great for any kind of beach or high activity type of trip. 


#5) Buxom Full-On™ Plumping Lip Cream Gloss Rose Julep 

I adore these BUXOM lip creams and I think this color is the perfect in between on daytime and nighttime for versatility. It's a nice darker pink color that can still be passable on a fresh face at the beach and also be quite lovely when dressed up with a night-time look as well. I'd have to bring one of these along, for sure.



It's very hard to pick only 5 so I decided I had to give a runner-uo spot (or at least an honorable mention!) 


Runner Up (Bonus #6): Too Faced Mini Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara Mini Size Black - 0.17 oz/ 5 mL 

This mascara is very hit/miss with most people and in all honesty I don't absolutely love it (or any mascara for that fact, I'm still looking for my unicorn) but this holds up pretty well for me as far as mascaras go. It is a bit "dry" but that's at times necessary. The only time I ever had an issue with this not holding up well was when I was out for several hours in Vegas in the desert heat during the hottest parts of the day. Despite going inside every so often or into establishments I noticed after some time that this started to turn back to it's "pre-dry" format. It is indeed waterproof but it's certainly not Vegas heat proof. 😂 I'd still bring this on my vacation because a mascara would be another essential to bring and I think this one happens to give off the most versatility for my multiple dream vacays ❤️




Re: Vacay Summer Challenge: BIC World Tour!

Great list @QueenMarceline ! And great dream vacay destination. Bora Bora is one of mine as well! One of those tropical cottages on the water 😍😍😍😍

Re: Vacay Summer Challenge: BIC World Tour!

@Saradestin you're definitely speaking my language there ❤️

Re: Vacay Summer Challenge: BIC World Tour!

@QueenMarceline I'm so upset you didn't mention these lip balms Too Faced Hangover Pillow Balm Ultra-Hydrating Lip Balm Original 🤣🤣😘

Re: Vacay Summer Challenge: BIC World Tour!

@Skunk12puzzola Hahaha, me too trust me! I thought about including them so many times but I had to pick a lippie that would work for both a day time and night time look. 🤣

Re: Vacay Summer Challenge: BIC World Tour!

@QueenMarceline I forgive you this time 🤣🤣🤣💗💕

Re: Vacay Summer Challenge: BIC World Tour!

@Skunk12puzzola Hahah don't worry, on an actual trip I'd definitely be bringing my pillow balm with me 😛

Re: Vacay Summer Challenge: BIC World Tour!

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