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March Daily Wows!

Hello BIC! Can you guys believe February is already over? For the month of March we will be offering a week of daily wows starting Today 2/28 through next Wednesday 3/6. The best part? Everything is going to be 50% OFF! 


A few reminders before we get started:        

  • This week's Weekly Wow will be US-only
  • As you know, Canada, has changed from a Weekly Wow promotion to a monthly Week of Wow. Please look out for all the details on next month's Week of Wow in mid-March!
  • Deals go live each Thursday and most are only on sale for one week only
  • When items sell out, they are gone so I suggest snagging your favorite deals early!


Thursday 2/28:


Urban Decay Vice Lipstick.JPG

URBAN DECAY - Vice Lipstick$19.00 $9.50


Swatches of my 4 favorite shades: 

Perricone Cold Plasma Face and Neck Cream.JPG

Perricone MD Cold Plasma+ Advanced Serum Concentrate 1 oz/ 30 mL$149.00 $74.50


Friday 3/1:

Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lipstick Creme.JPG


Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Liquid Lip Crème Slow Burn 458$28.00 $14.00


Swatches of my favorite shades:



Clinique take the day off cleansing balm.JPGCLINIQUE Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm Makeup Remover 3.8 oz/ 125 mL$29.50 $14.75


Saturday 3/2:It cosmetics confidence cleanser.JPG

IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cleanser 5 oz/ 148 mL $28.00 $14.00


Sunday 3/3: 


Lancome Hypnose Collection.JPG

Lancôme HYPNÔSE DRAMA Instant Full Body Volume Mascara Excessive Black$27.50 $13.75


PTR Max Cmplexion Correction Pads.JPG

Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Salicylic Acid Pore Refining Pads 60 pads$40.00 $20.00


Monday 3/4:


smashbox photo edit eyeshadow trios.JPG Smashbox Photo Edit Eye Shadow Trio #Goals$22.00 $11.00


Philosophy Purity Made Simple Pore Extractor Mask.JPGPHILOSOPHY - Purity Made Simple Pore Extractor Mask$35.00 $17.50


Tuesday 3/5:Buxom Vava Plump Lipstick.JPG

BUXOM - Va-Va-PLUMP™ Shiny Liquid Lipstick$20.00 $10.00


Swatches of my 3 favorite shades:


Dr.Brandt Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator.JPG

DR. BRANDT SKINCARE - microdermabrasion age defying exfoliator$79.00 $39.50


Wednesday 3/6:

Bareminerals Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick.JPGBAREMINERALS - GEN NUDE™ Radiant Lipstick$20.00 $10.00


First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydratant Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum.JPG


FIRST AID BEAUTY - Ultra Repair® Hydrating Serum$36.00 $18.00






Which Daily Wow are you the most excited about? Show & Tell!

Re: March Daily Wows!

I loved the daily wows. While I was sick, they were the first things I looked at in the morning with anticipation. I hope they come back!

Re: March Daily Wows!

OK so now that daily wow is over, will weekly wow come back? 

Re: March Daily Wows!

Hi @karinangel7,


The Weekly Wow has not been discontinued. Please stay tuned for an update shortly.


Stay Gorgeous,


RE: March Daily Wows!

Is this the only week there will be a "weekly wow" sale? Or will the usual "weekly wow" sale resume on Thursday? Thanks!

Re: RE: March Daily Wows!

@Coraful @BrendaBT I'm wondering this as well.  I used the search bar to look for "weekly wow 3/7" and nothing came up.  I also checked the sale section (searched by "relevancy" and "new") and didn't find anything.  Also, nothing came up on the Beauty Offers page.  

Re: March Daily Wows!

does anyone gotten their order  CLINIQUE Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm Makeup Remover 3.8 oz/ 125 mLshipped yet ? my order usually shipped about 2 days after ordering so i'm getting slightly worry now....

I got mine yesterday. Maybe touch base with customer serv...

I got mine yesterday. If you were like me, and took points instead of flash shipping, your orders ship via standard shipping. Which I think is supposed to be there days, but honestly, I feel it takes like a week if you're not ordering on a Monday. Maybe touch base with customer service? They usually respond quickly. I emailed CS Monday because I had an order from the day before the Clinique offer, and that hadn't even shipped so I was concerned about delivery time and OOS.

RE: March Daily Wows!

interesting i thought that anatasia sultry palette was one i saw it on sale for one day 😩

Re: March Daily Wows!

Another reminder we get diddly squat for being a loyal customer to Sephora in Canada.

Among the US only promos, rewards consistently being sold out or not even available in Canada, the laughable comparison in the sales between Canada and the U.S., I have considered on more than one occasion buying my makeup and skincare elsewhere.

The rewards system is not worth it to stick to Sephora. I thought with the new $100 rouge rewards it would finally feel like the points are worth something, but of course that is never available. I have seen it available only once since it was announced in the rewards bazaar and it was sold out (shocker).

I was under the impression it would be similar to Ulta's approach (as in, as long as you have the points you can get the credit), and not have a "limited amount" of something like an order credit... how does that even work? God forbid more than 10 people redeem their points for gift cards... Sephora might go out of business giving out those kinds of discounts...


Have been collecting points for years, currently have thousands, and nothing worthwhile is ever available.

I am so sick of the way Sephora handles their "rewards" and "rouge benefits" (which are what exactly? I don't want to get a crappy free "makeover") and never getting anything worthwhile in return for the thousands I spend.

The moment Ulta's reward program is available in Canada I will be switching.


I totally 1000% agree with you. they only have so many of...

I totally 1000% agree with you. they only have so many of the $100 reward available on Tuesday and Thursday. Why don't they do like ulta and just let you redeem your points at the register versus going thru all that, get an email then come in the store and redeem versus letting us redeem on site. Sephora is starting to not appeal to me anymore.

Re: March Daily Wows!

I snagged some of the Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Salicylic Acid Pore Refining Pads 60 pads

I have never used them before but at half off, I couldn't not try them! 

Re: March Daily Wows!

I'm going to have to make an order everyday!!! All of these products are tried and true awesome products. I already picked up one of the Lancome mascara, its an oldie but goodie! And the clinic take the day off balm cleanser, works so well! I wanted to buy the It cosmetics cleanser but I already have 5 cleansers at home I haven't used yet.... lol. I've been checking at midnigth every night when the new Wow products come on ( I know this sounds a little crazy....)

March Daily Wows!

So happy I got the Lancome mascaras I wanted, thanks for the heads up Brenda!

Re: March Daily Wows!

I don't think I've ever complained as much about Sephora as I have today.  Seriously, daily? Is the expectation that we sit around and wait for a product - at least you have given advance notice, thank you, so we can plan. Be that as it may, I'd much prefer a weekly wow instead of a daily wow - although often it is already sold  (just like bazaar rewards) by the time I can get to the site. Unfortunately, I have many time restraints for which I am not blaming Sephora but if I am a valued customer, why is there such tight limitations? I'm not feeling valued. 

I am just uninspired and confused (changes aren't bad, just confusing) for all the new Rouge stuff.  I qualified for Rouge 2019 in Aug last year, I have no idea if I select a tier gift or not. Just some of my challenges that make me not want to come back. In another thread (which I can't find now) I also saw a suggestion for drugstore brands - please no -  I switched my Ulta to Sephora for that reason.  I stopped department store shopping and switched to Sephora.  Now I can never snag one before sold out - didn't used to be this way.  Are there more buyers or less supply? I am re-evaluating my make-up/skin care/tools shopping habits and if I loose Rouge, I won't be loosing anything it seems. To me, it's making more sense to buy my favorite items at Department stores now instead of Sephora (plus my local Sephora does not carry many items that are not even listed as "online only").


Thank you in advance if you reply to my rant and can make me see flaws in my reasoning. I feel sad giving up on Sephora; started shopping at Sephora in 2000. Maybe it's back to Macy's and Nordstrom.  Macy's has upped their game with the lines they carry.  Nordstrom carries much of what Sephora doesnt. So conflicted.

Re: March Daily Wows!

@ellie50  When it comes to “sit around and wait for a product,” I don’t see how the daily wow is any different from a weekly wow, or any other sale by any other retailer. We’re given advanced notice of an upcoming sale, and we decide whether or not we want to take advantage of that sale. Doesn’t matter if the sale lasts a whole week, only one day, or only 4 hours. It’s the exact same concept. 


Ulta does a lot of flash sales that last mere hours within a day. I don’t get advanced notice of those, and I often miss them because I wasn’t able to check my personal email fast enough to participate. But I don’t feel less valued by Ulta as a result; eh, they had a sale and I missed it (either too many other customers snagged all the sale items, or I completely missed the sale), simple as that. Flash sales are just how Ulta rolls, and they’re not the only kind of sale Ulta does. Similarly, Sephora does more kinds of sales than these daily wows. And rouge members get the best discounts during the larger tier-based-%-off sales. 


Personally, I’ve never shopped exclusively at Sephora for beauty items. I’ve always shopped all over the place. 😄 I’d recommend spreading your shopping around to other stores just as a general practice, if you really want to get the best deals. But remember, short-term sales are not exclusive to Sephora. Many other retailers have them, too. In fact, Macy’s springs to mind first when I think of places that do lots of one-day sales. 

Re: March Daily Wows!

@WinglessOne, kind thanks for your thoughts and suggestions. Weekly wow is available for one week, so if I cannot get it that day, there is potential I could snag it other times (if not popular and sold out). Not so with daily wow. Nor do I sit and monitor my personal email daily for deals as I have a demanding 12-hr day job which doesn't leave much free time among other responsibilities, weekends for catch up.  I stopped being an avid Ulta buyer for many reasons but I don't care for their hourly/daily sales either.  I chuckle at the Macy's one day sale,,,I'm old enough to remember (I'm 63 for reference) when it was just one day and one could snag a great deal (but quality has declined over the past 40 years and now it's no different than shopping at Target)! Macy's was once one of my "go to" stores along with Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom, Saks but relocation changed my accessibility. Guess I am more of a personalized boutique-type shopper than I thought! Sephora used to be boutique-like when they first started but I have loved the expansion of brands and the ability to shop online but I love the experience of in-person shopping still.

Re: March Daily Wows!

@ellie50  Heh, I’m pushing 50 so I also remember how Macy’s and other dept stores used to do one day sales. I also miss Lord & Taylor. And I remember that Marshall Field’s was better overall than Macy’s, and I’m still kinda annoyed by that takeover. When traveling to other states’ Macy’s locations, I’m often surprised (and disappointed) by the available stock. I love Target but if that’s what I wanted, I’d visit a Target instead of a Macy’s. 😄 


Anyway... Thanks to lots of market and usability research, online retailers are generally following a “speed to market” approach. I can’t speak specifically for Sephora since I don’t work for them. But research seems to have convinced retailers that customers—particularly online/digital shoppers—want things very fast, including sales. There’s an overall push to be much more nimble at online business, to get products and marketing out very quickly, and to maintain frequent turnover of offers. Sephora’s daily wow seems to fit right into that strategy. 


Like you (and as I mentioned earlier), I don’t keep a hawk’s watch on my personal email. I miss a lot of flash and one day sales. Heck, I miss a lot of 2 day sales. 😄 I understand your preference for having a full 5-7 days to take advantage of a sale. But personally, I don’t feel less valued because of the length of a sale—especially if I’m given advanced notice (vs. day-of notice) of the sale. Instead, I appreciate Sephora’s advance notice, which I don’t get from many other retailers. Nordstrom, Beautylish, and Pat McGrath Labs are particularly good at giving advanced notice to their mailing lists or rewards members. I think Sephora’s been good at it, too. 

Re: March Daily Wows!

Every day is a one day sale at Macy's 😄

Re: March Daily Wows!

@TrysBeautyItems  Right? 😂 After I posted that, I thought “actually, when does Macy’s NOT have a one-day sale?” I used to get so much promo email from them, I created an inbox folder just for Macy’s email. I should check and see what’s on sale today! 

Re: March Daily Wows!

@WinglessOne Maybe you'll find a hidden sale goodie. I have another email just for promos lol

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