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Live Chat with Natasha Denona


This thread is now closed. Thank you for your participation!


Brand founder Natasha Denona is making her BeautyTalk debut on Wednesday, May 25, to answer your beauty questions. Visit this thread between 12pm and 1pm PDT to ask her anything—from what makes her eyeshadow formulas so pigmented to her go-to product for glowing skin.


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Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Hi my loves! 


I feel like I want to do this every day ❤️ Thank you so much for all of your love and support. I loved your interesting questions and I hope I was able to answer all of you! Until next time....xo Natasha 

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

@NatashaDenonaI'm a huge fan and the Sunset palette is my dream palette, thank you so much for this stunning combination.


Are there particular type of brushes you recommend when using your products? Synthetic or natural?  

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

I have dry eyelids, any recommendations what type of base is recommended before applying your shadows..I find my crease looks patchy from some primers which make my lids even more dry.


Can we expect your makeup line to venture further into other products like skincare or tools?


sorry for so many questions and thank you for answering them!! xox

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

@NatashaDenona Just stopping in today how much I love your products! The sunset palette and sculpt and glow work wonderfully for me. I'm also glad you made 2 different sculpt and glow palettes. The medium/dark works so well for my skin tone. 


Also, do you have any plans to release a cooler toned eyeshadow palette or one with all mattes? I absolutely love the formula of your shadows!!! 

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Not another question, but a request;

Can you pep-talk Sephora to better wrap your products better when shipping? 🙂 
It's a constant issue I notice with a lot of Sephora customers, especially with some of the softer products. The excitement and anticipation of opening that box when it arrives...only to see one piece of crinkle paper was supposed to protect that $50 / $129 / $169 / $239 investment...

I love Sephora, and I love seeing more ND products in-store too!! I flipped to see the All Over Glow in recent months, because that was my first ND product over a year ago now.

Make sure they invest in some bubble wrap, we don't want Sephora to continue to lose customers to Beautylish over something like packing a product adequately. 

Sorry for the rant, love you!!!

Also, I'm super pumped about the NYC ND Beauty School, I hope to enroll in future years. (for me that's 10x more realistic attending versus housing and attending in TLV!)

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Will your new mini shadow palette have talc or without talc? I can't wait to buy them. I have most of the 5 pan and the sunset, getting the star next weekend but holding off to wait for your new mini palette. Is it coming this winter? next year?

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

מדוע המוצרים שלך יותר יקרים בישראל מאשר בספורה ארהב??

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Hi Natasha! If you only had 15 min to do somebody's makeup, what would you do and what would you use? My Sunset palette is in the mail and I can't wait!

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

@makeitup305 I would chose 5-6 products which would make her best personal makeover! 

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

@NatashaDenona.  I forgot to mention in my initial post how much I LOVE your sunset palette!!!! It's just so gorgeous... and I usually don't wear warm neutrals/browns.  I'm happy I was awake at 3am to purchase it! 😄

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

@veronika23 I am so happy you love it! Thank you so much for your support. You really made my day! 

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

That's right @veronika2, happy to have gotten this email today!



@NatashaDenonathanks for being with us today!  It's been a total blast and we can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for us Heart

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Lol @veronika23 your posts about the sunset palette made me go out and find it!!

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Hahha same..I was glad to see I wasn't the only one up 😉

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Will you make another version of the larger shadow palettes without talc?

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Hi @TheMakeupvixen


The talc in the 28 eyeshadow palettes is a very high quality talc and not the one that causes problems to the skin. There are so many different forms of Talc, and I can assure you that the Talc in my eyeshadow formulas is 100% harmless. 


Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Greetings! Love your shadows. Especially the blues and greens. Can you do a 5 palette with "Mermaid" colors? Blues/Greens/Lilacs/Lt. Pink?



Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

Mermaid colors are definitely going to be one of the trends in 2018. It won't be a five palette, but a new product 😉 

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

OMG!!!!! YES!  You just made this day even better!!!! TOTALLY EXCITED!!!!

Re: Live Chat with Natasha Denona

I'm excited too V, need more mermaid colors! 😄

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