The class-action complaint, which was filed in early December of last year, according to legal news site Law 360, centers around Bionic, an anti-aging cream made with aloe-leaf extract, prickly-pear extract, and copper. The suit, filed by two women who purchased the cream for $125 for 1.7 ounces, alleges that they were “duped into paying an exorbitant price for the product, as if it were an effective drug."

"Like a modern-day snake oil salesman, Sunday Riley … preys on consumers' fundamental fear of aging by marketing the [cream] as if it were an FDA-approved drug that could change the physical structure and function of skin itself," the plaintiffs, Helena Armstrong and Lynn Moore, state in the suit, which Racked was the first to resurface in 2017.

In the suit, the plaintiffs cite examples of the brand's alleged "misleading claims" with photographs of its products' descriptions and ingredient labels, including "combatting [sic] every anti-aging concern and cause of aging," "prevent + reverse the effects of aging," and "help to extend the lifespan of your skin."

We've been in touch with Sunday Riley for comment, but the company has issued no formal statement. We've also reached out to Lee Litigation Group, the law firm representing the plaintiffs, but at the time of publication we had not heard back. We will update this post as more information becomes available.