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Epic Rewards 2015: The Aftermath

So... they came and went. Within a matter of minutes.


For those who actually grabbed something, congratulations! Share with us what you got! It'd be fun to do a quick inventory check, just to see how many rewards were available. And, who's going to Paris? 😉


And those who weren't fortunate enough this time, let's encourage each other and wish the best of luck for next time! What would you like to see for the mega rewards next time?


I understand that there are far more people who weren't able to get anything than those who did, so let's be courteous to each other without being snappy! Thank you folks! 😄

Re: Epic Rewards 2015: The Aftermath

I think my only issue with the Epic Reward situation is the way it was communicated. I was one of the BI customers consistently asking for larger rewards and have banked about 5k overtime. I never even had a chance 😞 Congrats truly to those who got them though.

Re: Epic Rewards 2015: The Aftermath

I got the Becca and Anastasia rewards and I'm from Canada

Re: Epic Rewards 2015: The Aftermath

Okay folks, here's what insomnia is doing to me tonight: I tallied up all the numbers of the rewards that were announced to have been redeemed and/or shared on this thread ONLY. I did not add the unfortunate instances of the missing/OOS-after-the-fact rewards, but did count in replacement reward(s). 


So far on this thread we have seen:

[1K] 4 got Givenchy; 10 got Becca; 4 got DDG; 6 got Smashbox; 3 got Fresh; 4 got Bumble and Bumble; 4 got ABH; 2 got Dior

[2K] 3 got Nars; 7 got YSL; 1 got Skin, Inc.; 4 got KVD; 4 got Bobbi Brown; 4 got Benefit; 6 got Stila

[5K] 2 got GA; 1 got E&J; 1 got TF (US version); 2 got Drybar; 2 got Tory Burch

[10K] 1 got V&R; 1 got TF (Canada version vault)


So we have yet to see anyone w/: 2K Sephora, 5K Formula X, 5K Tarte, 10K MJ, 10K NYC Trip, 10K LA trip, 10K Bvlgari and 10K Chloe reward. Why am I leaving out the 10K Paris trip? BECAUSE I'M THE LUCKY ONE!!!!!!!


Just kidding. I so wish. Yeah, we're still waiting to see who's going (or already went?) to Paris. 🙂

Re: Epic Rewards 2015: The Aftermath

Just for accounting purposes and if anyone is curious, I messaged with another woman on IG who also got the E&J reward (and she posted pics and did a YT video so she did actually receive it) so there were at least two of those that can be confirmed. 


Has as anyone seen the Bulgari reward on any social media? That bag looked beautiful. 

Re: Epic Rewards 2015: The Aftermath

oh how did i leave out the bvlgari reward! editing my post now. thanks!!

Re: Epic Rewards 2015: The Aftermath

I'd really love to see pictures of the Chloé set.

Re: Epic Rewards 2015: The Aftermath

IMG_1897.JPGIMG_1893.JPGI got the 2k sephora reward. I haven't posted pictures yet because my daughter begged me to wait for her to get home from camp. So there is this HUGE box waiting to be unpacked. Hopefully Monday I will be able to post the pictures. Congrats to everyone who got a perk! I have been a Sephora shopper for over 15 years and this is the first time I got something really nice for my points. So excited!!!

Re: Epic Rewards 2015: The Aftermath

Can't wait to see your pics! Congrats! 😄

Re: Epic Rewards 2015: The Aftermath

I wonder if the 10K winners are afraid to post since there were so many angry people? Like they would feel guilty or something? I would hope not!


I know a girl on instagram who got the 2K Sephora reward.


I believe there were around 40 of the ABH rewards, based on a snapchat someone posted. I haven't seen a ton of people posting about them though!


Good idea to do counts! Interesting!

Re: Epic Rewards 2015: The Aftermath

I'm thinking the same way re: 10K winners. Or maybe they aren't too savvy with the BT, but then if they were fast enough to snag the 10k rewards, I'm sure they used the link that B2S provided for us on BT, so.... hm. You're right about the availability of the ABH rewards, and multiple rouge concierge CS people confirmed that there were more than a handful of rewards available (some even up to 100s), so I'm thinking it could be just a matter of people not posting on BT for whatever reason. Which I can understand.

Re: Epic Rewards 2015: The Aftermath

Thanks for the tally.  Yes I do agree with everyone else that those rewards are very, very limited. Not surprising but still they were nice rewards!!

Re: Epic Rewards 2015: The Aftermath

I wanted to see a glamorous blog about the Paris trip. I can hope! Kind of like the YouTube video of Dita von Teese showing her day in Paris. With these numbers, the rewards ARE very limited, wow. 

Re: Epic Rewards 2015: The Aftermath

Wow good work!  Now I know what Sephora means by extremely limited quantities.  I was wondering.  

Re: Epic Rewards 2015: The Aftermath

Congrats to all of those who got their beautiful hands on these fabulous rewards! You all deserve it! Until next time when the next epic rewards hit us, I know it will be bigger than this year. Hopefully, more of us Beauty Insiders will get a chance to redeem something. Cheers! 😄

Re: Epic Rewards 2015: The Aftermath

Wee! Sephora for the win!


My Rewards order arrived on Monday, but there wasn't a large box sitting and waiting for me at my door, just the regular little box wedged behind my storm door. I was pretty disappointed, but I can't say I didn't expect it. I just knew in my heart of hearts that they weren't going to send my BECCA Epic Reward.


I called the VIB Rouge Concierge line to report the missing products, mostly because I didn't know who else to call that might be more helpful. This was not a great choice, since the woman on the line, although nice, was pretty used to saying "Sorry, we're sold out. Because I don't have an order for this product, I cannot just send out another one, but I can give you your points back." I informed her that I knew it wasn't her fault, but her inability to even be able to look into the matter or tell me for certain if the reward was marked as shipped or not wasn't good enough. She simply asked me to email the address for the Epic Rewards and I would eventually get a reply. Feeling a bit defeated, I went online after speaking with her and placed Champagne Pop in my basket and debated hitting checkout for about 20 minutes before I decided that I didn't want to risk it selling out before things were resolved.


Now, I'm not one to leave things alone. I sent Sephora a quick tweet about not getting my reward. At this point, I was resigned to the fact that I would have to pay for the products I wanted (which was everything but the blush), so I simply wanted to know what happened and to stick up for any other Canadians who might've been stiffed in the whole process. I received a response within an hour asking for my order number, and subsequently informing me that they would be checking with the Canadian Distribution centre about what happened. I was informed that process would take a couple days. My thought was "great, now I can find out what happened!"


A little over 24 hours later, I received a response on Twitter that although there are no more BECCA Epic Reward boxes to send out, they would be sending me comparable BECCA products within the next few days. How can I argue with that? Since I was obviously looking to purchase these products, I knew the Canadian Distribution centre was sold out of the brush and blush, I was all set to manage expectations.

Today, the fabled box arrived! A much larger box than I am used to, but still wedged between the doors (god bless Canada post, lol!)









Bonus: @fanny_thecat (on instagram)



I'm still waiting for the Champagne Pop order I placed Monday, and am considering exchanging that product for the brush. 😄

Good guy Sephora. I am very happy!


Alternate products received:
Ombre Nude Eye Palette

Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle in Fig/Opal

Re: Epic Rewards 2015: The Aftermath

Thanks everyone! I took the time this morning to use all the products I received yesterday. I love them all! The blush is pretty awesome. I love the texture and the nice glow it gives my skin. The eye palette.. LOVE! I would've never bought it for myself since I already horde eye palettes and rarely wear eye makeup, but it's such a welcome addition. Buttery and easy to blend. I tend to agree with those who said it – this reward is better than the original.


Thought it was only fair that I post this replacement reward after all the negativity this forum has seen lately. I am always going to be a Sephora customer, but them going above and beyond with this has really made me feel more appreciated.

Re: Epic Rewards 2015: The Aftermath

So glad they hooked you up! The new version of the reward looks amazing! I got the original version of the Becca reward and am loving everything in it. The Beach Tint Souffle and the eye palette look fantastic though - totally want to try those one day. ps. Your kitty is adorable. 🙂 

Re: Epic Rewards 2015: The Aftermath

Thank you. Fanny likes compliments. 🙂

I still want the brush so badly! How is it?

Re: Epic Rewards 2015: The Aftermath

The brush is going to be ideal for travel and overnighters for me. It's very big, as I'm sure you've seen. It works with foundation very well and you can easily do contour and blush. I prefer a smaller brush for highlight though. You can technically use The One by tilting it on the short side on an edge, but I like more precision control. Overall, I'm really glad to have it. I have a cheaper brush set that I use for on-the-go and travel, and this is far nicer, works better and takes up much less space.

Re: Epic Rewards 2015: The Aftermath

Yay! I'm so glad you are enjoying them, especially the eye palette. I've been a fan of BECCA for years and I'm happy when more people fall in love with their products. That eye palette is a very pleasant surprise. I never knew neutral matte eyeshadows could be so buttery in texture and easy to manage. I would love to see a photo of you in your new products. 🙂 You definitely did get a better reward than the original one!

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