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Wedding Dresses

'Tis the season of engagements. That, plus kellsmuneoka's thread about Ridiculous Prices and IllegallyBlonde's Engagement Rings thread, made me start wondering about wedding dresses. If you're married, what was your dress like? If not, what is your dream dress? How much are you willing to spend?

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Although I'm engaged, I haven't even started looking for a dress because we won't start planning the wedding until my fiance moves up here...but that should be happening soon! My research has now begun by watching marathons of Say Yes to the Dress lol.

Anyway, rant and rave away!

Re: Wedding Dresses

Oh my gosh those are probably the cutest shoes I've ever seen!

Re: Wedding Dresses

I know! And it's so unique I'll probably never see anything like it again. Why does the collection have to come out 2 yrs before I started earning money?!?!?! I'm willing to do/pay anything for a pair of those white ones in size9, but no luck. X.X

Re: Wedding Dresses

coleensweddingdress_revealed-thumb-277x450.jpgI hate ruffles, but this dress speaks to my heart. thanks marchesa. Not getting married for a while but WOW

Re: Wedding Dresses

I got married in a black silk skirt and black cashmere sweater. We had plans for a fancier wedding but a bunch of stuff got in the way and we got tired of putting it off. You can bet that if we have an anniversary party for our upcoming 10-year, I will buy a nice dress.


I had originally wanted a red wedding dress but my spouse's first wife wore a red dress and he asked if I could find something else I wanted.

I had my eye on things like the following (these range in price from $250 to $600-ish - non-white dresses are a lot cheaper than white dresses):








Re: Wedding Dresses

The second one that is ivory with the black overlay...just stunning. I'm searching for it Milly Bride the brand?

Re: Wedding Dresses

No, sorry, I think that's a site I scooped the image off of, since the original one I found wasn't as clear. I don't have my notes on where it was from anymore. 😞  At the time I was looking, these black-and-white dresses were everywhere!

Re: Wedding Dresses

jammiex, i need this dress and i have no intention of ever getting married again! - it is so beautiful - do you know the designer? - thank you for posting


i could go the Green Acres route and wear it while walking around the farm 😄

Re: Wedding Dresses

It's Elizabeth Fillmore's Athena gown. 

Re: Wedding Dresses

i love this dress! i definitely want one like this when i get married ~


Re: Wedding Dresses

Wow that is beautiful!! I don't think I've ever seen anything like it

Re: Wedding Dresses

Congrats jellybean!!! Researching by watching marathons of Say Yes to the Dress is a great way to go!


I got married in August 2012 in a winery. I loved my dress- simple, classic, and timeless. It was a fit and flare dress with lace with a sweetheart neckline. I added a belt to give it a little something extra.


My dress (I wasn't posing so it looks a bit messy). I loved the belt and the bracelet was a wedding gift from my husband.



Close up of the beautiful lace. The broach on my bouquet was my mother's broach from my father, so it was my "something old."

Re: Wedding Dresses

So pretty, Missie! Your dress is so timeless... love the scalloped cut at the bottom and the belt is so perfect! 🙂

Re: Wedding Dresses

Thanks killahbabe! I love the scalloped bottom as well- that is what sold me on the dress versus the other ones!

Re: Wedding Dresses

You look gorgeous, Missie!!!

Re: Wedding Dresses

Thank you so much!!!

Re: Wedding Dresses

Killahbabe your dress is stunning and you looked absolutely beautiful in it.

Re: Wedding Dresses

Thank you so much, Missey! 🙂

Re: Wedding Dresses

I was building my house when I got married. I could get a 1000.00 dress or a washer dryer. I chose the washer dryer. I found a wedding dress at Belk. They use to have a bridal department but they discontinued it so I got my dress for 90% off. I paid 75.00 for it 15 years ago. Today, I would tell my kids to save their money and go get a used wedding dress from a second hand store. No one will know it is used if you don't tell them. You only where the thing for a couple hours and it then sets in your closet from then on. My washer and dryer was a much better investment for me.

Re: Wedding Dresses

I went through a Say Yes to the Dress marathon phase as well after getting engaged. I was a bit more relaxed during the wedding planning process though. People freaked out when, by February, I didn't have a dress purchased (my wedding was in July). I saw no reason to stress, so I didn't. And it made wedding planning actually FUN for me.


Anyway, here's my dress (no idea why I couldn't find a stock photo of the back without writing on it)!


The back:


The front:


We looked so young! (Ignore my sweaty face... it was like 110 degrees on the Gulf Coast)


Re: Wedding Dresses

You look like a mermaid 🙂 Congrats! I live on the Gulf Coast as well so I know your pain.

Re: Wedding Dresses

Thank you, Spyski! 🙂 My wedding was the first time I've ever been to the Gulf Coast (Destin, FL specifically) so perhaps July was a bad time to choose. My curls fell flat and everyone was sticky-sweaty by the end of the night, but it was such a fun experience. I honestly can't wait to go back! 🙂

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