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Happy 1000 hearts beautytester!!

Good job and congratulations on earning 1000 hearts! I love reading your posts, they are always very informative and I have actually bought a lot of the product that you reccommend. So anyway, congrats on getting so many and hopefully you get a thousand more:)

Re: Happy 1000 hearts beautytester!!

Congratulations, Beautytester!!  1,000 heart is a major accomplishment!!!  I enjoy reading your posts, and learning from your beauty knowledge.  *hands out ice cream because it's so hot outside*

Re: Happy 1000 hearts beautytester!!

Congrats BeautyTester!


Thanks for all your fantastic tips and advice, and for being such an active member of our boards!




Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Happy 1000 hearts beautytester!!

Congrats Beauty Tester! Great job=)


❤️ Melissa

Re: Happy 1000 hearts beautytester!!

@Gymchic. Thanks for hosting the party. Now I'm curious, what did you buy per my recommendation? which ones did you like and which ones didn't work for you?

Re: Happy 1000 hearts beautytester!!

@beautytester- I know about three off the top of my head, I'm sure there are more but these are my faves and ones I use most frequently.

Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20- Just bought this and I LOVE it!

PTR sunscreen powder- I use this every day as a last touch of SPF, even over my Nars TM for extra protection.

Maybelline Baby Soft lipbalm- ok, not from Sephora, but probably my favorite lip balm for hydration.

Fresh Sugar lipbalms- I had the bday gift of these but I recently bought one of the kits from Fresh that had the coral lipbalm in it. The kit was about 28 bucks and it had three or four Fresh products, so it was a better deal than spending 22 bucks on a slightly bigger lip balm.


I really like your suggestions because they aren't too expensive or too "out there" lol. Thanks again for being a great contributor to these boards:)

Re: Happy 1000 hearts beautytester!!

Congrats!! I always enjoy reading your posts!!

Re: Happy 1000 hearts beautytester!!

AWWW, thank you very much guys! Yay, now I've joined the 1k+ club, lol.


I enjoyed posting/learning about beauty stuff and chatting with you guys very much! After going through 5 stage of obsession (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance), I've learned it's ok to not comment on a post if I've got nothing to say...and to remember to sign in occasionally so I can heart posts.


Here's a little present for you guys!

(in addition to promos from the weekly special: forall, yourgift etc etc)

  1. bigspf - very good, still active
  2. stilafan (or trystila)
  3. befinish
  4. smashbb
  5. caviar
  6. benefiance
  7. briteprep
  8. 7days
  9. extrafirm
  10. muradx2
  11. ptrserum
  12. sparkle

And when I'm having a bad day, this video of PURE ADORABLENESS always makes me laugh and feel better (it's ok to fall and get blown away, just gotta shake it off and regroup. tehee):



Re: Happy 1000 hearts beautytester!!

Happy 1000 hearts! I always enjoy reading your posts and thoughtful comments.

Re: Happy 1000 hearts beautytester!!

Happy 1000 Hearts beauty tester!!! All your hard work posting paid off! Thanks for helping me with my beauty issues and everyone else!

Re: Happy 1000 hearts beautytester!!

Hey, congrats beautytester!  I love reading your posts-theyre always so helpful.  I'm sure you'll be at 2000 in no time!  Talk to you soon 🙂

Re: Happy 1000 hearts beautytester!!

Yay Beautytester! Happy 1000 very well deserved hearts 🙂

Re: Happy 1000 hearts beautytester!!

Wow, congratulations beautytester!  I remember giving you one of your first hearts and here you are at 1000!  Superb job, your posts are always informative and interesting.


Keep up the great work, we all appreciate it!

Re: Happy 1000 hearts beautytester!!

Congrats beautytester!!!! Thank you for always being informative and helpful!



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