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The Mental Wellness Thread

When we think of "self-care" we most often think of our physical health and we sometimes forget that mental wellbeing is another very important part of self-care. It's especially difficult when we're dealing with the rush of everyday life (work, school, family, etc.) So many negative things happen on a daily basis - in our lives and in others', which we see on the news. Since mental health and physical health go hand-in-hand, this thread is an attempt to break the cycle of thinking negatively in hopes that we all start to think in a more positive way and, in turn, see our physical health boost as wellEven when it seems like nothing could get worse, there has to be something we can smile about


Join me in sharing with the community one good thing (big or small) about your day!


RE: The Mental Wellness Thread

Reminder: You are awesome!

Re: RE: The Mental Wellness Thread

We all need this reminder! <333

Re: The Mental Wellness Thread

This is a great thread! I've been in a massive depressive state this whole last year. I've been super stressed this last month as well, lots of travel, which I love, but driving many hours and miles a day starts to wear my ole bones down. Been caught in flash floods, so many rainstorms lately, I've been just drained and want to just stay in bed. On Saturday, I had to drive 4 hours each way through non-stop rainstorms. People were hydroplaning and wrecking so it was a very slow and long drive. But I made it to SLC just fine, and saw a band I love so much, Ghost. They put on such an incredible artistic show, I felt rejuvenated and like I was waking up again. It's helped me look forward to life and this next year. I have so much I want to see and do, but financially I know I won't be able to. But I actually feel like trying now. 

Re: The Mental Wellness Thread

@Samtian How cool that you got to see Ghost live! 😱 I love that you found the good in life again. Thank you so much for this. I’ve been in a similar funk lately and this has made me feel a little better. Hang in there. Feel free to PM me any time! 🧸

Re: The Mental Wellness Thread

@joragroy Thank you! I'm glad my story has helped. I'm here if you ever need to PM as well!

Re: The Mental Wellness Thread

Late last week my partner lost his job - a career he has been successful in, working for the same company, for more than 10 years. Luckily, we have some savings so it’s not a horrible situation but he is devastated and frustrated going through the application interview process after so much time. 


If anything, this is a good thing. He was constantly stressed out and did not enjoy his team at work and it was starting to impact our personal lives. I’ve been supportive and he’s been so appreciative of that and I think it’s helping him move in the right direction. 


So, for now, going to exercise class every day and continuing to rub lots of stuff on my face (his words, not mine, haha) is helping us both find some normalcy. 


Any my thoughts or experiences with this that may be helpful? If not, pictures of cute animals?!?

Re: The Mental Wellness Thread

@scott1201 You’re in my thoughts! 



Re: The Mental Wellness Thread

Thank you so much, @joragroy 🙂 this picture is ADORABLE

Re: The Mental Wellness Thread

@scott1201  I went through the same thing about 5 years ago. It was pretty rough because my partner was very depressed and frustrated. It was definitely one of the most difficult things we have been through. I just tried to stay as supportive and optimistic as possible. It took a few months but he found a fantastic job. Definitely keep your “me time”. You both will need as much stress relief as you can get. I think the hardest for my partner was not having somewhere to go everyday, so I would try to come up with things to keep him busy when he didn’t have interviews. Good luck🤞

Re: The Mental Wellness Thread

It's so funny, our situations are almost exactly the same! 


Today I made my partner a literal to-do list and he has decided to try out Uber for the day. At least it gets him out of the house and doing something! 


Thank you for your comment and hopefully we will come out stronger 🙂 @faeriegirl 

Re: The Mental Wellness Thread

I’ve been pretty down on myself lately, a lot of bad news and hardships in my life, but I’m trying more to focus on today. I took a mental health day today, mostly relaxing and enjoying my favorite things. I had a slice of NY pizza from my favorite pizzeria and on my way home from running an errand, I saw an ice cream truck and satisfied this soft-serve craving I’ve had for weeks. It was a small win, but it was a win. Sharing this treat with you all too! 




Re: The Mental Wellness Thread

That ice cream cone looks delicious. I think it's so important to treat ourselves:even if it's just with something small like a sweet treat or a new lipstick. <333

Re: The Mental Wellness Thread

@PenelopeBT I agree! I’ve been practicing a strict diet for a year now that helped me lose the last 15 lbs I was struggling with (plus Pilates and yoga) and while I didn’t find it too difficult to maintain, I’ve recently stopped and noticed I’ve been stress eating. It’s hard to do something for physical wellness when your mental state isn’t great, but I’m sure I’ll get back on track eventually. 

Re: The Mental Wellness Thread

Small world! I do Pilates and yoga on a weekly basis. It helps me feel strong and yoga calms my mind. To me, everything is about balance and I love indulging in a sweet treat every now and then. <333

Re: The Mental Wellness Thread

Good for you @lnum   Hopefully you got to recharge a bit. Extra sprinkles are always a good idea 🥰

Re: The Mental Wellness Thread

@lipstick4soul Yes! I’ve been reflecting on the amount of time (or lack thereof) I get with my loved ones and think that needs to change. 

Re: The Mental Wellness Thread

@lnum Thank you for sharing. I’m so happy that you have the strength to realize when you need a break and the strength to actually take a break. Mental wellness wins are ALWAYS big! That ice cream cone looks delicious. 😋

Re: The Mental Wellness Thread

@joragroy I feel like it’s always hard recognizing and admitting to yourself you need a mental break. I’ve been negotiating whether it’s worth just doing longer hours to complete my work and then taking a half day here and there for the sake of being out of the office, or trying to work from home more and taking half days that way. Sometimes it’s being at work that is the stressor rather than doing the work. 

Re: The Mental Wellness Thread

@lnum I totally agree. Being at work seems like a stress all on its own. I’m no expert by any means, but definitely I’d try working from home for a bit rather than doing longer hours at work. That way you have a cozy environment where you can take breaks as needed, blast your favorite music and really get in the zone. Working is hard enough without having to also be considerate of your surroundings the entire time!

Re: The Mental Wellness Thread

@joragroy Being considerate of your environment is definitely something that happens because we have an open office space with cubicles, so that means constant interruptions and no scented candles. 😂

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