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Post in Wellness Warriors

International Self Care Day ✨️


Hello BIC! Today (July 24, 2023) is International Self Care Day! I thought I would check in and see what you do for self care when you have time?

Re: International Self Care Day ✨️

Love this @Mellmars1185 ! 🥰 Today I tried to plan some healthy meals and take a nice long walk with my pup, trying to be totally present and letting him enjoy all the sniffs. My goal was to find at least 3 things that made me happy as I looked around. I found way more than 3! I love to use my  VOLUSPA Forbidden Fig Glass Jar Candle in the kitchen as I cook as well. Yummy! 

Re: International Self Care Day ✨️

@Sunnysmom That sounds wonderful. Candles are so comforting and pleasing to the senses. I am sure your pup appreciated the walk as much as you did 💞

Re: International Self Care Day ✨️

@Mellmars1185 I have my special bathroom time before bed.  It's my time to decompress. 


This next one is totally selfish: I get such a kick out of doing little things for others.  It makes me feel so much better.   There was a local pickle event that my coworkers and I never made it to this weekend so I picked up some jars for a sampling tomorrow.  I also wrote up cards to my sister abroad and brother in law who is deployed with the best stickers.  And I even had beautiful stamps on them.

Re: International Self Care Day ✨️

@greeneyedgirl107 I think you are on to something. I have been listening to a certain podcast and they keep talking about giving back. How giving to others is very rewarding. That is amazing! What do you put in your pickle brine?


Re: International Self Care Day ✨️

@Mellmars1185 I've always wanted to make refrigerator pickles, but never did.  I just picked up 2 jars from Aldi's and 3 from Trader Joe's.   If I had more time, I would've picked up even more. I could have waited until next week I guess but I wanted to surprise everyone at work while they still had pickle fever.

Re: International Self Care Day ✨️

@greeneyedgirl107 That is really sweet of you! 

Re: International Self Care Day ✨️

@Mellmars1185 it was a hit!!!  

Re: International Self Care Day ✨️

Some things that I am doing today for self care are:


  • My workout
  • Preparing a healthy dinner
  • Taking some time to read
  • A face mask and a hair mask 


Somedays I create a checklist in my planner for self care. I tend to get things done when I can cross things off of my to do list. I always feel like self care makes me feel good. I have to take care of myself so I can be there for my loved ones 🥰

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