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Post in Wellness Warriors

Hi everyone. I am new here.

Hi all. I suffer from self esteem issues. I am the first person to help someone. But when it comes to asking for help.  It is hard for me. Any ideas that may help with my confidence and self esteem.

Re: Hi everyone. I am new here.

@Harmoney1972   The best advice I can give you is to give yourself a goal big or small.  Learn a few words in a new language or a whole new language, a new skill or read a book and gain some new knowledge.  Anything that will make it so you can claim you are better in some way and more knowledgeable than you were yesterday.  Don’t compare yourself to others but to who you were yesterday.  
Remember you are your own worst bully and that the mean things you tell yourself are not true.  If you wouldn’t say something you tell yourself to someone else then DO not accept that treatment from yourself.  If you ever find yourself saying something mean to yourself, write it down.  Then challenge it’s truth and reword your statement in a way that is kinder and more forgiving. For example 

‘I am always messing up’ can be turned into ‘I make a lot of mistakes but I have learned so much from them’ 

Also, if you ever want a quick boost in happiness for whatever reason, do something nice for someone.  Providing happiness to others is a sure way to make yourself feel good.  


Re: Hi everyone. I am new here.

I also suffer from self esteem issues too. People constantly bullying me its like i am not good enough for anything. any ideas to raising my self esteem?

Re: Hi everyone. I am new here.

@cunninbj I would say don’t try to compare or be like other people. Accept who you are as a unique individual and do things that make you feel good and happy. At the end of the day they probably bully you because they have insecurities. 

Give yourself constant reminders or pep talks about what makes you great or different from others. This could be talking to a mirror or words of affirmations in a notebook or journal. 

I was bullied in junior high a lot and I feel like that was due to jealously that girls had with me. I had no beef with any of them but they had beef with me. 

Re: Hi everyone. I am new here.

@SportyGirly125 The last part of your post is so true, some people got almost obsessed with me when I was at school, but I never understood why, probably is the same reason you had the issue yourself 😥 but we grew out of it, right? stronger and aware of our surroundings 😎🥰 (and the weirdest thing is: the more you go on with your life and mind your business, the more attached they become) 😂

Re: Hi everyone. I am new here.

@Skunk12puzzola For the longest time I had trust issues with girls because even some of my closest friends became mean to me when I was a kid. One time in elementary school when I was 10 years old and another time when I was 14 in junior high. 

One of them would prank call me with her new friends and had one of my photos (taking studio pics was really popular back then) wrote a nasty message, scratched off my face and put it in my locker. Other times girls would just start fights with me I never met.  I hated those years the most. 


Kids can be really cruel and it can stick with you.  Growing up I didn’t have many friends that were girls because of it. I had no problems being friends with guys. I found they brought less drama.


I only have a select few girl friends who are still my friends today. It wasn’t until I became really active on BIC years ago where that all changed. I met really amazing women and people who are empowering and encouraging and the best people. 

Re: Hi everyone. I am new here.

@SportyGirly125 Biggest hug to you friend 🤗😘 School years were tough ones for me too...some people in my class talked in a nasty way about me, and basically the whole school (it was very small) turned against me....those people had the incredible ability to make up things and I felt very lonely. Even today, when I met new people, I want to know who are friends with who, because I have ptsd, and I always have a feeling that they are against me and behind my back, they are confabulate in a nasty way. Thank you for opening up with us 💗 I know what it feels like to have such a heavy past, so I know that it takes a lot of courage to talk about these things in public.

Re: Hi everyone. I am new here.

@Skunk12puzzola 🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️

Re: Hi everyone. I am new here.

@Harmoney1972 I think it takes time.  I know after having kids I was dealing with a lot of self esteem and confidence issues.  I started to get physical therapy to help guide me in the right direction and am slowly starting to feel good about myself.  


Just remember to try not to compare how you look to people on social media.  You are your own unique individual and are special in your own way.

Re: Hi everyone. I am new here.

Thankyou so much. you have a good night. 🙂

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