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Post in Wellness Warriors

Bryan Johnson's Blueprint

If you dont know who Bryan Johnson is, and are into wellness, i suggest you search for his name on Youtube.


He created a longevity wellness protocol.


I do not follow everything he does because its expensive and extreme, but i started doing a few things.


I discovered Bryan from a Youtube video, and i love his philosophy.


The one thing that got my attention is when he was talking about how sleep is one of the most if not the most important thing. 


Ive been trying to sleep better for a long time, and Bryan made it where i realised more that sleeping isnt only resting.


Sleeping is letting our cells regenerate. When we dont sleep enough, alot of us say "ill get my rest back later", but.... once those cells are used/damaged, if we do not rest well, those cells stay damaged or die.


The more new cells our body needs to create, the more..... we age faster.


Here is what im trying to achieve right now:


-Stop beign stubborn and get good sleep everyday 

-Eat better (im not doing it like Bryan, i still eat pizza and other things sometimes lol)



Right now im having my version of his *Green Giant* (healthy supplement cocktail drink), but i still need to find good collagen and aminos products. 


From the drink i removed the Chlorella powder as i already take it in pill form. I also do not have the Cocoa powder (taste is awfull).


I eat the *Supper Veggie*. I do not add cumin to it, i cant stand the taste.


Next i will get onto the *Nutty pudding*. I need to gather the food and ingredients.


So far i eat the Super Veggie 3-4 times a week. 


My idea for soon is that when i will incorporate the Nutty Pudding, that it might be what i eat in the morning with the Green Giant.


My original goal for partly following the Blueprint protocol wasnt for longevity, but to be healthier in general. 


Also, i eat a smaller portion of the Super Veggie and add a protein. Bryan is vegan (by choice) its not part of his protocol. 


I might also eat a smaller portion of the Nutty pudding if its too much for me. 


About supplementation, i already take a few supplements:  Chlorella, fermented black garlick, Vitamin D3 with K2; im not planning to add more supplements for now.



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