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2022 Self-Care Check-in Challenge: Tell us your solo relaxation tips!

2022 Self-Care Check-In Challenge2022 Self-Care Check-In Challenge


Welcome to 2022, Beauty Insider Community! At this point, the importance of “self-care” is talked about so often that it sometimes almost feels like a chore. Which totally defeats the purpose, right? Self-care is important, but it’s meant to be restorative and enjoyable. 🧖‍♀️ That’s why we’re reviving our Self-Care Check-in Challenge, this time with weekly inspiration for themed rituals and beauty resolutions to incorporate into your own self-care routines.


Check back weekly and let us know in the replies: How are you committing to the self-care theme of the week? Share your tips and tricks, or just get motivated by others (you can even check out @haleyvvvv's 2022 Beauty Resolutions/Goals  thread for more inspirational beauty resolutions to kick-start your new year)! And if a certain theme doesn’t speak to your personal self-care needs, skip it! But don’t forget to stop by to cheer on your fellow BIC-ers. 📣


  • Week 1 (1/5 – 1/11) – Getting active (…and if contouring is your cardio, that’s cool too!) 🏅
  • Week 2 (1/12 – 1/18) – Taking care of your hair 💇‍
  • Week 3 (1/19 – 1/25) – Improving your sleep routine 😴
  • Week 4 (1/26 – 2/1) – Trying a new wellness trend (supplements, CBD, gua sha, oh my!) 🔮
  • Week 5 (2/2 – 2/8) – Staying organized and productive 📚
  • Week 6 (2/9 – 2/15) – Setting a skincare goal for 2022 😚
  • Week 7 (2/16 – 2/22) – Meditating and mindset 🧘🏼‍
  • Week 8 (2/23 – 3/1) – Relaxing solo (how do you like to unwind when you get a minute to yourself?) 💆🏻‍


Reply below to share how *you* self-care, and don’t forget to tag any products you’re using (if applicable!) using the “#” sign!

Re: 2022 Self-Care Check-in Challenge: What’s Your Self-Care Goal of the Season?

@Saradestin Lol, I actually just applied to a couple jobs in Florida (literally yesterday). I need to get out of this snow. 😂

Re: 2022 Self-Care Check-in Challenge: What’s Your Self-Care Goal of the Season?

@Saradestin I've been trying to get back out there and run but it's been hard to motivate myself. 6 miles of power-walking is SUCH a workout - good for you!

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