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Valentine's Day Fragrances and Activities

Hey BIC!


Valentine’s Day is coming up in two short weeks! Whether you are going to spend the day with your besties, your significant other or with number one we want to know your ideas for what makes a great Valentine’s Day! We know that many are struggling to figure out what to gift and may also be stressing over planning a date idea.


This community is always full of great ideas so I wanted to open up two questions to you to see if we can help the greater Sephora community out:

  1. What specific fragrance(s) would you love to receive as a gift (Sephora brands please!)
  2. What’s a fun plan for Valentine’s Day with or without a  plus one? Please share suggestions for romantic date tips, a night of self-care, etc. 🙂


Can’t wait to read your responses and hopefully fall in love with new fragrances!


Re: Valentine's Day Fragrances and Activities

@ZombieMetroAnt That's a lovely bottle! A good fit for a Chloé fragrance. I surprise myself with how much I like some of the Chloé fragrances, so I am excited to hear about Nomade! Quentin Bisch is behind some really interesting fragrances, too.

Re: Valentine's Day Fragrances and Activities

Don't mean to enable @lachaton but the fragrance is to pre-launch on tomorrow, Feb. 1. Heart Followed by a release in the U.K.(Feb. 15), France (Feb. 26) and the rest of the world on March 1.

Re: Valentine's Day Fragrances and Activities

Super pretty bottle! 

Re: Valentine's Day Fragrances and Activities

Love these kinds of questions!! Okay here it goes:

Fragrance) I would LOVE Jo Malone or the new Miu Miu L'eau Rose (kinda Valentine's day related.

Fun Plans) For a date I know it's kinda cheesy, but fondue restaurants are really fun. I don't know if it's because you have to kinda cook your own food, but I feel like it's also like a couple's activity as well without the clean up ;). A couples spa day followed by a nice dinner is always welcomed as well even if that date is at home on the couch eating take out while basking in the relaxation from your spa day.


For just yourself - I say take yourself out to a nice restaurant! We have a few places here that specialize in singles only specials that day with really nice cocktails/food at a great price that I know single friends will go together and hang out that day (please don't drink and drive). They ALWAYS look like they're having a fabulous time, and I kinda wish I could join in LOL. Or if that's not your thing take yourself out to a museum you've wanted to go to as it's about that time of the year when they change up what's on display or even a movie. I really like that it appears that more and more places are having singles only specials that I wish were around when I was single. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

Re: Valentine's Day Fragrances and Activities

I LOVE fondue restaurants @niki172! Our favourite one here makes a killer beef fondue (or, can I say, WE make a killer beef fondue??) I can't handle dairy so we typically pass on the cheese fondue but I love cooking our food in broth. Soooo good!


Then chocolate fondue follows! 😄

Re: Valentine's Day Fragrances and Activities

@niki172 Maybe it is cheesy 😉 but I agree with you that fondue is so much fun!

Re: Valentine's Day Fragrances and Activities

@lachaton couldn't help myself with that pun lol!

Re: Valentine's Day Fragrances and Activities

Oooh this is fun. Here are mine:

1) Tom Ford Noir de Noir: It is on my wish list for sometimes now. I’m still saving for it. I think it is rosy, mysterious and just perfect for V-day.

2) We have a little toddler so he keeps us busy all the time. A nice quiet relaxing time just the 2 of us would be nice. I’d like to have a short weekend getaway while my baby over his grand parents but heck a dinner, a movie and off to bed early sounds good to me as well. Lol 😂 

Re: Valentine's Day Fragrances and Activities

I’ve never tried it, but I think I’d love to receive Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey as a Valentine’s gift. I can’t imagine my husband would attempt to gift me fragrance, but I can always hope for a gift card, especially since he’ll be away on business over Valentine’s Day. 


Having young kids, we don’t really celebrate the holiday, but we usually exchange a card, and have a nice meal at home. Since I’m on my own that day, I’m going to involve the kids in making their own heart-shaped pizzas for dinner. Then I think I’ll make myself an awesome Lush bath after the kids have gone to bed, and enjoy a luxurious soak with a glass of sparkling wine and a good book. 

Re: Valentine's Day Fragrances and Activities

OMG - JM Nectarine Blossom and Honey is one of my all time favorite perfumes! ❤️   @Beadshopgirl

Re: Valentine's Day Fragrances and Activities


I love the heart shaped pizza idea! I make a lot of heart shaped foods in February 😛

Re: Valentine's Day Fragrances and Activities

@Beadshopgirl Nectarine Blossom and Honey is one of my favourites from JM! It's a nice blend of fruity and floral, and I don't come across peachy fragrances too often. It's one of my preferences for the summer when it's hot. 

Re: Valentine's Day Fragrances and Activities

@lachaton @modernwarpaint That sounds good! I really love CK Eternity Now, but it’s too strong and too sweet, so I always mix it with something else to tone it down. I’m all about light and fruity scents though. My go-to is Fresh Sugar Lychee. 

Re: Valentine's Day Fragrances and Activities

Nectarine Blossom and Honey is a bright, playful, fruity fragrance.  When you first smell it, it smells tart and succulent.  The citrus and peach are very apparent.  The dry down reminds me of Dolce and Gabbana's Light Blue, but better.  I'm partial to Jo Malone though since Light Blue absolutely stinks on me.  I like the NB & H, however, the lasting power is not as long as other heavier scents.  This could be positive for some people who are sensitive to certain scents.  It's a beautiful, refreshing scent - but I prefer Wild Bluebell and Wood Sage & Sea Salt.  Definitely give it a try!

Re: Valentine's Day Fragrances and Activities

My husband and I miss a lot of holidays due to business trips, too, @Beadshopgirl.  I hope you get to celebrate when he gets back!

Re: Valentine's Day Fragrances and Activities

Both are great @Beadshopgirl. I think Nectarine Blossom and Honey is one of the best JM scents of all time. Lush bath with a sparkling wine sounds so good 😍

Re: Valentine's Day Fragrances and Activities

1. Good Valentine Day fragrances would be YSL Mon Paris or Lancome La Vie Est Belle.


2. Wine tasting! This can be done by yourself or with others and can be done at home or elsewhere. As long as there is wine to be tasted it counts at wine tasting. I find wine pairs well with Goldfish crackers. Pro tip. 

Re: Valentine's Day Fragrances and Activities

I love Mon Paris @alexasteph! It smells so yummy!

Re: Valentine's Day Fragrances and Activities

1) Miu Miu L’eau Rosee - such a beautiful confident scent. It has a young florally powdery scent which I love. 💗 


2) Cooking a meal at home with a significant other or girlfriends would be ideal. A meal that hasn’t been cooked before, so it feels like something new and a bit exciting to try a new dish. Reminiscing of good times and spending real quality time, no mobile devices or electronics. Followed by a real conversation while doing something together. That something could be as simple as playing scrabble, putting together a puzzle, something that is hands on where you work together. There are a lot of electronic distractions and putting those all aside can make one appreciate being human. 

Re: Valentine's Day Fragrances and Activities

1. I adore Fleur Jolie Lavande by Tory Burch with Mon Guerlain a close second, either of these fragrances would be very much appreciated by me on Valentines Day.

2. Our Valentines Day evening will probably be a call to Dominos to order their heart shaped pizza and then feet up in front of the telly to binge watch My 600lb Life. We're pretty fancy.

Re: Valentine's Day Fragrances and Activities

What a great idea! Here are some of my suggestions:

1. Miu Miu L’eau Bleau- this is the only one I would like to own that I feel would be a great V-Day gift. As for fragrances I already own that I would recommend especially for a V-Day date night: V&R Bon Bon, V&R Flowerbomb, Versace Bright Crystal, Chloe Roses, Burberry Blush.

2. Fun dates for a plus one: wine tasting, couples cruise (one night), homemade candlelight dinner, dancing, fancy dinner by water or nice view. Fun activities for yourself: put on a face mask, drink hot chocolate, do your nails- just appreciate yourself! Self care is the best care ❤️

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