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The May Favorites Thread 2019!



Can you all believe it’s already time for another monthly favorites thread?! It feels like just yesterday we were sharing our April must-haves. We love learning about the products other beauty lovers have been enjoying to most each month and we’re so excited to see which hair, skincare, fragrance, and makeup products you used the most during the month of May. As always, whether the products are new, a faithful holy-grail, or maybe just a favorite you rediscovered, we are here for it and want to know about it!


I’ll get the party started. Here are my May favorites:


Which products were your May faves? Show & tell!





Re: The May Favorites Thread 2019!

@itsfi Thank you! The primer is amazing, very light weight and I love that it gives a natural pore less look not too matte but not too radiant either. I even wear it over my spf on days when I'm not wearing makeup 🙂 

Re: The May Favorites Thread 2019!

I have a lot of favorites this months due to all sales!! Most are new favorites I picked up and a couple of old favorites I revisited this month. Sorry I can’t tag any of them cause I’m on mobile and tagging in mobile hasn’t been working...


-Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40: This seems to be a collective community favorite this month, I’m not the only one who has mentioned it! As a primer, it seems to play well with every foundation I wear and I haven’t had any issues with sun damage. I may give the matte version a try when I use up this bottle though, only for the warmer weather. During the cooler months this guy is perfection. 


-Urban Decay Born To Run: After wanting this palette so bad but felt unable to justify it, I finally picked it up for $7 after an Ulta coupon and redeeming points. Wow what a great palette! I love UD shadows anyway, but the shade variety is really great. It’s an all-in-one palette with neutrals for everyday, blacks, grays, and purples for a smoky look, and pops of pinks, blues, and greens for interest. If I hadn’t of gotten it earlier I would have grabbed it on sale now. I can’t speak highly enough of BTR, go get it!!


-Too Faced Natural Lust Bronzer: Another $7 pick up from Ulta. A couple things I love about this bronzer are the shades are beautiful for a summer glow, the bronzer is a nice shade for both contouring and warmth, and the highlight is the perfect soft gold to compliment it. Finally, the size! It’s so big and the same cost as any other compact bronzer. Value + quality can’t be beat. 


-Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Palette is Lovegasm: The 20% off plus an eBates rebate allowed me to grab this bad boy for less than $40. I just really wanted it because it’s just so pretty. I chose Lovegasm over Lightgasm for the shades, I wanted something a little darker and warmer for summer. I’ve been reaching for it a lot since I got it! 


-IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream: I used this for a long time but found myself fall out of love with it for a bit. I decided to give it another try and it’s been placed back in the ol foundation rotation. I don’t know if it’s the new primer or my skin due to a new routine but it’s never performed this well for me, even when I obsessed and sang it’s praises to everyone. It’s the exact same bottle too! So I’m not sure what the deal is but I’m not mad about it. 


-Clinique Take Off The Day Cleansing Cloths: Of all the TOTD formulas this is my favorite. I’ve used them before, tried other cloths, different brands, etc, and these one just work. I find cleansing cloths either irritate my skin or leave a greasy film and these do neither. They also do a great job of removing all of my makeup, including liquid lipstick. My skin feels comfortable and cleansed, and I don’t feel like I need to do more on nights I’m just too tired or lazy to devote more time to my skin. 

Re: The May Favorites Thread 2019!

@alexasteph Born to Run is sooooo good!  And I also got Glowgasm, but haven’t used it yet bc I don’t want to mess it up....💗

Re: The May Favorites Thread 2019!

@Tamara76 I have that problem with pretty products too! Lovegasm wears so nicely through, so it’s as pretty on as it is in the compact. 

Re: The May Favorites Thread 2019!

Great products! haha I know, it was so hard to narrow my list down this month 😄



Re: The May Favorites Thread 2019!

@alexasteph ...definitely a month of many faves.  Also, I had no idea TOTD cloths were a thing, you have me curious.

Re: The May Favorites Thread 2019!

@danielledanielle Yeah they’re great! I’m not a fan of the liquid, and I like the solid for the shower, but the cloths are perfect for the end of the day when I’m not in the mood to deal with anything else.

Re: The May Favorites Thread 2019!

@alexasteph - Great buy on the UD Born to Run palette.  I just bought it today from Sephora's sale section for about 40% off.

Re: The May Favorites Thread 2019!

@Titian06 Yeah, I totally would have picked it up if I hadn’t already! Such a good deal. 

Re: The May Favorites Thread 2019!

Love your mini reviews that you gave, @alexasteph :).

Re: The May Favorites Thread 2019!

Thanks @CookieGirl1, if I’m gunna call something my favorite I feel like I should describe why!

Re: The May Favorites Thread 2019!

@SportyGirly125 The ND Bronzer Palette is next on my list!💗

Re: The May Favorites Thread 2019!

@Tamara76 can’t wait for you to get it. 

Re: The May Favorites Thread 2019!

@SportyGirly125omg  - I have been using the ND Tan palette every single day!  LOVE!

@SportyGirly125 what is your favorite sunscreen to wear w...

@SportyGirly125 what is your favorite sunscreen to wear with makeup? I'm trying some different ones, and I'm looking very oily twords the end of the day,,,,I see ND I am getting that!!

Re: @SportyGirly125 what is your favorite sunscreen to wear w...

Thank you! @SportyGirly125 

Re: The May Favorites Thread 2019!

@SportyGirly125 I'm with @jen143xo I'm loving all these products, and they are either on my list of must try or are already my faves! What do you like about the FARSÁLI Rose Gold 24K Skin Mist 1.7 oz/ 50 mL I've been dying to try it out!


Re: The May Favorites Thread 2019!

@BrendaBT it smells amazing. Also it does help hydrate and give a glow to the skin. The only thing that I wish was better was the spray. It comes out a little strong. 

Re: The May Favorites Thread 2019!

@SportyGirly125 I am soooo loving your favorites! I am going to pop in later with mine!  I think I am going to buy the Laneige lip balm today.  You know I love lip balm and I keep hearing such great things! 🙂 xoxo

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