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Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria



We can barely believe it, but SEPHORiA is officially HERE and we’re stoked for another fun-filled weekend surrounded by our favorite brands and people, obsessing over all things beauty the best way we know how – with you! @LexBT@CarolBT, @KatieBT, and @BrendaBT can’t wait to see you, so don’t forget to stop by the Community Café and hang with us person!

We’ve loved reading about all your pre-event excitement in @Mcakes' amazing SEPHORiA Diaries thread, and now the time has finally come! While we’ll be busy having a blast mingling with BIC members IRL, we’ll also snap some photos and share them here in this thread. But let’s be honest – SEPHORiA is all about you.


Reply and share all your pics and thoughts on the event below!


And for those of you who want to join in on the SEPHORiA fun, you can enter the #SEPHORiASweepstakes (ending 9/9/2019)! Share a selfie to the Gallery (make sure you use the hashtag #SEPHORiASweepstakes in the title) and you could be randomly selected to win one of three $500 Sephora gift cards. Check out the official rules here – and good luck!

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

"But let’s be honest – SEPHORiA is all about you." 

Bwah ha ha ha! Really? That statement is a joke.

Our experience pre-event has been a disaster. Check some of the other threads. It's not just me.

As one who bought a $350 VIP ticket, I can attest that the experience from our end has been awful. I'm convinced SEPHORA just wants the cashola and to hell with the rest of the experience.

We have....
- An app that fails to function.
- Lots of issues with registering wristbands.
- The event map promised in August but not uploaded until last night.
- Wristbands that arrive super late so by time we tried to register for appointments, they were all gone (mind you, we bought our tickets the second week of July). Why the hell they didn't arrive to us until the end of AUGUST is beyond comprehension. 

When I reached out for assistance and support, SEPHORA's team points to Showclix who doesn't respond or help and then SEPHORA later points us to Thuzi who says "oh well." None of the three entities want to own the problem, let alone try to fix it. It's shameful. 


I am not alone with having these issues. 
 @NancyLivvy , @Jade213 , @kami2hot ,  @rudakota , @jennbunni1018 , @kalekichan , @gonerogue , @ClassyPea , @GhostInTheShell are just some of the users in this community who had similar issues. But the award for best reply and feedback (that I bet Sephora ignored) goes to @divaindenial . 

So when the SEPHORA social media team posts the hype posts and closes with "But let’s be honest – SEPHORiA is all about you." I don't buy it. Not one bit.


Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

Thanx for the shout out @YeahNo123 - I wasn't sure any of this stuff gets

Hopefully a mod or admin pays attention as well.

Looks like other folks had similar experiences I did - in that leading up to the event = stress stress stress and unnecessarily so, but the event itself was pretty good and enjoyable. I had a great time and the staff I encountered did not at all reflect "all about the $$" attitude - with a few exceptions...La Mer, Pat McGrath - your associates could use A LOT of retraining on the focus of the event, selling a brand and attracting/retaining clients. You could learn from Benefit and Herbivore who were SOO wonderful in their approach to make the experience personal and welcoming. And all Sephora staff I came in contact with - were Rockstars. Thanx Tyler for the convo. Guess I should post a full report/review in my own


Thanx again for the nod and hopefully next year - will be greatly improved with our feedback. - D

RE: Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

If you were retreated poorly you would have a different opinion. Sorry to bum you out lol but you got what you paid for and many of us did not.

RE: Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

(┛ಠ_ಠ)┛彡┻━┻ To be fair I had a great time at last year's Sephoria. It was the soul-sucking dysfunction leading up to it that hurt. Same with this year.

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

Yikes! I was so close to coming down for the event...the website made it sound so awesome but I hesitated because I was reading it was so disorganized last year.

RE: Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

This should be called SEPHORiA house of horrors! No wrist band, no service appointments no customer service. Shame on you Sephora!!! I’ve had it with the lack of customer service for this mess of an event.
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