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My Sephoria Euphoria 2019

My Sephoria Euphoria is long overdue!  Since Sephoria life has been crazy for me (preparing for my dissertation defense next week) so it just took me a little longer than expected to get this post together!  


My sister and I had VIP tickets for session one and showed up in line around 8:30 in the morning.  There were probably 30-40 people in line in front of us.  So much better than last year already.  They had bottled water and reps from Supergoop! for sunscreen application.  Once Sephoria opened and people went through security, we got in pretty quickly and got our gift cards.  We decided to go in and get started right away because I had planned on coming back outside to the BIC cafe for the photo at 130.  


We got started right away in the garden area and went to the Farmacy booth where they were giving samples of Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm 3.4 oz/ 100 mL and Farmacy Very Cherry Bright 15% Clean Vitamin C Serum with Acerola Cherry 1.0 oz/ 30 mL.  I had seen in IG that they were giving away deluxe samples of Very Cherry Bright to the first 100 people.  We then made our way around the garden area and got all kinds of samples.  One of the booths that I thought had the best samples was the Herbivore booth.  We got HERBIVORE - Prism Exfoliating Glow Potion, four other samples and a really nice canvas bag.  The bag had a $34 price tag on it.  Nice job Herbivore.  I loved the NARS booth.  They were giving out little compact mirrors, but the best part was their photo op.  It was basically a lyra and being an aerial artist, well I had to flip upside down.  I just couldn't help myself.  Lord Jones also had an awesome booth.  The photo op was amazing and the samples they were handing out came in this really cute box.  The hour that we got before everyone else was so worth the extra money.  No lines.  It was awesome


After making our way through the garden area, we decided to go upstairs to the VIP lounge for our drinks.  We were surprised with really nice Sephoria reusable water bottles as we walked in.  We both got a glass of wine and those came in cute little Sephoria wine glasses.  After our wine, we took a photo op and headed out to keep walking around.  Some of the booths were starting to get really busy.  We waited in line forever at Nudestix and their claw machine game was a great idea, but I picked up a lipstick twice with the claw and both times it fell out before the claw opened.  I felt a little ripped off haha.  I did  like the Summer Friday's booth where they had the big wheel to spin to get your prize.  I won the "grand prize" which was SUMMER FRIDAYS - Jet Lag Mask Mini! So that was awesome.  


Overall, I felt like this year was much more focused on skin care products and there were less makeup products than last year.  I feel like last year I got way more makeup products.  I am definitely not complaining either way, just something I noticed.  I also felt like the "house vibe" was a little less than last year.  I thought last year they really made an effort to make Sephoria feel like a house.  This year it felt more like a garden party mixed with a few other things.  Again, not a complaint but just an observation.  


We did run out of time though.  I think If we had one more hour, it would have been better.  We didn't have anytime to sit down to eat lunch.  That was a huge complaint last year and this year there wasn't even time to eat!  So that could be a good or a bad thing I guess!!  We also went to two master classes-- Vicki Tsai and Natasha Denona.  All I can say is that both women are inspirations.  I really enjoyed both master classes.  Vicki Tsai even gave us a copy of her book!  Unfortunately, the Natasha Denona master class ran late and when I went towards the BIC cafe, staff was starting to push us out and so I missed the BIC photo 😞  @TeamBIC 


Another really great thing that a lot of the booths did this year, that Dior did last year, was to have a professional photographer to do photos at some of the booths.  That was so nice and you always got great photos.  Plus, I am always a fan of the booths who have some kind of photo experience where you get some GIFs or something.  I will include all my photos 🙂 


I am a little indifferent about the swag bags.  I think I would have like less items with a higher dollar value like last year versus more items with lower dollar values.  Nevertheless, I am super excited to try everything!  I think overall, Sephoria 2019 was a major improvement over last year and I feel like @sephora really listened to everything we had to say to make the experience better.  I think they still have a little ways to go with the app and getting the wristbands out but it was still better than last year.  My suggestion for next year would be to use the wristbands to link photos taken at each of the booths and then allow us to download them later-- like what they do at disney world.  


ALSO!  I made the stock photos!  Did not expect that to happen and I will post that photo too! IMG_2819.JPG






All the swag!!All the swag!!










Stock Photo!!Stock Photo!!






Untitled 2.png


Re: My Sephoria Euphoria 2019

Love all your photos @Kaitlyn89 Especially the one upside down!  Glad you had such a good time and that you could take the time to share your experience.

Re: My Sephoria Euphoria 2019

@Kaitlyn89 looks like you had a blast with your sister. Thank you for sharing your experience and pictures. 

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