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Monthly Misses (and Mehs!): February 2021

As we wave goodbye to February, we can use this thread to chat about beauty products that we were underwhelmed by.  It could be something that really let you down, or merely something that just didn't impress you.  Share your thoughts here!




Re: Monthly Misses (and Mehs!): February 2021

All of mine were makeup related this month, not skincare, which is wild for me. I combined my fails and faves in a single look this month.




Hank&Henry Fuego palette. The mattes in this are lovely, but the shimmer takes a finger to work (and even then, they're not amazing, unlike their other palettes). I hate needing to use a finger to make a shadow work. I'm going to sanitize and pass along. 

The Rodial Glow Drops are actually lovely, but the packaging is trash. The dropper doesn't drag up product and then it all gets stuck on the outside, and just gets on the side of the tube or I have to swipe the sides of the dropper to use it. I end up wasting a lot and it's not the most sanitary. 

NARS Pro-Prime™ Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base Original Only works with some formulas. I've found it's okay for mattes, I think, but doesn't love shimmers. Or maybe the reverse? Or maybe it depends on the particular palette. I can't be bothered to use multiple primers or a primer that doesn't work with most of my palettes. I do like that when it works, it prevents creasing for a while on my oily hooded eyes. 

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Soft Pinch Liquid Blush Grateful I wanted to Iike this, but it takes so much effort to apply right. It's supposed to be easy!! It's either too faint or too much and is hard to blend out. Today's been the only application, where pigment didn't pool in my pores and I can't figure out why. (I'm not even wearing a pore filling primer today). I'm going to try mixing it with maybe the Saie glowly thing or something similar. I'm just disappointed in how much effort these take to get right. And I'm so glad they're pigmented, because that means everyone should be able to use them.  I just think with the applicator the way it is, it's hard to titrate for me. 


Combined look: 



For faves: Monthly Favorites: February 2021 Edition! 

Re: Monthly Misses (and Mehs!): February 2021

@haleyvvvv , yeah I'm with you on the rare beauty blush.  It's extra effort for an effortless look 😡

Re: Monthly Misses (and Mehs!): February 2021

Extra effort for an effortless look is exactly it, @danielledanielle. Well said!!

Re: Monthly Misses (and Mehs!): February 2021

Curiosity trolled me hard with this purchase: 

Objects in compact are lighter than they appear.Objects in compact are lighter than they appear.
Avene Mineral Tinted Compact SPF 50, shade Honey - This is some Hourglass-level shade deception right here. In promo photos and in person, it looks like it could work for at least medium-deep skin tones. But nope: it applies as a light beige and, once rubbed into skin, leaves a noticeable white cast on my whole face. This sunscreen comes in just 2 shades. Amusingly, the other (lighter) shade is named Beige. So, Avene makes this tinted sunscreen in 2 shades of beige. 🙄 
Before buying this thing, I figured if it left a cast, I could correct it with powder foundation. I tried that, but it wasn’t enough to mask the white cast. I’d have to always use a tinted moisturizer over this tinted sunscreen—and I'm not sure a sheer or mid-coverage product like that would mask the cast, either. Plus, using a tinted cream product atop another tinted cream product is too redundant for me to bother with. So this sunscreen’s going right back to Ulta, and I'll ask Avene directly if they plan to expand the stupidly narrow shade range. 

Re: Monthly Misses (and Mehs!): February 2021

Sorry to hear about that.  You'd think all these companies would get it by now, that their customers have shades outside of beige 🙄


I'm highly tickled by your phrasing though, "hourglass level deception." 

Re: Monthly Misses (and Mehs!): February 2021

Booooo terrible shade ranges!! That's terrible, @WinglessOne, I'm sorry to hear it.

Re: Monthly Misses (and Mehs!): February 2021

Peace Out Retinol Eye Stick ...overhyped reviews on this.  It kind of softened the wrinkles I applied it to, but very slightly.  I don't dislike it to return it, but I don't see myself repurchasing.

Re: Monthly Misses (and Mehs!): February 2021

Good to know, @danielledanielle. I'm sorry it didn't work out!!

Re: Monthly Misses (and Mehs!): February 2021

@greeneyedgirl107 one of my fails was also a lip product.  I got a sample size of the Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Lip Souffle Matte Cream Lipstick Fearless and the sample would never convince me to buy the full-size.  The color, first of all, is described as a "mauve" but it definitely pulls VERY brown.  Not only that but it pretty much just slid around and wouldn't actually stay on my lips.  No thanks.  

Re: Monthly Misses (and Mehs!): February 2021

My monthly miss was a L'Oreal lipstick called "Lilac Impulse."  I found it in the satins section at Ulta, but online research indicated it was from their ultra matte nude line.  I had my fingers crossed that it would be a wearable lilac, but it was rather gray and washed me out.  (And for reference, it was in fact matter.)  Total fail.  Plus, I couldn't get over the taste it left in my mouth even though I can it on for less than a minute.  All I can say is that it's a more friendly version of Bite Beauty's Cava which was a disaster on me.

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