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Monthly Favorites: September 2022 Edition!



End of September already, BIC! 🤯🍂 Beauty-wise, this has been a month of hydration for me, and that is definitely reflected in my monthly faves. To be honest, a few of the products I’m shouting out here have actually been at the top of my list for the past couple of months, but they’ve become so integrated into my regular routine that I almost forgot about them (considering the number of times I wash my hands throughout the day, is it safe to say that the Ouai soap is my most-used beauty product?). Hydration heavy-hitters aside, I wish I could transmit scent through the BIC and out from your screen for you to catch a whiff of the floral magic that is my new go-to Nest perfume… 😌


Here’s a list of the products I kept coming back to this month:


What about you, BIC? Hit the “Reply” button and let us know what skincare, hair, makeup, fragrance, and/or wellness products you were reaching for the most in September. Remember to use the “#” symbol to make it easy for fellow BICers to shop your lists! 😊

Re: Monthly Favorites: September 2022 Edition!

This month held a rare surprise for me- I found two dry shampoos that I love!

Rossano Ferretti Parma Dry Shampoo Cream 1.7 oz/ 50 mL   and Saints and Sinners Superfresh Dry Shampoo.


The RF Vivace Shampoo Cream is a very thin gel.  I had never used a formula like this before, but it worked well, no whitish cast, and had the added benefit of soothing my always inflamed scalp.  The scent is a little bit strongly floral out of the bottle, but it does dissipate enough for me to use it.


Saints and Sinners dry shampoo is the typical spray formula.  It leaves no cast, and alleviated my very greasy roots without drying them.  It added a little bit of volume, but I wouldn't depend upon it for that. The scent reminds me of Living Proof's dry shampoo but maybe with a little bit of musk and powder added.


Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter Unscentedmatched with Josie Maran Argan Smooth Skin Resurfacing Serum 0.85 oz/ 25 mL  works very, very well to smooth my skin overnight.  No irritation either, but I always use these together (and sometimes add the Josie Maran 100 percent Pure Argan Oil also.  I am a die-hard Biossance fan, but these are an effective duo to mix things up.


tarte tartelette™ tubing mascara Black- Wow!  I hope some of you decided to try this when it was 50% off this month on Sephora and Ulta.  It adds a lot of length, and works well on top of other brands and formulas.  I particularly liked using it on top of Surratt's mascara. 


Dior Diorshow Waterproof Mascara- Excellent, of course- it's Dior.  It removes easily also.


Shiseido MicroLiner Ink Eyeliner04 Navy.  Inky, inky dark blue.  Glides on, won't smudge.  I really like these liners.  They are also thin, which means I can easily tightline if I care to.


MAC Love Me Liquid Lipcolour in Bated Breath- I think this is a great early fall shade.  I need to find a matching lip liner though.


september faves.jpg

bated breath navy swatches.jpg

mac bated breath.jpg


Re: Monthly Favorites: September 2022 Edition!

@Ispend2much6 Great faves this month! You're the second person I've heard rave about the tarte tubing mascara (after the BIC's very own @AlexBT 😊). I gotta give it a try! 



Re: Monthly Favorites: September 2022 Edition!

@GeorginaBT  Thank you!  I might like it a tiny bit better than my very-loved  Hourglass Unlocked Instant Extensions Lengthening Mascara .  I need to compare them.


You should visit  Tarte direct's site soon- wink wink. 🙂

Re: Monthly Favorites: September 2022 Edition!

@GeorginaBT Yesss it's so good! I just upgraded my mini size with a full-size replen during the Oh Snap! sale. 🙌

Re: Monthly Favorites: September 2022 Edition!

@Ispend2much6 the Tarte mascara has peaked my curiosity!!

Re: Monthly Favorites: September 2022 Edition!

@lmaster   It adds soo much length!  I haven't tried it alone yet, always on top of another mascara.  I have no idea how to take a picture that adequately shows my lashes or else I would take one for you wearing it!  Tarte has 40% off their site now if you have an account with them. 🙂

Re: Monthly Favorites: September 2022 Edition!

I sure do 🤣 @Ispend2much6 

Re: Monthly Favorites: September 2022 Edition!

@Ispend2much6 that's a great Fall lip color!

Re: Monthly Favorites: September 2022 Edition!

@CookieGirl1  Thank you!  It was a pleasant surprise. 🙂

Re: Monthly Favorites: September 2022 Edition!

@Ispend2much6  Darn. I was keeping the tarte tubing mascara on my radar but now I am kicking myself for not snag it. You have a great monthly favs!! 

Re: Monthly Favorites: September 2022 Edition!

@ather  Thanks!  I'll bet it will be on sale again. Tarte direct is always having sales.

Re: Monthly Favorites: September 2022 Edition!

@Ispend2much6  I’ll have to check it out!

Re: Monthly Favorites: September 2022 Edition!

Good month @Ispend2much6 ! Love the looks of the liner! 

Re: Monthly Favorites: September 2022 Edition!

@Sunnysmom  Shiseido is one of those brands that never calls to me.  I'm glad I took a chance on these.

Re: Monthly Favorites: September 2022 Edition!

Yup @Ispend2much6 , and they are really tried and true I think. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: September 2022 Edition!

You sold me on the Shiseido, @Ispend2much6. That Dior mascara…might be blue? How fun! 

Re: Monthly Favorites: September 2022 Edition!

@eshoe  I think I have four shades of the Shiseido already!  My hand is tan; that may affect how the shades appear.


The mascara is black; it is confusing with the blue band on the tube.

Re: Monthly Favorites: September 2022 Edition!

@Ispend2much6 blue mascara takes me back a ‘few’ years, not sure I would wear it now but it sure looks fun. 


Do you happen to know if the tip is a brush or felt on the Shiseido? I can do some digging around, sometimes it is easy to find. I tried the Stila and loved how it worked but it must have been close to expiration date as it dried up pretty quick. The tip size on that one is excellent imo.

Re: Monthly Favorites: September 2022 Edition!

@eshoe  It's actually a gel liner!  I don't think you'll be disappointed if you try one.  I wore it a couple of weeks ago, when we still had summer weather, and I was out and sweating quite a bit, and it didn't run at all. 


The tip is 1.5 mm.  And a word of warning- you can't reverse twist it back down.


The way I like wearing blue mascara, (although I don't have one right now,) is to apply black mascara as I usually do, then apply the blue on top of it, but only on the bottom of the undersides of my lashes, those closest to my eyes.  It gives a little "pop" to them.

Re: Monthly Favorites: September 2022 Edition!

Oh, the Shiseido sounds like a good gel liner @Ispend2much6! I loved the MJ ones, and the GXVE are very smooth although they take more time to apply with preciseness. I’ve become accustomed to a quick flick so it is harder to practice the patience necessary for gel liners. 


I LOVE your tip/trick about the blue mascara! Now I am wondering how feasible it would be to add a little eye-safe blue glitter on top of that look.

Re: Monthly Favorites: September 2022 Edition!

@eshoe   The Shiseido ones are more fluid and easier to apply than the MJ ones (although I have a few that I love; the shades were so unique, especially the lavender gray ones.)


The blue glitter idea sounds pretty!

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